How are you say, hello, hello, and welcome to cheap reviews, right testing truck the greatest rubbish from likes of wish poundland and all these other great uh cheap places for your viewing pleasure, hooray and if that easy cup of tea want to hit that subscribe button? Where is it Music and punch the hell out the bell and you’re never missing episodes, and do that too? Hooray right, it’s been a while, but i have been to the land of wish – also i’m, not very well, which is why i’ve done a video in a while, but i’ve got some help today my son is going to be helping us out so should i lose My voice um Music, as well to my videos right anyway, i’ve been to the lovely land of wish, and what have i got from wish wish? I hadn’t been on there in a while, but i’ve been back to wish, and today we have got a drive, a micro drone dying today, wasn’t well so yet today we have got a micro drone and this cost me a small fortune from wish so appreciate it And it’s going to be: oh we’re, not unboxing it. Yet we do that after we’re leaving the box, we’re lose bits: no that’s, fine, you’re, new it’s, fine right anyway. Yes, we have got a micro drone. We’Ve got the firefly contact, Music and that’s. What we’re going to do today so we’re going to unbox it we’re going to fly? It probably crash it and then we’re recapping.

What we’ve learned i can’t even make it through a full sentence, and this is why i’ve been away for nearly two weeks: Music. It’S. Fine i’ll leave i’ll, get through it right, it’s time to head to the table of broken dreams and broken that, where the magic of course happens, and to do that, we do this special dance and how does that go? No, that is not how it goes. We put our arms in here and it’s, a big schwinger bob schwing table yeah he’ll get there he’s, still learning yeah i’ve only been um i’ve been in only like about two videos. They can no longer hear you i’ve been about, like in daddy yeah i’ve, been about like in two videos, every night yeah and welcome to the table of broken dreams and broken sat. Where guess what happens here? What happens here? He doesn’t know, but is where the magic happens: no explosion, yeah he’s, still learning he’ll, get there eventually and apparently he’s seen all my videos, but he knows nothing right anyway, i’m, joking literally really worried. Then don’t worry it’s, just it’s banter it’s fine i’ve only been in two videos right anyway, we have got today’s item, it is the i can’t see it. What is it the firefly mini drone all the way from the land of wishes flown in from wish. It has a camera and four propellery things and propellers my track record of drones. I can’t actually fly them so uh don’t expect it to be flown very well because it won’t be right.

Inside the box we have got actually let’s have a look at the box. First of all, because sometimes there is fun on the box all right, we have got the black one and not the blue one blue. I might have been more fun with the black one right. There were lots of cautions on the back, and also warnings and rotating parts may cause injury approach may vary from photo yay. It does all this stuff fire, recording, video, recording, high low speed mode ultra hold mode heading, hold mode out of range alarm, wi, fi control and lots of other stuff lewis. You look very bored. We will fly this drone, i promise, but we have to unbox things. First right, apparently, we can take high quality excited. I know you are it’s like christmas. You can take high quality or high quality aerial videos and photos with the wi fi camera yay yay right in the box. Please review the guide, prepare for your first flight. It makes me laugh some stuff on the wish, like the drones. Now it says, live the flying dream and today we’ll be living the flying dream. We’Ve got black stuff and we’ve got a warranty card for two months, two years brother weapon warranty. It feels nice but it’s hard to squeeze. You can have that i’ll have the train, then you can have the polystyrene right. We muster keep the drone away from crowd, power lines etc. Do not find rc drone in rainy storm, thundering, lightning, weather.

