Ladies and gentlemen, we have a mini release today, so we already did the review for the laurente card as well as ruben dies. But now we have the new sbc card, giorgio kielini card to review today so were taking a look at a card. Who is six foot? Two medium high work rates left footed, two star skimmers, three star weak foot, uh, which is great to work with so right off the bat. We need to give this card a shadow chemistry style so that we can boost his pace and defense. As much as possible because for base card stats, guys uh or player traits first dives into tackle cpuai traits power, header trait injury, prone trait long throw in tray, i never really do long, throw ins that much to be honest with you uh and then the team Player tray in game attributes is getting working with 89 for acceleration 91 for sprint speed, so very, very similar to the uh varan card and im saying similar, because the dribbling is a little bit different, so well see what that um. How that behaves in game base card stats for shooting he has 80 for shot power. Great, you know its like reuben d as reuben dies has shot power too, but its like you know, if you do get into the position like, maybe they score, you know, base card stats for passing is at 80 80 for both short passing and long passing with 70 for curve 59 for vision, uh for his dribbling, well be experimenting with that in game because it always works differently for all of these cards, because in his case he is a player that is six foot two with a high and average body type with those Dribbling sets right so right off the bat that might not necessarily be ideal, but, as you guys know, we tried out the varan card.

Didnt really influence him that much so we do have to test that out in games. So all of that, with medium high work rates, should be interesting to see but very important that his reactions and composure in game both of them super super high right. So the dribbling stats might not actually be an influential thing for how he defends well see, obviously, base card stats for defending also set up really nicely so that when you do give him the shadow chemistry style hes in the mid 90s and high 90s. For all of the important stats heading accuracy is at a 79, but i just want him to be a beast defensively, because hes, a tall player has an interesting body type, so well see how that performs. He has 90 for strength 87 for aggression, which is actually very helpful as well with the body type and the pace that he has and then he also has 90 jumping. So the card looks pretty decent. To be honest, i think its like 100k as an sbc. So very very interesting uh were going to see how he performs in game. I think we could totally use this three at the back honestly im just going to do this and just use whatever he has here lets see. So just we could just use the basic formation and just let him attack yeah and then just use him in that center. Back position like we wont change him from there.

The lit and bali will leave as it is too, because i just want to see how killing it defends in those areas. Normally, when its strong foots, you want to put strong foam on the strong side, so if its kaolini enough for the back formation, you want to use them as a as a left center back um. What i want to see here is, i think, giu actually has a constant pressure one here. Okay, so lets actually switch that here, the rest of the team, honestly doesnt, really matter um daffrel sure really like. I just want to see how he plays as a left center back, because this is constant pressure, so its good to kind of like put the pressure on and then come back as well: okay, cool, so basic and the ultra attacking lets. Try them out transition, speed, wasnt too bad right. They actually defended poorly to kind of see if he would actually go for an animation from the past, but he didnt go for it. Nice green time, shot with politano beauty, nice good tracking there. When you see that happen, its actually good that you guys turn on the arrows from the trainer, because sometimes that happens by accident when youre defending so you just have to press r1 to cancel it, listen man. He was committed really high up there, but his track back was pretty fast. There lets see if thats a consistent thing. Another green time shot beauty go Music, even though i controlled coulee volley right there.

You could actually see killing me kind of track back quickly there. That was good. I think that is gon na, be a combination of the reactions and the uh composure for the card, guys the the responding to the things that are happening around him. You know so you definitely tell with his chase after he has an animation where its like, like he runs well its not as like uh heavy as someone like ruben diaz is running, but its still pretty decent Music. Nice interception there as well its good heres dribbling, is like on the ball. His dribbling stats are really low, but its not that bad. Like quick touch, there pass the ball across pass off again like yeah. I dont mind it Music, nice good little play right. There Music nice little chest off there, too thats great nice. He actually gets ahead of him right there too. That was good im, not gon na switch to him here now. I am well tackle off, so i committed him a little bit way too far right there. You could definitely see try behind him. Here still gets the ball nice. That was great good little shield right there. So you can definitely tell that hes, not the most agile, to do the initial acceleration to turn. You can definitely feel that from the dribbling stats and base card stats for pace um again, not necessarily a huge problem, because in this game the body type itself is way more important.

Nice good shield right there ball roll touch, go downwards. Good good, good, good, perfect, switch off hold this area here. The lit killing is well positioned at the very least delis carter when he gets upgraded, is gon na be freaking nuts, by the way, try again in the air does a really good job of like bullying. The person off the ball there right thats like three times in a row. He does that yeah. Those are the passes. I hope that they do for the defender review. Kalini responds. Well though. Oh this is a good opportunity. Actually, pressure is gon na dink me yeah. So again, meta wise the pace parts with the 79 acceleration 81 sprint speed, like obviously, generally speaking, thats, really poor, defending uh, but you know theres players that obviously could catch up um if thats something that does happen to you in game good slide tackle. I wasnt sure, if i should have actually done it at that moment, but it worked out. Oh possession based. Did you see that that was crazy, nice? I actually pressed the taco button there. I was kind of like please dont, kick this out under pressure as well. Cool doesnt push the ball away too far. There Music, i try to like slide tackle the general passing area. He did okay there to be fair. It wasnt bad. Oh nice goal maratha, dude thats, why? I told you guys in the review that his attacking ai actually impressed me or this media medium like he actually moves well really possession based there too.

