It is a Bugatti actually named after Bugatti, which is kind of cool. It has a 4 in success and DJI options, which is nice. This is the lightest of the 3 inch cinemas that I have and I pretty much have them all at this point. This is a hundred and thirty six millimeter wheelbase and it has a two millimeter top plate that's. Why it's so ultra light, but look at that mine, cracked and here was my whoopsie. I hit the kill, switch and broke the top frame, the first flight. We have a TPU back mount here, which is kind of nice. We also have those foam bumpers, xt60, antenna post and we have the HD LRC hammer which I have seen before on the channel, but what's nice is. We also have the CAD extra tail on the analog version, very good fpv camera for 5.8 fpv, and we have the forward 600 milliwatts. That also has smart, audio and zeus all in one f4 flight controller, with 35 m es es running on 4 or 6 s. For your choice – and we also have 3 inch rad 3045 props on here – and they have a pretty tight spacing in between the ducts, which is nice, 1408 2400 kV motors on mine. So I do have the 6s version, which is awesome and on the bottom we have four bolts holding it to the frame that bottom play is just a little bit. Thicker and let's see here we get 248 grams, the lightest of the bunch.

Now the bumblebee 283 and let's check out the take an take in is 363 but that's also a DJI version, and that one is the analog version 263 right there for the Green Hornet and now back to the Veyron we're. Looking at 248 now with a 1300 we're looking at 413 without your GoPro or action camera, so there they are all let's, go ahead now and put my 360 camera on there, and I think we should go out and do some flying. And let me show you that Britain is happy one more time. My first flight first 15 seconds go figure. I crash because I hit the disarm switch on accident instead of the mode switch, so let's go ahead and get this quad up in the air I'm going to show you the Peevy view down on the bottom left hand corner, as you can see there on the Screen: it's not going to be totally in real time with the 360 camera that we're looking at today, but look how cool that looks. I'M! Changing that camera angle, as we fly along and I'm able to change and make keyframes inside my phone now with the one hour, app it's, really really cool. So I can spin the camera around in a 360 and where I want it to be in any certain. Given time during my flight, I can just click a button and make a keyframe it's, really cool we're gon na test out the flight characteristic.

Also of this quad in this review. We'Re gon na push this VTX down in between these metal poles out in this tree field. Right here, this is a little tree farm out in Oregon and in between the spikes where these trees are planted. The 58 video has a hard time making it through so we're gon na see how it does on 400 milliwatts. I believe you can also crank this one up to 600 isn't that a cool perspective kind of swinging that camera all the way around you can see part of the quad cut off there. The higher up you get your 360 camera, the more of the quad you're gon na see, but the less stable your quad becomes so it's kind of a trade off. If you want to make some cool 360 videos – and now we're gon na go shoot down this row right here and I have really nice control with the Brian next to those posts, you can see a break up momentarily and come right back and I'm gon na Get between both rows right there and I completely lost it right there. It was pretty much flying blind for a second there. If you get in that situation. The first thing you should do is throttle up and get back up in the air as high as you possibly can that's the best way to get your signal back to your goggles again, even if you fly into a branch it's sometimes worth it, because you can Make it out of some pretty crazy situations, and you just get some altitude up again swinging that camera around making some key frames really nice flying – and I add this one – this one flies very similar to most of the other ones that I have flown if you're Gon na ask me which one you should get should I get the Green Hornet I get the take hand, or should I get Brian at well it's it's really up to you guys at this point because there's so many of them out there and if you want To have a success for this one, this is the one that will probably give you the longest flight time out of all of them, because it is also the lightest on the 4s 1300 right there, I'm coming in for a landing at five minutes and that's carrying A heavy 360 camera.

I believe that my 1r is actually heavier than the GoPro, but look at that I can swing the camera around and follow the plane as he comes around and during this flight this was also after I broke the one of the prop in inside PLA. Prop guard duct guards and had to pull that out of there. So there might be a little extra vibration on this particular video and right there. There was sort of a tumble when I did a really hard turn the quad kind of freaked out for a second because of that high CG of my camera, but the perfect day to fly you guys. This was a beautiful day out on the tree farm and I have to say that I'm so happy that there was a plane there to be able to chase it's, really cool footage when you can chase a buddy's plane. It'S, like one of my favorite things to do in fpv, coming back out over this runway really nice, but I like the color scheme on this one and it stands out a little bit better than the other quads that I have the other three inch Center. Whoops super stable platform. If you want to put a GoPro on here, it does come with a GoPro mount and I believe it fits all the way up to the eight. So if you guys have the brand new GoPro 8, it will fit that one such a cool camera, though the 361 are getting getting back on the runway, almost landed on the runway nice landing.

I would have probably noticed over and killed the pilot. Really awesome. Really. Nice so I'm happy with the performance of this squad. I think the flight times are long. I think that the the frame could, if it was any thicker, it would be heavier and that's. The difficult decision you have to make you're gon na have a frame that you can't break, but you're. Also gon na have a much lighter frame so it's a trade off. You know it's totally up to you guys, which one you decide to get, but I feel like this. One did really well I'm happy with it I'm, not happy that the frame broke that's, probably my biggest pet peeve of my entire session, but that was kind of my fault, the the weight of the camera on the top when it bent over it actually just snapped This piece up and it's just you know that when it flipped over, it landed right on its head during that crash, and that was my fault. But as far as the quads performance, very smooth, predictable, the tune is good, not a lot of flip on it, which was nice, not a lot of washout or any problems with it. Bailing out on me, I couldn't freak that flight controller out top and bottom battery mount options is kind of nice. I chose to run mine on the bottom just because I was gon na put my 360 cam up top and I'll experiment later with some other quads, for you guys and put that camera on the bottom.

You can also put a GoPro up front if you're, one of those guys it also does come with a GoPro holder, which is cool. It comes with a TPU. Gopro holder sits right up front. It also has a lens protector on the front as well. You can snap on it. It fits the. I believe it fits the six seven and eight versions of the GoPro. So if you get the analog version, this one's about two hundred dollars and the DJI was around three hundred, so I'm gon na say probably about four point: eight stars being the lightest of these bunch one thumbs up for this particular quad and out of the punch. I really enjoyed this one. I think it looks really cool too.