Let'S see what brian thinks of it here. Wow be honest: yeah use your real words: man, yeah man, well it's black. It should be huge Laughter, look at this um. Everything about this says speed. It'S got 6s like dual 3s lipos in there right now. I can't get over the size of this thing. Yes, you get that a lot uh. You know what. I am sure that i am the more the more people that see this vehicle. The more people are going to be like. I cannot believe how large this is at 1 7 scale. I did switch it out from the last video i did. I put in the twin turbos and the velocity stacks here, put in a couple of extra stickers around got ta support loading kings right same time, always a original right here on the. What is this original arma motor works straight up? You got those out lift that up, see what's underneath pretty straightforward everyone's, like oh it's, just another infraction this one doesn't have a handbrake. It does have an option for a handbrake which is good, and today what i did was i took these uh battery posts or or battery connectors from the esc. I just used a small zip tie here to to connect it keep everything lifted and up out of the way from the center drive shaft here right from the center diff and then the same with the batteries. Here i just kind of lifted up the collar keeping the balance plugs out of the way, so nothing gets snagged up and totally waterproof brian, not like i see any water out in the parking lot yeah.

I see nothing but fun in front of me. I don't think we're even going to be able to get it up to full speed. I'Ve got a 27 tooth pinion in there, which is like the stock pinion that comes in the bag, but the stock fast pinion, which means it takes a long time to get up to speed. Yes, exactly well that's, why i put the turbos on it: bro ryan you're, carrying it. How heavy do you think this car is by the way we love your truck um, i got ta say it's 12 pounds yeah at least it's got the two batteries on the inside, so fairly weighted nice and solid. You know what you get to be. The first person to drive it ever – i haven't even driven it yet go ahead. Man it's your parking lot. I know i know the perils of what happens when you hand over your controller, but i also know you have some experience. Wow wow we're gon na have a hard time getting up to full speed. I think uh, i think so whoa. This is why we said go to a parking lot, not on the street. Don'T don't kill yourself, so we even marked out look at this here's. Some tape right here this would be 50 feet from the starting curb over there and then 50 feet up there and then way up there. 50 so i'm going to go up there, that's, like 200 feet that we marked out right yeah.

Why don't you line up at the curb there, brian, so brian's, ready, ready, go it's got active vehicle control. Look at that 200 feet dude! He has to put the brakes on before. We can even open it up. It'S, like a bullet let's, get an aerial shot of it. Dude. Look at that wow that's, a rare cab over what a classic definitely worth but it's almost like loading kings around here already brian that's, right, okay. So what do you think you had? You had a chance to rip it around this thing and i can't believe how fast it is already. You can't keep the tires on that ground. They just spin. How can you tell me roughly you've, been here a long time, how tall are these doors, because people really don't get the grasp of how big this parking lot is? These doors are 25 feet tall 25 feet tall, so just coming across this we're. Looking at 200 feet and you're doing it in just a matter of seconds, i can't get over how fast just getting some b roll good luck, don't crash it yeah man, Music, that is absolutely insane, bring her back. Wow that's, an incredible incredible speed. I said i've never driven anything that fast in my life. Why are you wearing glasses right now and you weren't a moment ago, because it's so far away yeah, so it it's covering that much distance, no dude that's, just the whole point is it's going so far away.

It'S almost like you would think it would be running out of transmission right like how far how far can it we do, need a runway at least that road down there has a dead end on it, who's this guy. That is my my boss. This is your boss, you own this building. Can we can we take one rip inside? We know that this is a long building with. Is there any way we could get a warehouse scene? Yes, yes, thank you so much. This is going to be awesome. Hilarious. Look at this it's, just the screws actually fell out so that's good for me to know, i'll find some extra ones, but tape will do for now. I think it's very authentic. I said i'll go get the lights. Why is it? Is it? Is it big in here it's dark? It may be a little bit big in here, hello, that's, a great echo. What do you do here? Uh it's, a welding shop, so we mostly oil and gas nice, so pipes fittings, fitting vessels, everything! Oh! These are all overhead cranes over here, there's cranes, in the back, are you a crane operator? Yes, dude? How badass is this? We get to go into a welding shop after hours just to rip with this i said. The one way you can get perspective is to check out the the exit door and it is very small, very itty bitty. I i didn't even see there was an exit door, yeah and you're, not even at that end.

