I have showed it in my past videos um, especially in the one where um i explained the story of when i lost this and my mom and my brother were out hiking on our trails in the backyard and found it surprisingly. So today um, i am going to be actually reviewing it uh i found the battery that actually came with it and i just tested it out and it works great, so um yeah so lets do review of this and well see how it works. All right guys lets start off with looking at the drone, so this drone um ive had it for many years. Actually, back when i was in fourth grade – and i had long hair as you can see by this video and as you can see its had quite a lifetime in the woods, the the propellers are yellow the camry unit right down here is yellow. Everything else seems to be pretty good, but, like you can see, dust marks all in here is black. I did not do any of that. The screws are rusted. I mean this. Drone is in in iffy condition right now. The camera i dont know has like this blurry spot in it. When i record, i dont know ill just have to deal with it um, but the motors theyre still pretty good condition. You know pretty much the same. The cameras, the same on off switch is the same. This is the same.

You know now. Cheering does not make many products. This is like one of their only ones, but i just decided to review it because i got it for christmas like four years ago. It shows cheering right. There see that has position lights right down here and uh yeah and it has the brushed motors just an average toy drone and its obviously made in china. It says right there so now lets look at the controller. It is a pretty average control controller. It kind of feels like a gaming controller in your hands. I dont know it says that it has altitude hold, but what you can expect from a cheap toy drone is definitely not altitude hold, but i mean some days it works some days it doesnt. Really, if you press in this joystick, it changes the speed. If you press in the other one your right one and you move the front back left and right, joystick um, itll, flip um, this little slider switch up here, makes it turn on come on. Oh there we go and then just to calibrate it. You do that and then itll flash slow like that and just hold this one down when you turn on that ill show you what that looks like when we actually go outside to fly it right here is the yaw trimming right down here. This is the up and down or the forward and backward trimming. This is left and right trimming and when you turn it on, you have your panel right in here of all that stuff um right here.

This is the video button um. So if you press that itll start recording a video and over here um, if you press that itll itll take a picture so yeah guys, you know average throttle yaw forward backward left and right. You know pretty average um. The back of this takes four aaa batteries. I just put some new ones in there, or i put in some, i put in some rail back batteries pretty interesting on the back. It tells about what would happen if you lost range. The range on this is trash just saying um, but like the sema, x5 c 1, i made a really cheesy review on it. You could look at it if you want ill put it in the description. It has a better range than this in the manual itll say somewhere. I i dont know uh but yeah. It also says cheering right up. There um the last two buttons. I almost forgot all right here: um this one will, if you press it, itll take off this one. Uh itll make it land this one will turn it onto headless mode and ill explain headless mode too. So yeah guys thats the controller and thats it for the drone and now for the battery. This is what the battery looks like um and its i dont know like 7.4 volts or something like that: uh and thats, the charger that it comes with. It just plugs right in the usb and the uh, the charger and the battery cable just plugs into the end of it.

So yeah guys lets go downstairs and plug it in guys. We are now downstairs – and i have my little connector right here um. So all you have to do is take it and plug it in to the usb port right there, and then this little light will turn green right there. As you can see, and im going to take the battery labeled eric, oh yeah, eric this thing does not focus and were going to plug it right into the end. Just like that, and now the light will turn red and when it turns green. That signifies the battery charged. So now all we have to do guys is wait until that batterys charged. So we can fly this guy um outside and uh. Hey guys lets go all right guys. You wouldnt believe how long it took this battery to charge. I do not know why, but anyway guys we are outside and um. I am going to plug the battery into the drone, so you just um open that up, take the battery and slide it in there. Then you uh hook up the wires like that. Then you just tuck them inside there. Okay, then you just set it down like that and im going to show you how to bind it guys so the way to bind this is a little bit different. You start off by turning on the controller ill start. Blinky itll start blinking like that, and you just pull down like that for like five milliseconds, then you go and turn on the drone switch down there and just hold that one down and it turns on so uh lets.

Take it off and ill show you how to trim it all right so its up in the air and uh um. So you can see that its starting to kind of want to go forward so um you just use the trimming things to trim it. How you want it to go uh so im gon na start, the video, which is this button, so im going to turn it towards me ill bring it up over here. So this video is shooting in 720p um. As you can see, there are some blurry spots in the camera. I dont know why, but this is what 720p looks like for you guys so uh yeah, so its fun to fly around and uh yeah now im going to show you what headless looks like im going to stop the video to save some battery um. So what you want to do is get it aligned with you and then press on this one and thatll make that noise. Now, whichever direction you turn the drone itll itll do itll go what direction you want it to go, no matter what direction now! Thats, more of a beginner move for um uh, guys that just um are having a hard time, keeping it um, centered and stuff like that. So uh lets take a picture um! You guys can see what the pictures look like ill orient it towards me. Bring it down here and here ill take a picture of me next off is speeds, so were going to try and do some speeds here.

Uh, the speeds, as you probably heard me say, is when you press in on that joystick itll change the speed. So when i press in you hear it beat three times that makes it go into really fast sport mode. Okay, then you uh uh press it in again it, but it beeps once thats like beginner slow and you push it in again and thats like medium. Okay. So um that thats, that just controls how fast you want the drone to go. Okay, so now lets show some flips here. Ill start the video, so its recording and lets go way up. High okay, so were up high now, and you just want to press in on this joystick and then turn whichever one you want it to turn. Did you see that flip pretty nice now do a front flip? Okay, pretty simple here ill! Do a back flip! So you can see my joystick almost went into the tree, so im gon na bring it down now and uh yeah. So im just gon na fly it around. So you guys can see what the quality looks like Music gon na get a couple ground shots because the batterys dead it doesnt last very long because its a really old battery and sick outro. Okay. So now guys, im gon na come and bring it in. For a landing over here, yeah im gon na bring it down yep, bringing it down okay, so you can either just push the joystick down until it goes all the way down and the rotors are turned off, but im just gon na press the take off button Which is right here and itll just go down for you, nice and slow, just like that.

Okay, now lets go over and get the drone, oh and by the way, youll know that the battery on the drone is low. When you hear this noise – okay, cool, okay guys, so that was your drone video for today, a little drone outro like this. You can do a little camera to camera right there. If you want but uh yeah guys. That was your video! For today we can do a little camera comparison uh, but anyway, that was your video for today, and i hoped you liked it and my next video uh for all the features of the hubs and zeno pro plus will be coming out um very soon. I need to re record it because the one i did before was kind of trash. Okay, ants are all over me uh, but anyway, guys um just expect to see that itll be for the create video function and uh yeah guys.