There yeah i did. I couldnt help but notice you had some nice drone etiquette. Oh well. I guess our drones made friends. Huh, i guess so my drones, my best friend me too huh its nice to meet you yeah. Well, excuse me young, sir. I must bid a doo uh. Can i walk you wherever youre going sure thing cowboy? Are you a movie buff um, more of a magazine? Guy a magazine i like that, i wasnt allowed to see movies or tv growing up, so i kind of if i see a magazine ill, just kind of read that for a few hours yeah. Oh, i love that so yeah. So i im a big train guy. Some people go on vacations, but i like to just ride trains so ill, just like book, a train trip and ill just ride that for a while wow i love that yeah got new pets. Just a drone yeah fame wait are those for your teeth. Oh, these yeah, i found them near my house. Theyre fantastic, jealous ive, always wanted to try them. Oh well. Here i can just pop this. In whoa we have the same teeth. Huh me hows feeling you know someday id like to fly up in the drum. Far far away to a place where people love each other and theres no war, just drones, totally society its a lot, its just too much wow youre, pretty smart for a stranger. This is the most fun ive ever had Applause Applause, Music.

Last time i checked its. We, the people, not these random, guys the people and then somehow drones get a bad rap as if its their fault. I need you to kill my husband for me what my husband, hes a copyist, very crooked cop and a bad guy husband, but i cant kill anyone im, just a lowly guy. You want me to murder a cop in broad daylight. Do you love me or not? Cowboy i dont know: yes, i kill him hes on the neighborhood petersburg. Look hes right over there hes the most crooked cop youve ever seen, murdering baby down his ass. Do it papa okay ill? Do it whoa little fella? Are you lost sort of its okay? Talk to me champ, just a little confused, yeah, hey chin up thanks its a pretty big knife. You got there. Oh, let me guess. My wife sent you over here, hey its okay, its okay. I saw you earlier youre a drunkard. I always knew this day was coming. I want you to have this. Thank you. Music need to see your finger, live, free, buddy, howd, it go tell me dad uh! Well, not exactly, but i have good news. I think were married. Now. Oh great, okay! Well, uh! Thanks for everything, cowboy wait: where are you going? Drones got ta fly free, okay, uh see in the sky.