Yet i waited 15 minutes for you to walk here. Applause, editing does a wonderful thing. Yeah right, i is this thing: has ample power? Look at it, drifting Applause insane, just pure throttle control right across the floor. How badass is this? I know hoonigan's out there watching right now: Music Applause, this car just drives so smoothly on the open, concrete, of course, just wants to eat and eat for days. Look at this. I need both hands to make sure there's no accidents, okay, brian being the guy. You are, you must have some sort of app on your phone. I do. This is gps, it is uh. The i don't know how you say that who cares gps tracking, mostly for overland stuff? Yes looks good, so we're going to give you a speed up reading it looks like a very expensive phone. I will try to keep it on its wheels good idea. Thank you. My wife will appreciate that. Yes, and so will my account yep recording gon na record the fastest speed Applause, Music, i'm nervous for your phone. Sir. Can you go down there and tell me where to stop? Yes? Okay, okay! So this is one of those times boys and girls of the rc world that you want to look where you want to go. Don'T. Look at the object. You want to avoid. Look where you want to go, because if you look at what you want to avoid what happens brian, you hit it in three.

Two one Applause go uh huh. So what did it read? Well, i think it went too fast for the phone uh it's, giving us a moving speed of 3.3 kilometers. Well, that is definitely not correct incorrect. I think that the steel in the building is blocking the signal. Hey agreed, yeah that's, probably what's, going on there it's hard to see here but yeah back again, it's a massive spike there, yes and then it drops off. Then it drops off. So i can tell you that, actually, in like seconds i was able to do the entire warehouse, it was a little squirrely in the beginning until the abc kicked in and then i was able to go straight, but i could not even get it to go straight To a hundred percent throttle Applause, i ran out of runway in this enormous place, so let's see if we can drift around some poles hey, why Applause all wheel, not Music, more like a power slide. Music Applause never drifted before, should give it a try. All wheel drive, even though these are rubber tires, see the exceptionally try the post here, because then you can see it. The exceptionally dusty floor makes it much easier. It'S all throttle, control, bring it in tighter, bring it in tighter. There you go. You can see my circles on the floor. Try to mimic them there. You go Applause, that's, right, that's, right, yeah, that's right, oh whoa, whoa! Oh, no! No, no, no, it's, the opposite turn! So when you're so it's, the left turn yeah.

Give me the controller. Your turn what's interesting about this, though, is that it's, like this whole bottom plastic piece here, we'll, add some more tape to it. This has actually been like a very good bumper. None of the body has been like fractured or anything yet and we've had a few good hits. Yeah yeah, maybe just a couple yeah well that's: okay, that's. What these things are for? Well, that's, okay, man, everybody hands over a controller. You know as well as i do in this hobby when you hand over the controller, you are prepared to take the consequences. Let'S see if i can do the forklift. I think it's going to be a little bit wide because i can't see the other side, but all right here you go. Are you ready? I am Applause, Music, Music. I kept with it. Oh such an awesome car just think of the different things you could do to this car. The mods like this is a mad max car for Music. Sure yeah buddy can, you believe, it's still all one set of batteries: Music, insane Applause. This is how big this vehicle is. You guys can get yourself. One check out the video uh uh, the description box down below i'll leave a link to where you can find one also the batteries, the charger big shout out to brian in the background buddy. Thank you for helping me out and bringing me down here to show everybody this insane car and for putting a few more uh.

What do we say character scratches on it? For me he knows i'm teasing him. Thank you very much for bringing us down. Everybody appreciates the good up close look. What what are your real thoughts on this car? Oh, i love it yeah. Now i got ta like: where can you run it find some money? You need to find an area to run it, but you need a runway. Yes. Well, that's on the 27 tooth opinion, at least it comes with a 16 tooth plus you have different throttle options right on here, 50, 75 and 100. Guys, if you haven't, left a light click please do so already subscribe, notify all that other bullshit.