I cannot believe we are getting out this early in the season. There is some overflow, the canal isn't, even full, yet they're allowing the overflow to go in a small creek beside the pond, so stream line RC Thrasher jet boat got all the heavy duty upgrades on here, including the skid plate on the bottom of pure bashing. Boat. 6S lipo all jet propulsion, no props, so it makes it perfect for small areas like this, so let's give her a rip, and I know a lot of people ask me questions about all the decals on my boat. Yes, they are boggart. I hear tracks that are on there. Yes, this is a version of the Thrasher that you can get from streamline, streamline RC it's, an RC specht RC sparks a decal pack, just go onto their website, check it out. Unfortunately, the youtube gold and loading King stickers come separately what a beautiful day it's a gorgeous day. Look at all the water that's here. Yes, we can rip back and forth. I know people are dying for some boating action. I got to be careful of the grass grass can't get sucked yeah you don't want to get. You got attacked by a giant whoa they're already out I'm, not a flower. You are a flower. Okay. I literally have no idea where the edge is or how we're gon na get the boat back. We have a delicate time. Foreboding Applause jetboat only turns under power, so it doesn't have a rudder on it.

Only the jet makes it turn so very short. Turning which makes it great for small areas and streams, like this Applause, that's and the other side, take the walk of shame. Oh, this is the whole point of haughtiness Pauline. Oh, my gosh, can you come push it over don't fall in the creek now walk over. Here, first, on the top – oh my god and you know I kept feeding him. We kept putting clothing on those bumps. I got the Queen alive this whole time, Joey up right here, yeah here. I could basically jump across to grab him and I like what four feet deep, oh yeah, one of us will jump across it'll, be fine Music Applause, Music. Thank you. Music Applause. Let'S! Go up to the flow area here, yeah power in its way up my dog going crazy! Forget it through the grass, which is never a good thing for induction. Do that I'm like quarter throttle just having a little bit of fun at this, like mini dam there's. No way I'm getting up the mini dam it's like a straight vertical wall, there's, not enough flow whatsoever, but lots of whitewater in there get into get into the Sun. So you can see this boat yeah, Music, yeah, okay, so a lot of people will ask. Do I get any water on the inside? Yes on the inside, though there is a sensor that actually has a bilge pump. Look at this like this is the hole right here for the exit.

Look at the size of tubing right here. I can't don't know if you can see that or not it's like it's, almost the size, the thickness of a pinky finger to help get the water out of here. It'Ll keep pumping 30 seconds past the point where it senses no more water. Now shall we even demonstrate shall we demonstrate what that looks like to you guys? Do you want to see what it's like to pump this out? Yeah. Okay, look at this watch. This is where I fall in the kink and everybody gets a good laugh. I press record it's night dance, so what happens? This is the self righting boat. It actually uses the weight of the water to help turn it over. But look at this look at it's starting to pump the water right there that's how fast a full boat of water is gon na start emptying out. This sounds you don't have to worry about going in and getting your boat, because it's going to be constantly doing this, look at its still, if there's any water in there at all it's gon na. Keep that going. It kind of reminds me of like what I'm about 65 years old, I think Laughter intermittent stream where it is Wow empty and look at the shells we found yeah. So do you like tape, won't eat, of course, buddy you can have them all they're. All the same: okay, so overall, an incredible boat.

I know everybody would like me to stay out here boating all day long and in the coming days. We'Ll definitely be doing that check it out, as like I mentioned, if you're getting a jet boat, you got to make sure to stay away from the grass because once it gets in there can plug up the stuff. I never really experienced that problem here, but I know you need at least five inches of water to run this boat with a 6 s, light pole, because it's simply just kind of with that weight, just sinks right down in the creek right. So if you're out there, you want to go like really shallow, try, 3 s lipo. I might try that in the future. Guys did you want me to do that. Tell me in the comments section drop me: a light. Click. If you liked the video today and I'll, see you in the next episode of rcadventures, thank you all. Thank You, Jan for filming and, of course, my fan club right here.