This entire quad only costs eighty dollars, including the props, and it has everything you need. All you got ta do is wire up a receiver and send it. It flies with either a 2s or 3s battery and youre gon na see some of the footage flying around one of the most famous fpv spots in the entire world, the night spot. But the vtx was a little bit weak when i tried to fly with other people, so were gon na have yvonne put the power meter on here and test to see if its outputting low power, darwin fpv, has released this baby eight. This is an ultra low cost, tiny little three inch with individual arms, a very nice design, an all in one board. It comes with a couple of these extra little rubber bands that you use instead of a battery strap. It also has these little velcro strappy things. Some zip tie stickers, um little instruction card right here, wiring diagram, so you can see how to wire up a receiver and a set of these nice 3016 props uh. These are some of my favorite low pitch three inch props inside here. It has an f4 all in one board, a tiny little video transmitter that is actually secured to the top plate right there. I dont love that it has these little screws instead of the standard. 1.5, nuts, the this is a 15 amp esc on board. Here it has motors that are a very similar look to the original emax baby hog.

In fact, i think these might be the same motors i cant tell base, looks slightly different, but theyre very, very cheap motors. It has leds on the arms already for you, this sort of like led race wire that theyve used, which makes for a very clean design. It has these sort of forked arm tips, which means you are going to protect the motors a little bit decent little camera protection here. This is the standard version which has their darwin fpv 700 tv line camera. The pro version is exactly the same, but it does have the caddix and 1200 tv line camera so thats the difference, if youre wondering this thing can be had for about 70 to 80 bucks, so its one of the cheapest all in one drones on the market. Now you are gon na wire up your own receiver to this thing, because it doesnt come with one and im gon na put in one of those tiny little express lrs bad boys in here. This is an interesting board layout. It has sort of a larger size. Video transmitter for this size craft, it does go out to a little dipole antenna. You can see the camera mounted up. There is very small thats, probably how some of the cost savings come in here, but check out this all in one board its actually like two boards, sandwiched together so im guessing the bottom is like more of the esc and the top is the flight controller.

It gives it a very small footprint, but maybe this will give you a little bit more durability, since they are sort of like two separate components were gon na wire up our receiver to these pads right here you got your tx1 rx1, fiber and ground all right Here so thats, where theres gon na go theres kind of a lot of room back here in the back, but theres not really a lot of room for you to mount it because they do have this capacitor fixed right here. So this little thing made it around the track. Just fine. The only thing thats a little bit weird is that you cant really get the camera angle more than about maybe 30 degrees which for park flying and freestyling, is actually totally fine, but for racing its a little bit low. I like to go with more of a 45 degree angle, so i couldnt go quite as fast as i wanted to, but thats actually a nice feature because you wont be able to go too fast and as such, youre less likely to crash and break it. So it flew very good now i dont know about this video transmitter. I had trouble when i lowered the power output down to 25 milliwatts thats, what we fly here at the ninth spot and at pretty much every race. Now we do that low power output to be able to get the maximum number of pilots in the air, and i noticed i couldnt see anything uh when people were powered up, so we used this immersion rc power meter.

This is something that we use to measure the output of our video transmitters and it was showing close to zero at 25 milliwatts. Now, at 200, milliwatts was what you would actually use to fly in a park. It was reading correctly um, so i split the difference that flew at 100, and this is the dvr youre going to see it be flying the track and it was totally fine. So all in all, this is a really exceptional value for only 70 to 80 dollars. All you got to do is slap a receiver in there its about the cheapest drone youre gon na buy, and it actually flies so not bad guys. If you want to get started and have an extra little cheap park. Flyer dont ever have too few quads, because if you crash them all you cant fly so have one of these as a spare as a backup and if you dont need it hand it off to somebody else. This can be your. Let them try a quad and if it goes sailing of way into the oblivion, you wont be too upset about it. With a tattoo 450 milliamp hour battery, i was able to get about five minutes of flight time flying around the night spot. You could also use one of these 550s and get even more im, guessing probably seven eight minutes of flight time, maybe as much as 10, if youre cruising around this thing has also an insane power to weight ratio.

When you hit the throttle on this thing, it just flies into the air so rapidly its amazing, the kind of extreme power that you can get for only about 80 bucks. Almost every piece of this is upgradable. Some of the nice things about inexpensive models like this is that you could buy spares. You could get two of these for only 160 and then you have a spare of everything, its also very rare, for something this low of a price point to have individual arms. That means, if you did crack an arm, the whole frame doesnt have to be thrown away or disassembled. You just swap out that one arm and then you are back in the air. What do you think in the comments? Are you flying any of these cheap micros? Are you building your own expensive top of the line micros? I remember when the dye tone cube was really like the best value. This has a bit more punch than that and it costs even less. I flew just fine when i was by myself, but when everyone else was armed on the line, i couldnt see a damn thing. Is it on yeah? Are you sure, because its like zero milliwatt song, maybe its pit mode or something i mean yeah, maybe its a pit mode well murderer again: yeah theres like zero like zero, no wonder its because i really dont know how to measure the dipoles i dont measure them.