This is straight from horizon hobby. The new super baja ray 2.0 uh. This has been making its way around, but i can't believe i've got the blue version. I was able to get it look at all the stuff that's on the box, already an led up top an led in the front grill new tires. This has the smart technology in it. Four wheel drive ready to run. There is an app where you can actually download and see your speed and everything that comes straight from uh using your smart esc. Look at this. Not only does it have a dx3 with the optional telemetry on there, but this is up to 8s esc with a 750 kv, 1 6 scale brushless motor and that esc is a smart esc which will automatically tell you how fast you're going uh when you are Having the app on your phone or whatever smart device, you're using there's, the led lights, the method, race and bead lock wheels. Yes, bead lock, wheels, uh and the good riff the bf goodrich tires. I'Ve had them on lots of my rc's but it's great, to see it on this one uh. Moving on, i love it. You guys know that i'm, a fan of king shocks, it's actually on my full size truck that i just gave away to my buddy steve that had king shocks on it and i am glad uh to have a new set of kings here in the studio enough.

Blathering on let's get inside the box and see what there is get the proper blade out there. We go factory sealed baby. What do we have? This? Is my favorite part every time? Oh, yes, look at that. It looks so good. Oh my gosh. Look at that! It'S, like got a a jack on the back, well a scale jack right, like it's it's there for looks, but that is phenomenal. Let me get it out of the box here wow. So, oh mama, look at this beautiful led bar guys, true led lights in there. This thing is massive as well, and then this gorgeous one look at that wow. It looks like a rigid led bar like rigid industries. It'S got a nice plastic front to it. These are decals beside it, but this is all clear plastic up front insane. I thought this was just lexan, but this is actually a whole rubber uh shield up here, beautiful method, bead lock, wheels, unbelievable, look on the inside. This thing is built tough or it looks built tough wow. So no way does the driveshaft actually get hot. It does say warning on there look at those upper suspension, links as well all metal and then there's the on off switch right there it's, nice and easy to get to right on. So that must be why they say warning hot on the drive shaft. While you go to turn it on and off, you just got ta reach through it.

Sorry about that, all of a sudden i feel like a proctologist and does that do it, for you does that do it for you with the bottom one, you got ta work, the top one first and then the bottom one, oh that's, only if you're calibrating so There'S, the back of the vehicle now all unwrapped. This is just so much more than i thought when i was ordering it and bringing it in in person it's absolutely gorgeous. Oh my gosh, there is a rare, a rear, led light. There. Two fan shrouds no fans behind it. That'S okay, though here's the resi is what's supposed to be. I would imagine for the suspension that's where the reservoirs would go. Look at how easily that moves. I love it all metal bottom and then look at this. This is like a lock for the battery. You can actually see if i can do this with one hand, just take the whole battery. You pull that the pull this lever out and then you can actually pull it's because i'm using one hand what the there we go. Just like that you can actually take the battery bar off there's. A huge piece of foam in here. Look at this foam. Take that out, you can stick massive batteries in there and then right underneath is the motor access granted wow. That is a massive motor guys here. This is a normal one, tenth scale motor compared to the motor that is in there it's like two of them, a one sixth scale motor from spectrum i might as well put them in there now i've got 2 4s of the smart technology.

Uh batteries. Look at this 100c discharge on 4s at 5, 000 milliamps, two batteries plugged in here. This thing is going to rip. These shocks are nice and massive wow, wow it's, so rare i get a nice rc. That just makes me stop especially that's an rtr version there's, where the two batteries are gon na get plugged in so an 8s esc i'm going to start with 6s lipo just to introduce myself to the truck. But this is just some kind of sexy guys. Unbelievable here i turned it on so you can have a look at it before it goes and gets all dirty 8s lipo ready to go, got active vehicle control on here, which is basically a gyro system that will help keep in a straight line and it's four Wheel, drive Applause it's, going to rip on 8s. Here we go coming in a little bit of throttle nice just getting to know the vehicle she sounds mean so nice, Music, good one and then back in coming out Applause. I love the cloud yeah it's an opportunity to kind of wind it up a little bit quarter throttle one throttle full throttle. Oh, i can't believe i made that throttle full throttle. Oh and i fled flew right past the log. Can you believe how far that went? I was full throttle right at the end. I thought for sure i was gon na hit the log, but no instead, i sailed way past it totally worth another slow motion.

Look at it. Look at that. You can't even see that's how dusty it is today, but it makes for some killer. Looking footage. Look at this the low c baja ray my friend i can't even get it to 50 throttle on 8s insane power, that's behind the wheels and so dusty out on the track, but so worth it can we get a backflip out of going and hitting the tire. Oh just upside down big fail on that, but it wasn't like it was the angle to make it look. The car is totally fine one sixth scale huge. This thing can take a beating and keep on going those king sharks performing beautiful. I did not install the app yet i will come back and do more experimentation with the losi baja ray on 8s lipo i've had an amazing day. I hope you consider subscribing to our channel because we have tons of radio control hobby fun here and uh until next time. Guys thanks for joining us in rc adventures and, like i always say, get outside and have fun with the rc hobby.