It has a button that’s labeled lock. That button starts the propellers and lets it launch and land, not sure why it’s labeled block there’s a button, labeled m – i guess m – means mode and it switches between sport mode, which is fast in normal mode, which is still fast, but has obstacle detection there’s a Giant button and that helps you break and return to home the tilt switch on. It allows you to change the camera angle before you take off and a record button, which is a little too easy to press when you’re in the air and then an on and off switch and it’s really straightforward. When you’re flying, you see a little circle on the screen, and all you have to do is point the circle where you want to go and squeeze the trigger, so you can only fly forward with this. You can’t fly sideways or backwards, so it’s kind of like flying an airplane or a jet or something um, but i think it’s a lot of fun. I mean it’s it’s, exciting it’s, it’s, fast it’s, easy uh. You don’t, i don’t, know it’s like when when i was first did, it was really cold and i sat in the front seat of my car and it was kind of like a cockpit seat, and i and i don’t know i don’t think you can have uh As much stress free fun with a drone as this, especially if you’re a beginner – oh yes, i didn’t take my gimbal cover off you get used to doing your own fpv.

You forget that you have to take this off. I wonder if i can show you what i see in the goggles here a little bit of reflection, but, as you can see in the goggles, the little green moves around the circle and when you’re in the air you get a you get a circle where you’re Gon na where you’re gon na fly, so all it requires, is moving this around and you can tell what’s going on in the drone. If i start the props okay. So now i have to put the goggles on so i can okay, so we have all of our satellites acquired so now there’s a circle on the screen, just a matter of point it and go so just being simple here: no problem flying around so squeeze the Trigger harder and we’re up to 12 meters per second and that’s it folks i mean this is the easiest thing i’ve ever flown. You know we can get down low. The picture is incredible, so that gave me a little obstacle. Detection there. I i’m not sure. If you’ll see in the video it really bumped it sometimes dji’s obstacle, detection gets dinged by light, but i’m keeping it all on right now to see what to see what it’s like going out over this construction site. I’M, 330 meters away got absolutely no problem whatsoever with the signal okay, so this is uh. If i just let go of the trigger it stops.

I can’t change the gimbal angle unless i’m on the ground. So i wonder if i can do that i’m going to come back in sport mode, so much faster, 27 meters per second just pretty constant 27 meters per second about 400 meters away i’m, only 80 meters up in the air. So you can see, as i release the trigger it slows down pretty drastically. This is pretty fun. Yeah, like i mean i know, i’m, not the best talker on camera, but wow. This is like this is so incredibly easy. You can always see where your home point is puts a giant h on on your home point. So i switch back into normal mode to slow down um, hey for some reason, i’m, getting a little bit of a bad signal for the first time, just heading back towards my home point all right so now, with with the obstacle avoidance, enabled i’m going to try And do some simple proximity things? Okay, so let’s come down! Go near some of this stuff, oh no problem flying along the ground. If i wanted to go check out what this is see, i guess it’s weird for me not to be able to just plain descend or go backwards or go sideways, so it’s not like flying a drone. This is more like walking around in a video game. Hmm, it kind of feels like how i used to like to play descent. If you remember that game, where i’m dating myself with that so yeah, it really really really breaks breaks as you’re going through things like even this i’m squeezing full trigger, and it keeps giving me keeps slowing down so in normal mode.

It very very, very, very easy to fly very comfortable doesn’t feel like it’s, going to let you crash very easily, like i think you can crash uh as you’ll see later, when my dad was flying it. He hit some tree branches uh but it’s a cool moment in the video. So i wonder if i could learn how to fly it smoothly. I don’t think so: okay, well i’m gon na try the tilt, adjust and see. If that can get me up any faster. I can hear people i have no idea where they are so it’s trippy follow some birds, and that is the motion controller for the dji fpv combo up next i’m, going to show you how my dad did i’m, not sure what else my nephew. My nephew also gave it a try, uh and he most of the flight footage was that with that was lost, you guys have both had absolutely zero instruction. You you don’t even know what’s coming up, you don’t know what it looks like and you’ve never attempted not even no, no i’ve i’ve not flown a drone at all um. I have worn the virtual glasses one time yeah when you flew it over our house, but uh yeah, and you have basically no video game experience as well. You’Re, on the other side of the video game era – yeah that’s, true that’s, true, you were already out of university. When video games existed, i graduated from university just uh 1970.

, but who wants to go first, got the whole thing lifted out there. You know you can take each individual piece out, so we’ve got our goggles um. The only instruction i want to give you now is don’t point. The lenses towards the sun, you’ll they’ll burn burn holes on the in the things there’s lenses, this way yeah. So just don’t point them towards the sun: okay, okay, so that has a battery pack which goes in your pocket. So if you’re gon na, if you’re gon na fly first um i’ll, you turn the goggles on there’s a there’s an on off switch there. Okay, put it in your pocket: okay, so um, you can put them over your glasses and you’ll. You’Ll need your glasses. They fog up with the mask those have fans in them. You can also for this we’re outside pull the mask down over your nose. You know what i mean we’ll just back up a bit just so it doesn’t fog up – and here is what we’re going to use to fly it: okay, yeah all right. So, okay, what are the buttons on the back? Okay? So what you’re gon na see in your in your in your goggles, when you’re, when you’re, when it’s all on is the you’ll, see what the drone sees and there’s going to be a white circle in the middle of the screen and the white circle? You can move around with that thing by just moving my hand, yeah now it’s it’s really intuitive.

