Look at this dude all roll touch finesse on the green top right corner, hey guys, whats going on inception here and welcome to another video. Ladies and gentlemen, we are gon na be busy today, man with all these cars that are being released, but for today we have the new flashback, kareem benzema card and guys they have changed a few things on this bad boy. Okay, theres theyve changed a few things. So were getting started with a card who is six foot? One high low work rates right, footed, four star, skinless, four star weak foot? So if you guys are not aware, his regular card right just from the player of the month is actually a medium medium work. Rated player, so this one is a high low work, credit player, but look at the differences of stats for this card. Look at the agility and a balance boost that he gets for the new version of the card while being someone who is six foot one with an average body type. So this card should definitely be very, very interesting to review for what it is. Okay base card stats for player traits, he has the leadership traits, he has the finesse shot traits and the outside foot shot traits so both of the meta traits in the game, which is fantastic to work with in game attributes. We are going to be giving him a hunter chemistry style because heres the thing guys high low work rates, 88 attacking positioning boosted to 193 were gon na, be making his pace a 99 for acceleration 98 for sprint speed, which is fantastic to work with that work Grid as well and then were also boosting the shot power to work with 87 composure, as well as a six foot, one height and a four star, weak foot.

So a combination of really really cool things to work with when it comes to kareem benzemas card right base card stats for passing is decent for a striker, obviously long, passing whatever, but its a striker. So its not necessarily a big deal. He has 88 stamina, which is actually fantastic, thats, really really good, because its a card youre going to mainly use in the middle anyways right so 88. Stamina, perfectly fine to be honest, uh base card stats for dribbling. I am curious to see how thats going to work in game, because that agility and balance boost is massive for this card. Okay, but not only that okay hes a tall player with an average body type but on a hunter chemistry style, youre, boosting the acceleration by a lot, so the high low work rate is being taken into effect as well: 87 composure with 88 reactions. Good little combination play there with the west with the rest of the dribbling stats. Like the card looks really interesting. It really does okay im getting excited trying to see what hes like in game, but uh, yeah 88. Stamina is definitely very good for a car thats, mainly playing in the middle positions, and then he even has 94 heading accuracy with 86 jumping. So you can actually win the ball in the air from time to time as well, which is definitely very, very cool. But the way that we are going to be lined up with kareem benzema in game to test out attacking ai and all of that good stuff is going to be in the right striker position, because i already did the review for dafrel and i really liked the Thrill in this game, to be honest with you, he actually surprised me a lot uh, but were going to be using defrost top with his nice attacking ai, with a high medium worker, its next to benzema with his high low.

So it should be a very interesting combination play to work with um lets see uh. Do i want to get finesse shot angles with him? I do with the weak foot. Now we could go with. The strong foot thing is, though, is that in a secondary striker position, you want to use strong from the strong side as much as possible lets see man. I might actually just switch it in game as we play, but yeah lets go. Try him out, hopefully hes a beast: oh the high low, where craze is already super noticeable wow. What the heck! Oh, oh and i greened it too. I got it. I got it there, man, oh you know what i i might like this card. I ill tell you this right now. I like him a lot hold on dude his high low its like they forced it out of him or something instantly immediate bro pass it off. You see it its immediate, its actually sick man. I love that aggressiveness thats actually really good. First time. Oh you get blocked. I got ta shoot in that area. That was a good shot, though man, you know what i actually might be able to get a nice little corner. Kick tactic. Maybe lets see, lets switch. It right here push him right here. I might follow me actually, ah red time that Music yeah im not im, not uh, triggering those runs hes doing that himself, guys thats, awesome.

