This is your first time here. Welcome we’re, happy to have you here um in today’s video. I am going to be reviewing another drone, uh um. This will be a two part, video um uh. So if you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe hit the notification bell that way, you can receive a notification on when the second part is uploaded in the second video we’ll, see how well it goes. I do plan on taking it outside, flying it around trying out the different modes and just giving you guys an idea of how it actually flies outdoors. I probably wouldn’t recommend it indoors, although it does say it comes with guards that you can use for flying indoors, but once again, i’ll try to do a demonstration, maybe on both both indoors and outdoors, and give you that and give you my my review and final Opinion on it to see if it actually lives up to everything that they say it does. I have reviewed uh other drones in the past, specifically the dji mavic air 2 costco bundle i’ll have that linked up here. Take a look at that one, if that’s something you’re interested in. Obviously this one is not quite up to the same caliber of of drone as that one is, but i did want to take the time to do this. I got this as a gift for my kids and i thought well, why not make a video on it just in case somebody else is looking for a gift for their kids want to see what this one’s about.

You stumble upon this one on amazon or on some other website. I thought why not make a quick video about it and uh just kind of get into it and see if it’s actually worth anything. If you really think it’s going to be a good drone for your kids or maybe not okay, so this is going to be the acaso or a caso, depending on how you want to say it a300 drone available on amazon as well as many other retailers i’ll. Try to leave a link below at the filming of this video. It was temporarily out of stock, but i hope they get some more in stock soon, but there are plenty of other websites that you can buy it from. If you decide after watching this video that you actually would like to purchase this drone, okay, so looking at the box, obviously you’ve got the front here. It’S got a picture of the drone all nicely folded up. The side here shows that it is compatible with either android or ios apple phones. If you’re into that type stuff not much on the side package, there, then on here it’s going to give us a bunch of different things here. As far as what it says, it’s capable of uh folding is going to be the first one here i don’t know if you can see that very well. Altitude hold smart, follow so here it’s saying that it can actually follow. You be interested to find out.

If that actually works, headless mode optical flow model, a key to return, okay, dual cameras and obviously it’s got ta come with a battery. I would hope it would come with a battery okay, so that’s on the side there flipping around to the back um, not much to see here. Uh cautions always make sure uh you’re, flying with a new or fully charged battery in the controller. Okay, that’s important make sure the controller has batteries don’t worry about the drone, though uh do not touch the drone while it’s flying do not fly near obstacles, people or pets do not fly. The drone do not fly if the drone is damaged or low. On battery. Okay, so i guess the drone does have to be up on the battery as well. Adult supervision is always recommended. Awesome, okay, well, anyway, let’s get into it so open it up here so obviously got the protective film on there coating on the outside of foam pad. Next, pull out this controller, so this is the controller, looks fairly similar to other ones that you may see. This is, i guess, where the phone’s gon na go and it is adjustable, so you can fit different phone sizes in there and obviously got your on off. Switch control buttons there and then on the back, switch between video and camera, so kind of handy there, and then these are going to be the buttons for return to home and emergency landing or emergency.

Stop: okay, open it up. Three batteries required for the back batteries and not included for the controller okay, that’s, that this is going to be the cord for the charger um. Obviously, you’ve got to have your own brick or you’ve got to plug it into a computer in order to get it to function to charge here is the battery comes with only one battery for the drone hooks into the drone that way? Okay, so one battery a screwdriver. Yes, it does come with a screwdriver. One screwdriver looks like you: have two extra propellers two uh set of uh propellers there and then propeller guard so that you can fly it indoors or if you’re scared, you’re gon na run into different objects. Things of that nature comes with four, because you have four propellers right and then finally, the drone which i will tell you the drone feels super lightweight. It is kind of feels kind of like cheap plastic, as you’d probably expect um. But once again i don’t think it’s something you have to worry about. I mean i think, it’s pretty durable. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about damaging it, pulling it out of the box. Oh yeah, so there’s the drone here’s, the camera here’s. What it looks like on the underside camera is adjustable, however, it is a manual control up and down. There is no toggle on the control that’s going to uh, actually move that camera up and down.