You know like you, do this to make it go up and you go like this to make it go down and you just turn your hand to make it turn and if you want to turn lots tilt your hand. Okay, you know what i mean. If you want to rotate lots, it’s really intuitive as soon as you do it and wherever you want to fly, you put the white circle, squeeze the trigger the harder you squeeze. The trigger faster you’ll, go there; okay, so it has obstacle. Detection you’ll see, yellow and then red, as you get close to something, and it slows you down: okay, um it. It will. Let you hit it if you keep flying towards whatever you’re in, but if i, if i want to move away, obviously i turn it or or you want to move quickly, you tilt yeah can’t go backwards. This is this is flies more like an airplane. With this, with this controller, okay, the emergency brake is the big giant button. This one yeah you hit that and it stops through stops on a dime and just sits there. It hovers and hovers and won’t. Let you go anywhere or anything like that. Okay, you have a finger over it. You can have your finger over it the whole time if you want. This has uh automatic return to home feature and everything, and how does that kick in if you hold the the break button yeah, if you just let go of the trigger it’ll, stop just admit minute: yeah, okay, all right so should i put the goggles on first Yep, okay, so i can see that where you going yeah so just move it around the screen, you can see so double tap and then double tap.

Don’T don’t use the trigger at all a little quicker there. You go hold the red button. Okay, let go now just practice tilting. Is it moving it’s just turning, then you can look up and you can look down: okay, just moving the camera it’s just moving the camera camera. Okay! So now point point the white circle where you want to go and squeeze the trigger a little bit: okay, what’s! This is really weird because i’m moving towards that water tower, you are but i’m, not looking at it. Okay. What do you mean you’re? Not looking at it well it’s heading that direction, isn’t it yes, but i’m. Looking this direction, i mean my body is facing your body. Doesn’T mean anything well, i know but that’s kind of hard. So i should no. You just have to virtually put yourself into that thing, no matter where your body is facing: okay, okay, first person view that’s what fpv stands for yep, so turn come back pretty intuitive. So remember. If you want to turn more you, you lean the remote. So go. Do one of those epic uh? Why don’t you come under the thing over on this this side again over here, yeah see you see the goal posts see if you squeeze the trigger less it doesn’t go as fast yeah and then how high off the ground am. I whoa oh three: wow. Did it go through the tree? You did yeah you’re.

Okay, i saw some branches fly. Okay, try not to hit the tree but that’s pretty that’s, pretty cool it didn’t break. Well. I am a newbie yeah, all right, that’s, pretty badass, not bad. So why don’t you just go up really high for a a thing just straight up just so, you can see what it looks like from way up high and then we’ll give elliott a chance even higher. Oh, i don’t want to go higher. No in the vr game, where you’re like on a plank on the top of a building, grandpa couldn’t, walk on it. Oh, i know, and i and like i’m feeling my legs are really you know kind of shaky all right, we’ll bring it in bring it in slow towards us, okay and get right down. Looking at us like close close to the ground and make sure you don’t hit us right in close to the ground like look inside, i don’t know how far like how high i am i’m above our yeah yeah right, you’re you’re, like you know, six. Seven meters up so yeah sit down okay, so if you’re close enough to the ground now that you can perform in auto land, oh yeah, so you just find that red button again and hold it i’ll hold it yeah. Oh there you go awesome yeah. So what do you think? Is there there’s? No other yeah there’s an easier way to do it there’s no risk at all that’s.

True, i can’t. Really it just took me a you know a while to get used to it, but i was still nervous, yeah concerned that i might just get out of control and you know yeah so it’s, partly managing the you know the video um eyepiece yeah and knowing where It is and yeah just a lot of things for me to keep track of yeah and uh. What do you? What do you think that was just awesome? I really like looking at tiny houses from above. That was just really cool yeah. So this whole kit is, like i don’t know, 16 1700 bucks it’s pretty expensive, but that, like the goggles um, you can use with other drones uh this remotes extra money. So it’s, probably two grand when you put this kit together, um because it comes with a more typical drone remote. So it still flies the same like it still has the same sort of features, but then you can fly it backwards and sideways like the way you can with a proper drone. Remote it’s got a pretty cool camera on it. Like that, you’ll see the footage it’s. You know it’s super super high quality footage, um, so yeah i don’t know i i think that uh, i think they really did a good job making it like the easiest thing in the world. I i had fun with it, but i was cautious. I think this is the most fun way that you can.

I would, i would absolutely have this because this is how you can get other people involved. This is how you know. If you were out you wanted to fly. We had your friends who aren’t really good at flying. You bring this out it’s like it’s like having that extra set of goggles for them to go for a ride along, except now they can actually do it. Um.