That was good. Oh a white time shot. He actually hits it nice yo. I find it in the green. I might have scored that actually, that would have been nuts okay super out of position right now were just going to track this guy here. So you can see keolinis run right. The acceleration sprint speed that hes working with its back into position quickly. You always got to rely on defensive ai to do that themselves. You know good job kealing, good interception. I forced that area too, because im like pushing players out of position to see if he does anything thats a good interception. Nice good, tackle, keep it in nice. Nice see, i love that so when you press the taco button, he just puts his aggressiveness towards the ball. He doesnt actually pre, like do an actual tackle, thats, really good, no foul. He gets that from behind all right. Keolini. Look at that for his drone. You guys see that so he tracks after the guy but then held his position right. There didnt get the animation for the block, but did go for it at the very least, okay yeah. I just wanted to block that area. Just in case, you wanted to go for the pass or the shot really good in the air man very, very good in the air, okay guys so final verdict on the new flashback, kialini card. So in regards to how he performs in game guys, we gave him the shadow chemistry style to boost his pace and his defending as much as possible.

Now the one thing you notice the most with this card right is that he has a combination of stats that work really well together right, so 90 composure, 90, jumping six foot, two heights with a high and average body type. The card is really really good in the air when it comes to defending. So, if its co, if it comes down to like crosses or corners or you know, the guy takes a goal, kick he actually does a really good job of winning the ball in the air. I was actually very impressed by that uh defensively when it comes to tackles interceptions and whatnot. He actually does a pretty solid job. The thing that you notice with keolinis card is manual defending when it comes to the way that his pace is set up with his dribbling sets right. So on the shadow, chemistry style. You do notice that on the card for sure, but then again guys uh, you notice it on this bad boy too. The difference right is that bali has a unique body type and his unique body type is massive. Okay and this body type. It just works really. Well, with cooley balis card, if he had that extra acceleration hed be nuts, but the card is still very, very good right with keolini. He has a high and average body type. So the way that the pace works off of the dribbling, like i said, is noticeable right. But, honestly, if you get past that 89 acceleration 91 sprint speed can present to be a problem from time to time for the meta of the game right.

This is only if you over commit an area, and then he goes through on goal right. So obviously i like to test ill kind of push the player away from the attacker and then push towards it to kind of see how it works out. Um his pressure against the defender when hes next to them actually works out pretty well uh. There was like two or three occasions where, when i was putting the pressure against the defender, you know, for instance, when youre defending manually and you press the tackle button. A certain way like you, you kind of, have to feel it out when youre using the left. Stick dribbling with him or that just the left stick with him. He applies the pressure against the attackers, which is fantastic. That animation is very, very important when it comes to defending in this game right so uh yeah. I guess the quote: unquote: bad things on the card is obviously high in average body type, with the way that the dribbling and the pace works, but everything else is really solid. On the card. Very good in the air passing is good enough. Dribbling on the ball. For defender is not terrible, like its a defender, so its not necessarily a big deal, its just the way that the pace works with the dribbling that you notice in the card right its just the only thing, but as a defender hes pretty solid for what he Is the spc is at a hundred or 110k, which i dont think is terrible for what he offers in game, but i just want to let you guys know that hes not necessarily like a crazy meta card right, but i, like the concept of the espc 100k Im not completely against uh.

Let me see how much these cards actually cost in this league, because thats going to be a very important factor here. So if you go seria tally and by default you can work with tanali, so thats awesome, because you could do a thing where you could you. You can use a kielini card, donnarumma donnarumma links to one of the psg players, but then tonali gets that link to kealini right so theres, something that you can work with there for like a three three with the two cdms um lets see here so 187k for Coulee bali up there in price but was a solid player. To be honest, screenier 92k screening are at different lengths to be honest, like with the italian stuff and whatnot screening, wasnt too bad in the beginning, so rare gold card, matthias matthias the lit this card when he gets upgraded, hes gon na be sick, like that at The value of the sbc – i even mentioned in the review that he has that like thing about him, thats really nice like that body type, is crazy, so when he gets that upgrade gon na be very very nice um yeah, i mean guys in the in the Syria, you dont really have much to work with so for a hundred k for an italian center back in the syria that gives you uva links. You cant go wrong with that again its just not like a crazy meta card, but hes still very good in game.

I still enjoyed using him so for 100k compared to the other cards that exist for this league im, not against it, because its 100k as an spc, so you trade fodder towards it and you can unlock them for a little bit cheaper right. So i dont mind it. I dont mind the spc being as it is to be honest with you guys, um, but yeah. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video, this man, quilo card or my kilo card ill see if i review it its a fullback, so its like you know, um its more if im like really bored, and i want to try out the card right but yeah dont, mind The kalini card too much guys to be honest with you, but uh yeah. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video ill catch.