Thank you. Ive been working on that one all pandemic in front of us today. We do have the new iphone 13 pro max. Just another attempt from apple to make fat stacks were gon na see if it cracks, but not with an axe, smacks or acts of attacks. The first thing i have recognized is that apples mechanized a thin strip of paper for the seal, which, for me has quite the appeal by removing the exterior polyethylene, to which the cardboard it previously clinged apple, has eliminated 600 metric tons of plastic to me. Thats, fantastic single use, plastics are trash in more ways than one since the degrade takes 500 trips around the sun im sure its mostly a move that improves apples margins, but at least now well have less garbage filling up. Grandkids gardens yeah, surprise apple did something that i hearted. It might be. The last time, though, lets get started. Music Applause, Music. Another thing: besides the packaging, including less plastic, is that theres still no charging brick in the box apple says this is to reduce waste, which is totally valid, but i also think that apple realized they couldnt make a better charger than anchor, so they just quit the Anchor nano pro is 45, smaller, looks better and charges faster with 20 watts. It gets an iphone to 50 percent charged in just 25 minutes thats. Why anker is the official charging partner of j rig everything inside this little brick are temperature sensors and a powerful turner chip that can adjust the current in real time for optimal charging ankers power.

Iq 3.0 charging does work with other usb c smartphones as well, so ill leave a link down in the description. If you need one for your own device, if youre thinking to yourself that wow, this iphone 13 looks just like the iphone 12 and the 11 youre. Definitely not wrong. Apple probably noticed that people werent upgrading when there was only an s next to the number, so theyve changed to counting up with a whole number each year. Even if the minor improvements are only letter, s worthy cant blame them, though they are our business after all and theyve tapped into the human psyche better than any other business on the planet. Music, the 200 billion in cash that apple keeps in the bank proves it. One thing that is impressive, though, which last years phone also has is the ceramic shield front glass yeah. It still has scratches at a level six with deeper grooves at a level seven, but the level six scratches are so faint compared to other phones. It really makes me think that ceramic shield is a super solid improvement over normal tempered, smartphone glass. Its important to remember, though, that glasses, glass and glass can break no matter how many buzzwords are added to the name. Apple. Would really. Rather, you not protect your device since they make money selling new phone, but you can stick it to the man with a screen protector, its much easier to replace a scratched or broken screen protector than it is a whole iphone display ill leave.

A link for dbrands tempered glass screen protector down in the description, but since this is a durability test, we cant have any cheating so ill. Remove that screen protector i just put on one subtle design change that most people, probably wouldnt notice, is that apple has moved the earpiece up a little bit and stuck it to the frame of the phone instead of attached to the underside of the glass. This will definitely make the tear down a little easier. The little metal grille is super solid and wont be falling out on its own. The size of the iphone 13 pro max are made from stainless steel, which, at a mos 5, is a much harder material than aluminum, which is about a mos 3.. The sound it makes is a little different as well. The power button is still metal, along with the top of the phone its hard for my stainless steel razor blade to even bite into the stainless steel size of the phone im a fan. I, like the metal mute switch over here on the side, as well as the metal volume buttons and metal sim card tray. One thing that apple doesnt tell you, though, is how water resistant their phone really is. They say its ip68 yeah, but not all ip68. Rated phones are created equal, my own phone, for example, a note 10 plus achieved an ip68 rating by sitting one and a half meters deep in water for 30 minutes like most every other smartphone apple.

However, leveled up by putting their phone six meters deep for that same 30 minutes four times the depth that smartphones regularly get tested at next level and pretty impressive. Of course, we still have the lightning port down here at the bottom, but thanks to new uk regulations, we should start seeing usbc here pretty soon. The uk has now standardized cell phone ports across the board. I do like the textured back glass, Music and finally, the camera. Another thing that apple has incrementally updated this year. I still think they should have just called this: the iphone 12s. The top camera is a three times telephoto lens, which is 0.5 times more zoom than last year. Yeehaw there is the 12 megapixel ultra white camera in the middle and a 12 megapixel normal camera at the bottom. It does have a lidar scanner, which is pretty cool. One thing: thats not cool, however, is that apple is still bragging, that they have sapphire crystal covering on their camera. Lenses theyve never really talked about this in real life, nor does it benefit them in any way to keep mentioning it on their spec page one because it barely registers as sapphire and two its not pure as weve seen in my other video and even more importantly, It has none of the protective properties that do come with pure sapphire. I accidentally started this test to level nine thinking. It was six, so lets just jump down to the wide angle.

The regular wide angle, camera lens clearly has scratches starting at level six, seven and eight. While we know from other sapphire screen phones like the kyocera duraforce ultra that real sapphire doesnt start scratching until level 8. apple either needs to ditch their sapphire claims or find a real sapphire supplier. Another thing that apple doesnt mention very often or probably should mention a little bit more – is that every apple store data center and operations facility are all carbon. Neutral apple has been using a small portion of their 200 billion cash reserve about 3 percent to invest in environmental projects around the world, restoring the rainforest and building green energy plants to counteract their entire carbon footprint. This is way cool and i think every business should do this and i dont want to sound indignant, but imagine what apple could do with 4 or even 10.. I dont know if apples saving up to buy the moon or what, since they are currently worth more than entire countries like canada, italy or russia. Im just not really sure what theyre waiting for the nice thing about this 6.7 inch, 120 hertz ceramic shield display is that for some reason, its not burning under the heat from my lighter, which lets me talk for a really long time. Even though my phone was undamaged by flame, keep in mind that i buy my own devices, so my mom doesnt care what i do with them. But if your mom just bought you a new iphone and you take a lighter to it, you might not be around to watch my next video so leave the professional burning stuff to me.

The oleophobic coating has probably evaporated. I would test the fingerprint scanner if there was one but theres not so lets move on to the bin test, since the iphone 6 apple has really improved in the rigidity department. The apps are quivering a bit in anticipation and if you listen closely, there are a few subtle, creaks and groans as it gets bent, but no catastrophic damage when been from the front. We have no additional sounds and the phone remains super solid on all four sides. Another solid device from apple well have to see how much larger that battery is during the teardown hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss it. This iphone 13 pro max survives my durability test. How often do you replace your own phone? Let me know down in the comments: if you need protection for your device or a charging brick from anchor ill leave.