You can do in camera with your drone, which means minimal editing in post to get epic effects in your videos. Lets jump right in hey everyone, matthew here and today. I am in a beautiful, sunny northern ireland, where im going to show you seven in camera, drone transitions you can do, which is really going to spice up your vlogs, your short films or any projects or sequences youre making with your drone drone transitions are fantastic because They take you from one clip to another in a seamless way and in camera transitions are great because they cut down on the amount of editing you need to do in post, meaning you can put your sequences together much faster now today, im going to be capturing Everson on the dji mini 2, a super lightweight ultra portable and relatively affordable drone that delivers high quality videos and photos, but, as always, any gear im using in this video will be linked down below with all that. Out of the way lets take a look at transition number one lets start with a nice easy transition that takes you from one location to another in an epic way before we do. This transition make sure that you have the double tap of the function button on the controller set to recent or gimbal, as were going to use this for this transition, and others later in this tutorial to start position. Your drone in front of your subject and start to fly forward after a few seconds double tap the function button, while flying forward to point the gimbal straight down quickly, then in our second location, start with the gimbal straight down again its important that the drone is Over similar ground, as your first clip in this case its water, but it could be grass rocks and sand as long as its the same.

That way, you wont notice. The transition then start to fly the drone forward again and after a few seconds, double tap the function button to bring the gimbal to the horizon. Revealing your second point of interest, then all we have to do is put both clips together and add a cut when the first clip gambles down and thats it a really simple transition. You can do just about anywhere slide past. The slide past is another epic transition that helps you move from one clip to another seamlessly. To start you want to put your drone in the air and find a location with a large foreground element. Then position your drone either to the right or left off it hit record and start to fly your drone sideways past. The foreground object but stay close enough so that, as you pass it, the entire screen gets filled with this a big blurry mess. This is where were going to hide the cut for the transition, then, in a second location, find another large foreground object. This time start to the same side of it as before, hit record and fly in the same sideways direction at the same speed. But this time continue past the foreground, object and keep filming your subject. Then all you have to do is put both clips together and add a cut when both are passing. The big blurry mess a little planning required for this one, but it results in a super professional transition, the underground.

The idea of this transition is to drop down beneath your subject to reveal them or a location in another scene. First, they find a location that the drone can descend beneath a clef edge or a bridge, for example, then face your drone towards the location or subject hit record and start to descend. The drone until the entire screen gets filled with this. Remember this its the big blurry mesa game just remember to keep an eye on the drone to make sure its free from any obstacles. I recommend practicing this move a few times slowly, while keeping an eye on the drone until youre comfortable to do it for real. For the second scene find a location that the drone can descend past a foreground object and reveal you or another location remember to keep the speed the same so that the clips match up and then in your editor, put both clips together and add a cut as They pass the big blurry mess and thats it a really cinematic transition that will spice up your productions mask out now. This is a really advanced transition, but i wanted to include it to show you that if you get creative, you can create unique and interesting transitions that will set your work apart from others. The idea of this transition is to make it look as if the drone is flying into the controller screen to reveal another clap to get this effect. I first put the drone in the air and held the controller close to the camera.

Once i knew the controller was taking up most of the frame, i quickly switched the screen to a plain, green image and flew the drone straight backwards were going to use that green image to key out the screen in our editor. For the second clip, i simply use this piece of footage of me walking, along with the drone flying behind me now to bring this transition together. I simply reversed the first clip to make it seem as though the drone was flying towards the controller and keyed out the green screen. Then you can put the second clip in the controller and make it look as if the drone flew straight into that clip again. This is an advanced transition, but hopefully this has shown you that you can get really creative and create interesting transitions that will blow your viewers away match cut from one of the hardest transitions to one of the easiest. The match car. The idea with this transition is that we do a hard cut between two locations, but have the subject framed the same each time to help with making sure the subject is framed. The same i recommend turning on gridlines in the dji flyop settings, and then you can use any perspective for this transition either behind or to the side of the subject. For example, then all you want to do is hit record and fly the drone in one direction. For the second scene, have the drone aligned in the same perspective and have the subject framed the same then hit record and fly in the same direction as before and at the same speed.

Then all you need to do is put a cut between the two and you get this minimal, but epic transition. The key to this transition is framing so use gridlines to your advantage to make sure that your subject is free and the same in both clips spin orbit now for an awesome transition that makes use of the quick shots feature for the first clip start with a Location or subject put your drone in the air and select the circle. Quick shot then draw a box around the subject and hit. Go then in the second location, again select a circle, quick, shot and importantly, make sure its set to go in the same direction as the first clip again hit go and let the quick shot run. Then, in your favorite editor put the two clips together and add a speed ramp up towards the end of the first clip and a speed ramp down from the start of the second clip and thats. All you need to do to achieve this really fun transition. That would work great in a range of sequences such as a travel film. The web up is one of my favorite transitions that you dont really see that often this transition again makes use of double tapping the function button to recenter the gimbal so make sure that is turned on in your settings to start find a location that you can Lie down facing upwards and put the drone in the air above yourself or a subject with the gimbal pointing straight dime, hit record and fly your drone forward.

Then, after a few seconds, double tap the function button to bring the gimbal up to the horizon in another location, start for the drone facing you hit record and fly the drone backwards away from yourself and after a few seconds again double tap the function button. To point the gimbal towards the ground again try to make sure the grind is the same as the first clap in this case were using water again now all you have to do is put both clips together, reverse the second. So it looks as if the drone is flying towards the subject and then add a cut as the gimbal rotates up in both clips another transition. That requires a little planning but will add massive production value to your videos. So what transition was your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below, but hopefully you can now see with a little planning and forward thinking. You can capture some really professional and cinematic in camera. Drone transitions, which require very little editing in post, so get out there experiment with the transitions and see what you can come up with now before you go if youve liked this video and youve learned something new, please let me know by giving me the thumbs up And clicking that, like button down below and if you like, all things drones and want to know how to take better photos and get more cinematic videos with your drone, then i recommend you check out my channel where i have a ton of other content to help.

You level up your drone game now. If you want to stick around and watch a few more than videos now heres a few, i personally recommend ill, not keep you back any further.