The dji mini 2 drone my new drone. I also wanted to cover why it’s good for adventure motorbike riding. So a few of those eight reasons are specific to why it’s a good drone to take with you uh on your bike, so yeah let’s get straight into it so Music. Before i get into the eight reasons, i’ll quickly go over the two different combo packs, you can get with most dji drones. Firstly, you’ve got the base pack, which is pretty much just the drone, a battery controller. A couple of spare props really no extras, but enough to get you flying a lot of these reviewers will tell you to go for the fly more combo, which is a bit more expensive, essentially what you get with that is. Instead of one battery, you get three and you also get a charging hub for those batteries and you get a carry bag that carries everything so i’m just going to talk about australian prices here just for simplicity’s sake, but uh. You know. Worldwide prices vary here in australia, the base package with just the drone, and that is 750 australian dollars. For an extra 250 bucks, you pay a grand for the fly more combo. Now, honestly, it all depends what your needs are. I went for the base package because all i really wanted from that fly. More combo was one extra battery. I don’t need three batteries. Two is fine, considering the flight time you get on these guys, so, rather than paying 250 dollars for the extra kit, i just paid 80 bucks for an extra battery, but you know, as i said that will depend on your needs and your usage scenario.

The carry case itself that comes with the flammable combo is pretty good, but it is like a it carries everything, including the control and everything. So it is kind of bulky and for me i don’t need it. I wouldn’t use it. I carry the drone in my tank bag. What i did actually do is when i sold my last drone, the uh, the mavic air. I kept the little drone case for that and i just keep the drone itself in there and the controller loose in my tank bag. I’Ll show you the case a bit closer later on, but now we’ll get into the eight reasons why this drone is awesome. So obviously, firstly, when you’re carrying stuff on motorcycles, the lighter weight and the more compact, the better we have, we have limited space on bikes. We don’t want to be carrying heaps of weight. This is one of the lightest proper photography drains that you can get and they advertise advertised on the side there that’s 249 grams, so obviously being a folding drone. It does fold down quite compact. You know it’s a very small drone, very lightweight, but the big thing with that is, as a lot of you guys know in different countries around the world, drones, 250 grams and over need to be registered with the government, obviously that’s for liability purposes. If you crash your drone into someone’s head and they get blinded by the propellers, you know we know who to sue um in australia.

At the moment you can pretty much buy any drone. You want and fly it without registration, but don’t be fooled. That is coming to australia very soon on the castle website. They’Ve got mention of it, so drones will need to be registered. Hopefully they follow suit with the rest of the world i’m. Pretty sure they will in that these smaller lightweight drones, won’t need to be registered. Still so big bonus here, it’s going to save you money and a lot of around if you don’t have to register your drone, so that’s reason one the weight number two reason with this: drone is ocusync. If you don’t know what that is, is dji is communication between controller and drone. A lot of drones use enhanced wi fi, which is okay, but it’s. Not great ocusync is better in that you get way more of a range with this drone. They reckon 10 kilometer range. You can still control it. Obviously you’re not allowed to fly out of line of sight, but having that stable video feed from the drone and just you know it go it penetrates through foliage and stuff way better at lower distances. So definitely a big advantage having that occu sync over the wi fi. A lot of other drones do have like your sync as well. It is common to a lot of dji drones, but if you can get one that’s got occusync and this one does it’s a lot better reason.

Three – and this is another big one to motorcycle adventuring and charging your drone on the go. This drone can be charged with a usb c power cord plugged off any cigarette lighter plug or usb power pack or whatever you can charge it on the go, no worries, my previous drones, that i’ve had the mavic air and the spark and a lot of the Other bigger drains are you need a special adapter to charge them either. You know at home and plugged into the wall or one of those big cigarette lighter things. This way is so much easier. I can use the same plug that i charge my phone with plug. It in there charge it on the road same with the controller can be charged with the usbc, but you get a hell of a lot of flights out of that controller before it will need charging so that’s, not a not really a concern, so yeah that’s uh That’S reason: three charging on the go super easy reason: 4. They have updated the wind resistance on the mini 2, as opposed to the the original mavic mini it’s got more powerful motors. It can handle strong winds, a lot better and it has a top speed of. I think it’s about 57 kilometers per hour, so you know in sport mode. You can really get this little guy heating and i do quite a lot of recording in sport mode, it’s good to cover a lot of distance.