Okay, all those things are happening at once. I don’t know where you are: do not touch the hot motor to avoid being burned and do not over charge the battery. I don’t think i’ve even charged this up. Hey i’ve already opened it because well, i have already had a quick play with this. It ended in disaster and this is going to be no different, it’s going to be fun. We have got the a20 w operations guide and there is a yellow thing that has fallen out. I can’t reach it i’ll, get it head back the microphone where’s all this stuff now how to calibrate your drone. Well, that might come in handy because i don’t think it is even calibrated. The actual drone here is he’s tiny, small he’s, itchy, titchy tiny, unlike the first ever drone or the second ever drone, because the first ever train we lost it, and that was the poundland one, the first ever video. We lost it but that’s our wish of a wish one it’s sorry coffin fit it’s, not corona. Don’T worry it’s. A normal standard. Man flew with its many propellers and uh there’s, a camera on the front for taking all those uh high quality photos and videos which i’ll show you later and then you can laugh and a bunch of stuff a bunch of stuff he does not know, but we Will have a look in a second and that’s where your battery goes great yay there’s your on the switch? It is incredibly light and uh, and here is where um i don’t know what that is.

I know what that is, but i will come on to that. In a second, and here is the connect Music, i already have downloaded the app so that will save time. I’Ll have to show you up in a moment because it’s on my phone, which i’m filming with so i can’t, show you at the moment all right. We have got screwdriver a usb battery charger, a spare battery and some propellers there was four propellers in the bag. I’Ve lost one. I found it earlier, but i’ve lost it again, but you get four i’ve now got three right here: it’s your drone anything else in the box, there’s everything that’s everything there’s, nothing. We need to fly so what we’re gon na do is i’m gon na stop waffling and my lovely assistant here is gon na be doing the flying. He has had 10 minutes of training with this thing yeah, but it’s going to be fun yay i paid about. I think about how much i paid, i think, it’s about 25 pounds for this thing, plus about seven pounds. Postage so is the cheapest actual decent. Looking drone, i could find on wish so uh there you go and it’s itchy titchy tiny, we’re gon na take this outside today, but it’s gon na rain and it’s so small that i’ll probably lose it like. I lose all my drones right, let’s uh let’s, get it all set up and let’s start flying yay the batteries to charge up so take aegs.

You get like 10 minutes of flying time. You’Ve got an hour to charge each batteries their usb charging. Now so, hopefully, we’ll have some flying fun very shortly before we do that, i just want to show you the app how it works and how to connect your drone, because people watch my videos and they say james. You didn’t explain how to do this and the other you’re rubbish. So i’m gon na explain that to you now right, you grab your smartphone and your smartphone. We do android or the other one iphone just bear with me, because i said the old screen recorder up. So you can see what i’m doing right the app is called pontensic i’m, getting it right this time. It looks like this, though i’m showing you, because it should be a graphic on the screen. I mean by the way, you’re probably going to see them better right. Anyway, yeah the app is called pontensic and it has these funny colored buttons. When you hit start it will ask you lots of things. Yes, it asks you for access to photos and videos, because the drone can record photos and videos. It has to add them to your camera, roll and that’s how it works right, as you can see at the bottom. It says this drone is not connected to your device, and you know why that is because the drone is its own wi, fi hotspot. So what you need to do is turn your little drone on and your little red light will flash that’s great put that to one side pick your phone up vent your main screen click settings on your phone fingers are so impressive, go to your wi fi and Let’S search and you’ll find one that is called udirc, wifi and loads of numbers.

That is your drone in a moment. If we make a noise with the red light, all stop balls flash differently, and then that means your drain is connected. Then go back into the ponziag app and, as you can see, oh that’s, the way you want to see the mess there is me. I can’t see where i’m in relation to the thing, yay here’s the camera and what you can do is you can which way. That’S even facing which way is the front row is the front, and then we can take off this hasn’t got much battery in it, but we’re going flying properly. Oh no it’s, recording video, i don’t, know right away. We’Ll start out properly in a moment, so every charge up, and i shall see you in a moment right, we’re ready to fly. As you can see, my son will be doing the flying. The actual drone is for ages. Four wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Don’T take off yet the drone is ages 14 and over. My son is nine, but your kids play fortnite that’s ages, 14 and over and you seven eight nine year olds play fortnite. I know because he does do a fortnight. Dance uh put on a spot i’m. Really bad at the one that was the worm anyway, we’re not here about the worm, there’s. Also a new one and it’s like you go like this, and then you flip over to your feet, see told your kids play fortnite that shouldn’t be playing fortnite anyway.