Ah dude. I love players like this man. These are my favorite guys. I need that aggressiveness. I need that unique ai to kind of get into the spaces quickly. You know, especially if someones, using aggressive, uh defensive tactics against you, its really nice, that players kind of like work around that like right. There see hes already doing it. First time i love the movement, its so good, and the highlight ive never seen a more noticeable high low in my life. Look right here, hello! You see that! Oh, my oh, i try to get that green time there on his weak foot Music. Oh, i wanted to work with this dribbling a little bit right there guys honestly, his dribbling is actually pretty solid man for a person whos really tall at six foot, one with an average body type. I dont mind it almost almost man. I got the small touch right there i shot it, but again he is a tall player, so its gon na take a little bit longer for him to really control that ball. Do it benzema. I know you see it. Bro, im gon na make this pass right here. Watch im not triggering anything. Look you see how he does this, though thats sick. It does well under pressure thats good, edit. All roll beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, composure, reactions, rest of the dribbling stats, average body type. Six foot one its always a combination of everything together, guys, oh dude, he does the track back too shield, ah almost almost against the big guys they uh they defend really well in those areas, oh hes, so almost guys he does the aggressive push forward and he Comes back so listen the only thing that im genuinely noticing, obviously because hes a six foot one player, blah blah blah with the dribbling.

You notice that from time to time, but dude work with him and im telling you that physical stuff just work with it, especially in a secondary striker position, look at the way this guy, he doesnt, stop, look at him. Look. He sees it there crazy. You guys know how i reviewed the bonza card, and i think he also has the high low worker im like yeah its not that special, not different completely different. With this benzema card, hey just have to work with the dribbling a little bit guys just a little bit again for the height and the way that his dribbling is set up. I dont mind it almost. Maybe if i want to cross right there, hey, maybe if i want to cross, try across to him right here, actually, maybe if we time it, maybe oh im not gon na get that one though oh thank you. Thank you. I love that you do that its that drop back guys. I love that. Oh no, he missed that one, no chance to be fair. It was so awkward because of the i didnt expect to get the bounce there. So if you actually look at my controller im, aiming it oh im aiming in that direction, i want to try a strike from like a really weird angle, just to see how it kind of come off, not bad man, thats the ones bro. You see what im saying about like the push forward to come back.

All you have to do you get that one little space, you shoot you score, lovely lets, go lets, go man, guys uh. If you guys havent done this. Gameplay objective defraud card use him on an engine with benzema next to him its actually a really good combination, because zafrel has a good high medium. I have to just have to do something thats my list event, even if you think youre not gon na get it. You got ta, you got ta spam, the pass button or just shoot it, because hell do something man cause. He thinks hes just gon na get the ball there. Oh dude. I was trying to go for a header, but that volley ill definitely take that volley. For sure i didnt have to do that, drag downwards. That drone drag downwards are stupid, guys, honestly, with this card. The only thing that you genuinely have to work with is the dribbling, because hes a physical type striker, but it was the same thing for that player of the month card as well. Man and you guys know a player the month benzema was sick. The thing is, though, is that the dribbling is not even that bad like again hes a physical type striker and the way that the dribbling works this year its different. This is what i care about is when im here, and he does this right im over here. Bang sees his face there. Oh i he was already in a good position.

I just had to dribble a little bit differently there. Oh i white it. I wetted that one man, i whited it. No, this first time i i normally. You should touch it, but i wanted to try it first time right. There yo, whoever programmed his attacking ai, bless you its literally so good, thats, literally the meta of the game. The aggressive pushes the push back like oh, oh, green time, a green time from a really bad angle too. Eh not bad again. You could definitely tell that. Listen. He has a finesse shot right guys he does, but you could tell that he doesnt hit them like uh like a messi or anything like that. Its because you know messy center of gravity is low. The body type dribbling, a lot of a combination of a lot of stuff, makes his finest shots. Sick. These lot passes are insane. Oh, my god, i literally spammed it to put it back to the goalkeeper, nothing bro. The attackers get the advantage. No, the pass is better there. The pass is better. That would have been fantastic, the rough angle to work there for the past, though, to be fair, thats, the ones thats, the ones boys. Once you get that angle, you hit it in the green thats. It hey. Listen its just the dribbling that you have to work with, just like the player of the month card, because theyre physical type strikers, you know thats it guys.