Saves you speeding up that footage in post. You can just zip around and yeah it won’t struggle too much in the wind being that it’s such a light little drain. It does really well in the wind reason. Five is the video quality that comes out of this drain. It is not a toy drone, even though it’s lightweight, it is up there with dji’s quality. You know it does 4k resolution 30 frames per second and 100 megabits per second, which is good quality. I don’t film in 4k because it’s a pain in the ass to edit, as a lot of you guys would know, but it will do 1080p and 2.7 k both at 60 frames per second. So you know it’s, maybe not quite as good as the bigger one inch sensor drains like the mavic air 2s and stuff like that, but for what it is, it gets awesome. Quality footage and i’ll show you as a demonstration of that bit later on what the footage looks like in various scenarios, so yeah that’s reason why great quality video number six is the battery life of this guy. Now it blitzes the other drones i’ve had in the past. Dji reckons 31 minutes of flight time air. I think that’s flying very conservatively a lot of the reviews. I’Ve seen people getting around 23 to 25 minutes of flight time, i’ve only managed about 16 minutes. So far, still pretty good, considering that i’m, usually in sport mode and zipping around, i think when dji says 31 minutes that’s letting the battery go right down to zero and trust me with a drone.

You do not want to do that apart from ruining the battery once it gets to zero. It just drops out of the skies that’s reason: six great battery life reason. Seven is another big one to me personally, it’s the the loudness of this drone. Now the mavic air, the original mavic air, was my last drone. That thing was loud. Man like you, couldn’t launch it in places where other people were because it pissed people off. It was really loud. People could hear it out in the surf. You know like it’d, be hovering over surfers and over the thundering of the waves people could hear this it’s a really loud drone. This little guy is so much quieter. It still sounds like a drone. It still sounds like a big oversized mosquito buzzing around, but it’s, probably about half the volume of the mavic air. So another awesome feature about this little guy. Now. The eighth and final reason uh for me, is the controller it’s, the new design dji controller. Instead of the old style, where you fold out the arms at the bottom and put your phone in the bottom, this one has the new elasticy mount at the top. So your phone’s – you know up here instead of being down below when you’re trying to look at it, while you’re flying it’s in a nicer spot and you’ve got your little cable back here to plug into your phone. Now it is bigger and heavier than the old controller, but it’s got way better battery life there’s a big battery in there somewhere lasts for ages, i’ve done three or four flights out of this, and it still hasn’t lost one bar off the battery.

Here, it’s got four bars um, so a really nice controller, a little tip that i could give you guys. They give you little thumb, screws or little thumb sticks that you, you can stow away in there, take them out and you screw them into here. So it just sort of makes it a more of a low profile for storing the thing and carrying it around. I find that to be a pain in the ass, taking those out and screwing them in every time. So all i’ve done is got some little screws. There and i screwed them in there a lot now they’re low profile, but they still give you good good enough control on the sticks, so just something that i like to do with them, rather than using these big dogs. If i want to be really precise, i can still unscrew those and put them in, but most of the time, they’re, okay, i’m, pretty sure they’re, just a coarse thread. M5. Well, don’t quote me on that, but yeah. Those are my eight reasons why this is a great little drone guys if there’s, one thing that i wish it had, and i know a lot of other people have mentioned this too is active track now, obviously the size of it and and having to keep that Weight down they don’t have forward and reversing uh vision, sensors, so it doesn’t have any obstacle avoidance at all um apart from underneath. So that means you can’t, do active track.