You got to do it yourself and then, once again it said it had an additional camera on the bottom, which i guess maybe that’s, that additional camera there i don’t know if you can see that doesn’t really look like a camera to me, but perhaps it is, But anyway, there is that drone, okay battery slides in clicks into place so overall super lightweight drone um. It is one that you’re not going to have to register with your recreational license, so you don’t have to pay a fee, so it is under the 260 grams. I believe it is or 250 but there’s that now let’s go ahead and take a look at the actual amazon listing on I wanted to give you a chance to see what they say about it that way in the next video we can see if it actually lives up to what they say. The specifications uh are for this drone. Okay, so let’s get into some key aspects of this drone. I pulled it up on amazon’s website directly to just so. You can see exactly where i’m getting my information from and know that what i’m telling you is what the manufacturer has actually posted on it. So going through it, the first thing that they’re going to tell us is obviously it’s compact, which obviously we can agree, is the case it’s very foldable and flexible great gift, dual cameras, okay, so this is something that you know when we’re looking at it.

We’Ll have to double check and see, but from what i can tell it comes with one camera, not dual cameras as it’s saying here, headless mode, so that means it’s able to operate without the use of a phone. You can just control it optical altitude hold. So it will stay where it’s supposed to where you set it at and we’ll test that other key aspects here: easy to use for beginners and kids simply press one button to take off and land with complete ease, additional press. Additionally, press emergency landing button, the transmitter for three seconds when encountering obstacles or emergency the drone will the drone can be emergency landing. Love love the english on this page amazing. My only question is, if you’re about to run into an emergency or an obstacle, are you actually going to be able to avoid it within three seconds seems a little long on that one. They are projecting 12 minutes of flight time up to 12 minutes of flight time. Foldable flexible arms make drones small and portable. Let you travel around small size yet, and you enjoy up to 12 minutes of flight on an 1100 hour, milliamp battery, okay, 120 degree, camera with 1080p or 720, so once again, it’s showing on the picture that it’s got a camera on the front and it’s got One on the rear, once again, i’m gon na have that’s, i think a debatable thing. Three speed modes it’s got a high medium and a low.

There are three speed modes for choice, which makes it easy for beginners low intermediate middle and experts high to fly successfully. Additionally, low speed is suitable for indoor flight. High speed is suitable for outdoor flight with wind, with a wind environment. Okay, one key return with headless mode. If the drone flies too far away or lose direction, just press the one key return button, so the drone can be uh, can’t be lost, it can fly back automatically by remote control. I love the soda right there awesome. One word case you were wondering this is a trick drone according to the information here, 360 flip and rolls compatible capable rather of stunts, like 360 flips in flight high speed rotations and various flight movements for wonderful actions. Why not try out this amazing feature with your kids and friends. Trajectory flight simply draw a route on the screen of your smartphone, and the drone will fly following the path according just enjoy your flying time, all right. So what you get in the box number one. You get the drone rechargeable battery included number two, the remote control batteries not included, it said battery, not included, it does take more than one battery a screwdriver. Thank goodness. I was wondering if they’d give us a screwdriver two extra rotor blade four propeller guards. One 3.7 volt 500 milliamp lipo battery, wait i’m confused. I thought it was coming with an 1100 milliamp hour battery, but now it’s, saying 500 milliamp hour battery, weird okay, one usb charging cable and one quick reference guide.

Hopefully that provides all the information we need anyway. There you go okay, so after having looked at all the specifications on amazon’s website i’m interested to find out and see if it actually lives up to uh the manufacturer’s specifications. Honestly, i don’t think it will especially considering there’s a little bit of confusion from them on how big that battery is whether it’s a 500 milliamp hour battery or whether it’s an 1100 milliamp hour battery, obviously that’s greatly gon na impact the flight times. It’S kind of strange that they they don’t list. Specifically, you know that there’s confusion rather on what size that battery is. You think they would know specifically anyway, show you real quick if you do want to end up mounting the propeller guards on there pretty easy to do from the bottom of the drone. You just take the the guard and it just goes right into the screw holes. There there are two screw holes, and this is for all four of those. If you wanted to do that, and it just snaps into place, not something that if you’re, probably outdoors, you bump into something that’s, probably gon na fly off pretty easily, but it does give you a little bit of added protection. If you are flying indoors, don’t want it bumping up against the walls, so there you go pretty easy to do there for a little bit there. I was wondering what the screwdriver was for, why they included that, but that screwdriver specifically is so you can change out your propellers if you needed to do that if you ended up damaging or breaking any of them so anyway, let me know what you guys think In the comments below, like i said, do take time to subscribe, make sure you uh hit the notification bell if you haven’t done so already that way, you’ll be notified when i post the follow up video where we’re actually flying it outside and flying it indoors, giving You guys a chance to see once again if it lives up to what the manufacturer says it can do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video once again. Let me know in the comments below, if you guys have any questions about the drone in particular that maybe i can try to demonstrate i’m, not gon na make any promises there but, like i said i’m, always happy to try to do that.