I just hit a nasty finesse shot and i wasnt recording it. I just hit a nasty finesse and i wasnt recording it, but im gon na get that afterwards, Applause, no dude. Oh my god. I almost got the ball roll on him, nah bro. I got that ball roll on him. Oh my god, dude! Oh, oh hello, touch! The ball again, no eddie got ta, get it put the pressure put the pressure. No, you know its its good that i didnt hit that in the green just to see what its like on a on a white, but you can tell that he doesnt have those finesse shots like messi, for instance, you know its just the way that they hit Them you know guys look at this finesse shot that we hit with him. Look at this dude ball roll touch, finesse on the green top right corner; okay, guys so lets talk about this new flashback, kareem benzema card. So in regards to how he performs in game guys, we wanted to try him out with the hunter chemistry style, because of the way that this cards dribbling is set up in game with the rest of his stats right. So, with a card like this on a hunter youre, giving him 99 acceleration 98 sprint speed, really good shooting stats while being a high low worker player that actually makes really good aggressive, runs in game. You guys saw it on a consistent basis.

He even does this to kind of adapt to what youre doing with the other players to get into the right positions at the right time. He does the meta thing where he pushes forward and comes back immediately to get that pass off and go for those. First time strikes, which is a really huge, uh meta in this game, especially in a 4 4 2 formation. The only things that you notice from a base characteristic with kareem benzemas card is the dribbling right, but guess what you also noticed: the dribbling on the card from the player of the month, but that card was still a finishing beast: got into the right positions. At the right time again, the media medium work rates, not a personal preference of mine, but this high low work rate on him. I personally like way more from my playstyle right, so a medium medium work rate is not bad. I just wasnt crazy about it. For that player of the month, benzema but thats, a personal preference thing, but this high low, i was showing you guys in game the types of movements that he did without me forcing it was fantastic, okay, so its literally just the dribbling – and i will be honest – Sometimes the passing as well, because the passing stats are a little bit low uh for certain opportunities. You do notice that 100. Those are the only two things that i didnt like on the card from time to time, but everything else the card was great to work with now.

In regards to chemistry, styles, a lot of people are giving him the hunter the hawk. Let me tell you guys something man. The hawk would not be a bad choice either: okay, because 95, acceleration 93 sprint speed, is still good enough guys because youre still giving him that shot power boost the finishing boost, but youre also giving him that long shot boost, which could be very helpful from time To time, but the extra physical, considering the fact that he is a six foot, one player with an average body type could be a helpful thing too. So its really going to depend on what you want to the pitch. If you want him to be faster, ai, wiser when youre, actually controlling him, a hundred chemistry will make the most sense. But if you dont mind the pace being decreased a little bit and having a way better balance for shooting a hawk would actually be really good. Too now for some people they may give him like an engine chemistry style, because a dribbling may bother him may bother them from time to time. But for me its like weight, its a wasted opportunity honestly like i would just work with the dribbling as it is its harder to say, because the the way the gameplay is sometimes obviously, but it just feels like itd, be very wasted. If you gave him an engine over like a hawk or a hunter in my opinion, but i really enjoyed using the card.

The card is 83k 99k now and i think its 99k because of the uh, the price increase from the the new promo, the promo cards. What are they called the uh these guys, i already forget the signature signings yeah, because you require one of them to actually complete the korean benzema spc, but guys. I think that the card is very cheap for what he offers in game. To be honest with you like, with like with banza, i didnt think his high low was fed was special at all, but with this card i thought he was actually really good, so i would do the sbc to be honest with you. Yes, you do have to work with the dribbling. Yes, the passing may be annoying from time to time, but you cannot go wrong for the price of that spc, especially if you have fodder in your club, in my opinion, so hey.