Doesn’T have any active, shack now, that’s, not really a big deal for me, because if you’ve seen one of our recent videos, i’ve tried active track a few times and it’s it’s not great anyway, all right guys, i’ll just quickly show you the uh the case that I use, as i said, it’s from the original mavic air fits really well. This is the spare battery that i bought. They are a tiny little lightweight battery, which is good, so i can actually fit the battery in the case as well. So, underneath i’ve got spare propellers and a little screwdriver that you need to put the propellers on. I just put a uh microfiber cloth in there as well just to keep everything sort of stable and not rattling around in there drain sits in there now just fold that bit of cloth up there just to protect the battery from rubbing on the drain fits in There beautiful zip that up and off you go one more bonus thing. I love about this drone. It hasn’t asked me to do a compass calibration, yet that was one thing that used to piss me off no end with the mavic air. Every time i turned it on, it would run a compass calibration anyways i’m, going to send this guy up for a bit of a fly around here. Show you guys how easy it is to to get it going if you’ve never flown a drone before it’s? Really not that hard, this guy you just unfold his legs there’s a certain order.

You’Ve got to do it in the front ones. First, you want to make sure you take off the little gimbal protector now it’s ready to power up tap once and then hold it down on this power button here until all the lights come on and it’ll power up, you want to make sure your gimbal is Free to move around does this little self test and whatnot i’ll, just plonk him down there get your phone out. You’Ve got to install an app on your phone. Obviously, dji fly pull out your little cord plug it into your phone. Get your screen up, then. All you do is same thing with the controller press once and then hold the app should automatically come up on the screen. We’Re good to go, go fly. We have a live feed from the uh drone’s camera. You want to always remember to hit record, or else you won’t get any footage. It’S, always a good idea to make sure you’ve got gps. Uh satellites before you take off two guys that will update your home point so that if it loses connection for whatever reason, uh the drain knows where to come back to by itself. Okay and to take off there’s a little button here that you press and then you got ta hold this down i’m just gon na hold the drone in my hand, to take it off now. These gps drains are pretty much foolproof. Once you’ve got a gps lock.

Even though you can tell it’s quite windy at the moment here and the little drain’s just sitting on position, it won’t go anywhere so what’s good about the gps drones. If you start getting yourself into trouble, all you do is let go of the sticks and the drone will stop and hover where it Music is it’s pretty hard to tell through the microphone here. How loud that drone is. It probably sounds quite loud, but i can tell you it’s definitely definitely quieter than my other drones. I’Ll check him in sport mode and show you how fast he can go Music and that’s flying against the wind as well: Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, oh yeah, the low battery warning comes on at 20 percent, so another successful flight. You came back catch it in your hand. Basically, if you put your hand underneath it, it will rise up because of those sensors underneath. But you put your hand out a fair way like about a foot underneath it pull down on the sticks and we’ll go into a landing mode and you’ve got to make sure you catch it and the props will shut off and you’re done quite easy to change. The battery on this little guy too he’s got a little flap at the back um. You also got your sd card slot here, but battery just slides in clicks into place close the back off you go so there you have it guys, that’s my quick little wrap up of the dji mini 2 drone uh haven’t had it for that long.

Probably a week or so now, but very impressed with it so far, i would highly recommend it ticks all the boxes for me anyway. Just so you know guys i paid for this drone myself deal it’s, not a sponsored review or anything. I just wanted to share it with you guys. A lot of people ask me about what drone we use hope. This video has helped some of you guys out if you’re thinking about getting a drone or looking at upgrading your current drone yeah great little unit for the price. Just another quick tip too guys shop around if you’re in australia go on to the amazon usa website. The base package is 750, as i mentioned in australia on the dji website. If you go onto amazon us, you can pick it up for 600. Now you will have to pay australian gst on that, so that bumps it up to 660 and then you’ve got shipping on top of that uh. I can’t remember how much that was around about 30 dollars, maybe so you’re definitely saving a few bucks from buying it. On the dji website and from what i understand when you order it from dji australia anyway, it ships from china so uh it took just over a week for this to arrive from the u.s when i ordered it so yeah you’re going to save yourself a few Bucks and you don’t mind waiting one to two weeks, then um, definitely amazon, us i’ll, put a link in the description anyway, guys affiliate link.

If you um check that out the battery, i bought separately from an ebay seller here in australia that came really quick. It was 100 bucks, including shipping, so yeah really happy with this drone anyway, guys thanks for watching um i’ll, stop waffling on now, we’ll catch.