This is owned by me for one day, so the extra parts are hidden in my cover mode, and this thing that will not be needing a usbc charger and if you do plan to buy this, this nib works for any phone charger a modern day phone charger And a pamphlet who needs instructions. These are for newbies, no im just kidding im just kidding; no, no, no! No! No were not teaching you all the parts on this remote today, no guys special thing. This is a flip key. So if you press this, the drone will flip. Please make sure to like and subscribe for more reviews like this gosh im gon na oh yeah, we cant take the box thats so drawn out. Look at these two wires here. Look at these two wires connect them and let you down like this when its blinking just set it down wherever you want, and now let me just show you the remote part, so on twitch uh. This thing is there hold on just show that again so look on switch and the up and down button with your controller drone, which will fly up and land it down. So guys do this, and this is side stable and the lights of the drone should be so now im going to try to land on that box of the drone. Okay, so guys you can see, my drone may remove the entire hall. Oh, just a warm up be sure to read the instructions.

Dont follow my footsteps be sure to read those and where they will be dont. Oh, oh just right there, three two one take off: oh, oh yeah! This might happen, and also when this is what, when this wire comes up, just lower like that, so the blades, the blades dont hit it also guys hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on Music yo. So guys, guys guys guys sorry for the lets get the crap out of me. Im a g so take off. Do not approach it directly. Fresh. Have a warm up like a lay down. Have a warm up, yeah warm up, thats, it dont forget my first throw in my life. So if i look like a complete new dont judge me, this is my first drone and ive been wanting this. Since i was 6 years old, oh jesus christ, you Music, throttle a lot of energy, brought a lot of energy, but a lot of energy, all right, guys, thats the end of the review so guys uh tune in for this video for more details because then ill Be well be making a movie yeah uh guys. Also, i remind quick reminder be sure to like and subscribe, or else this drone will come and haunt you for the rest of your life.