Thats got a camera and you can attach your phone to it. So they can have a first person view of the drone flight and you can record the footage as well. Its quite easy to set up. All you do is download the lulin app its free, install it on your phone once its installed switch on the drone switch on the controller connect, your network to lulin start up the lulin up and your cameras recording straight away. How cool is that, but lets see, can it fly here? We have it flying so it could take a few minutes to get the connection and go in, but once you do the little lillian drawing flies really well and it takes some good footage footage. So there we go now were outside today, but theres not much of a breeze, but there are three settings on the lowland drone. The u61 woolen drone that you can see if youre indoors you press down the right button. Three beeps means this is if youre out flying and theres. Quite a wind blowing and itll hold steady, not in severe winds, but itll hold steady income, some quite strong breezies if youre indoors, one beep is enough to let it fly some accuracy ethers. If youre outdoors theres a light, breeze press it again and you hear two beeps two beeps means you can fly it in a light breeze and if the breeze picks up press it again for three beeps to give you quite a bit of control.

So here is the the little little and u61 flying about now. As i said, its a kids drawing im gon na be quite fun. Playing with this. Now it doesnt have a it has a fixed camera. It doesnt like gimbal. So if the, if the drone banks over to the side, the camera will tilt too thats, okay, its just for kids, come back. So here we go and it should octolines. When you press the button there, you go so its landed land itself and you can take it back off again to turn on the motors two of those in and down and then up the goal. So, as you can see, im having great fun with this this little drawing from lowland, it comes with two batteries. The battery flight time is about it says in the manual about six minutes, ive been flying around for about 10 minutes on one battery, so you get two batteries and you get a little charging cables just usb to the android type connector and you can charge it Up in a power bank or a computer or a plug, and its really really fun simple – to fly simple: to use nothing complicated about it, but thats what i think about it. What do the kids think? This is the lowland u61 and this is harry whos, going to test it for us today. I cant let go or we just get blown with the wind hold that one forward like im doing Music, give it a right around and be very gentle with it there.

You go, oh no thats, it good delay turn it that way. Good good job, excellent! Well done! So, even in a really windy day like today, heres harry managing, keep it still flying.