I don’t care i used to play grand theft auto at the age of 15, so that’s fine right anyway, we’re going to fly the drone. So we’ve worked the controller. You can control it through the actual phone, but because my son is flying and i thought it would be a bit easier. I let him have the controller right. We have got various buttons this and that control the drone. I can’t remember what does what i think this one. I think the left one one’s altitude it makes it go higher and lower, and that makes it spin round. I saw um a thing on the controller where it tells you if it goes up or down this one makes it. Oh we’ve got buttons on this side one, but this band here is an emergency button. You press it once and it will land itself you hold it down for two seconds: it will cut the power and just drop the sky. If you think it’s gon na crash into someone uh. This is a stability mode button, it stabilizes it and it takes video and photos right it’s going to take off, so you have to hold down on the left controller i’m going to stand up because i don’t think it’s safe. I hold down down the left. Control. Stick yeah right hold down down there’s this one that flies up and down. You know let’s take off right, then press this one, this one yeah and we have flight Music right, Music to land, press, the land, button Music, that one press that press it once i don’t go in the kitchen, it’s a mess in there and that squeak means It died but yeah with a bit of a a bit of training.

Obviously you can you can straighten up and fly right. I just feel that mess on there. Okay, so i said when i film videos, this table is normally full of crap and all that crap gets moved over this way, so uh yeah that’s. Why just see what’s behind this camera, so i don’t want to film over there right bring the drawing this way in the tidy side of the room um. I can’t fly this thing you can you can do anything if you set your mind to it. It’S just like i’m in the game before at night, and then i kill them, and i get the victory right now, really right. It’S that left button again. I’M. Sorry not left button right button. This one sure you can take off again. If you try run come back, i don’t want to turn around it’s a message. If i don’t really quickly get people at home might see the mess, i saw nothing and that’s your drone boys and girls and kids of the world. So if you want one they’re on wish um they’re about 20 something pounds, i think mine’s 25 pounds, plus some uh postage and packaging money, which is about eight pounds. But as you can see it keeps the kids amused. Have you had fun uh huh let’s see he has fun. Would you like the no drone afterwards it’s kind of hard there? You go invite your kids and they will not want it, but you might have fun with it and we’re going to head back to the wall and we’re going to recap on what we have learned.

Where you’re taking the camera hi, can i have it back yeah thanks and welcome back to the wall, and what do we think of our little lovely drone? Was it fun? Did you like it? Do you think all the kids around the world who want one for christmas, Music, well, it’s, all right, it’s, not bad it’ll join? Actually, i have flown it, and uh is quite hard to control. Once you get the hang of things it’s generally, not too bad and uh said my son is nine and he can fly it so i’m. Pretty sure you can fly it just takes a little bit of uh get that’s. The word i was gon na say getting used to, but practice see it does come in handy says the words i can’t, think of so yeah. If you want to buy, they are on wish and they are about 20 odd pounds. 25, maybe 30.. Who knows? Who knows how much i spent on it a lot but yeah that’s your drone it’s one of the cheapest ones i could find on wish other than that when we reviewed a while ago, which was rubbish, but the camera video quality is not very good. So if you do record video from it or take photos, it is very, very grainy. It’S got a very, very small pinhole camera on it. So uh don’t expect cinematic shots. When you uh film on it it’s just literally basics, you can view it for your smartphone screen and that’s your drone it’s, not bad.

I quite like it so uh it’s a win win haven’t. We had fun today, yeah what’s, that doing in my videos, yeah it’s good in it, okay, and if you have liked what you have seen today, what should they do and subscribe and turn your phone like this and then hit the red subscribe button, so it’s grey Yeah do exactly what he said or you’ll make him cry see. I told you and uh if you have like this video and you can’t wait to watch any more and i’ve made loads of them and where can they find them Music, no down below click? One of these two, and hopefully they will brighten up your day until we see you again soon.