Of course, i pick a super windy day to fly my drone and do this video as a solo content creator. One of the hardest things is to capture a lot of footage of yourself of you doing things in the field, because youre normally trying to capture something you normally have the camera in front of you, youre, always normally behind the camera. So getting yourself in the shot is not always easy and thats where drones come into play. Now this video, i am going to be flying the autel light plus to do some of these basic drone moves, and i do say basic drone moves, because in this video i want to talk a little bit more about doing some basic moves, but doing them at Different distances, because if you are getting into drones – and you are pretty new at this – sometimes when you see a lot of these cinematic movements out there – they look amazing but theyre definitely pretty difficult to do, and it does take a lot of stick time to get Used to it so this video, i want to talk about doing some of the basic moves, however, doing them at different distances to get different effects. Youll get some of the basic or similar shots. However, it changes perspective when your drone or your camera is further away or closer to a subject. So in this video i wanted to show you guys some basic moves that youre able to do, especially if you are new to drones and just getting familiar with how to fly using the sticks, but show you guys what the subject looks like or what you might Look like at different distances, while youre doing these moves and before we jump into those moves.

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Having a drone a little closer to the subject, it gets your audience a little bit more engaged and immersed in that subject matter, because youre not able to see exactly whats around them now moving the drum back about 20 to 30 feet as well as raising it Up just a little bit but doing the same simple movement just pushing that right stick forward, so the drone can somewhat track the subject. You can start seeing a little bit more of the bridge. You can start seeing a little bit more of that environment, setting the stage a little bit clearer for your viewer and finally lets pull it all the way back, as well as a little bit higher. Now you can see exactly where im at paints a little bit better of a picture, sets the stage a little bit clearer for your viewer. The next move we have is that top down shot, and this is actually a really good one to get because, as you know, that top down shot is very unique. You know youre gon na need something like a drone in order for you to achieve it. Now, when you do the top down shot and youre close to your subject, it is a little bit more difficult to do, because there is this balancing act, of course with how fast your subjects moving and how fast the drone is. So definitely a lot more challenging when youre closer to the subject, but when you start bringing it up a lot higher into that medium to the higher range, a little bit easier to get and plus when youre at higher distances.

You see a lot more environment around you sets the stage a lot better puts that person in a specific location next shot we have is the fly by shot, which is really good, especially if youre able to fly by your subject and get close to them. Now, whenever you get closer to your subject, youre going to have a little bit more parallax effect as well as here right now. I have myself as a subject. We have the bridge. So when you fly a little bit lower, has a little bit more cinematic, dynamic movement. When you start bringing the drone up higher and a little bit further away, you start to lose the subject a little bit in the scene. However, you can now see exactly where you are and you get a lot more in the video. What i dont like to do is pair the two shots, get a close up shot so that you can kind of see exactly what the subject is and what theyre doing, as well as a pullback shot, so that you can now place that subject in the scene. Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music and there it is guys just a bunch of simple drone moves, especially for those that are just getting into drones. Dont really feel comfortable with the sticks. Just yet. A lot of things you could do is just change the distance away from your subject to get a totally different perspective.

As you start getting a little more comfortable with the sticks, thats, when you can try multiple moves, changing your direction. Changing the angle of the camera. Changing the height, as you start passing over a subject, this of course, will come over time, but even doing some of the basic moves, but changing up perspective and distance will really help out your story. If you guys do like this type of content and feels pretty helpful, let me know in the comments section down below, as always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like could be much appreciated and also dont forget to subscribe. Hit that bell to be notified when i post new videos, this is alsacio with flightpath.