This is the most expensive product other than the head ones. We did in the last video. This is the most expensive product that we have reviewed on this channel and, in my opinion, its the favorite product so um. This uh is the nochi mini 4d, v9 drone and wow. I i just cant wait to show you how many things this thing has in here: okay, starting off with the mini drone. It comes in this really nice package. Uh lets go ahead and open it up. Wow, okay, it comes with another package inside of this package, so you get its carrying case, which actually i did not expect it to come with a carrying case, so were opening it up together guys. This is new to me uh this little case that comes in here very nice feels very like premium high materials carabiner clip doesnt seem too good quality, but you know it can hold so lets open this up. What do we have in here? Oh im, looking at it for the first time. Well, the first thing you get in here. This is what it looks like. The first thing you get is this little goodie bag, which comes with the protectors, obviously looks like a screwdriver, a spare. Oh four: spare propellers thats, really nice. If you bump into something and a screwdriver, you know normal stuff, uh yeah lets take a look at you know. This is a really nice carrying case.

Actually, uh lets take a look at the battery yeah. How about the charger? First uh, you know just a simple charger charger there. You know just this. Is your usb port? Pretty much goes into anything so thats, nice. So the second thing you get. You also get three batteries. Yes, three batteries. I was pretty surprised by that uh. These are rechargeable batteries, so this is what youre going to charge yourself like. I was saying its kind of an awkward place to be charging that but its fine. So again you get two of those pretty cool. I dont know what type of batteries these are, but the bad thing is they only last for 10 minutes, but you do get three of them, so you can change them out really easily and keep on going so yeah uh lets. Look at the controller were gon na save the best. For last. This controller is actually really cool uh it. You know its smaller than an xbox controller, which is kind of kind of weird, because xbox controllers are pretty small uh. Luckily, you dont have to unscrew anything to put the batteries in back. Here i really hate those types uh. It just uses three triple a not double a aaa batteries. You know pretty standard. Almost everyone has them right its like the one battery that you dont need, but you have right so pretty easy, and you know what i really like about this controller.

It tells you so it tells you like front back. This is left and right. I dont know if you can see those and then over here it shows you like twirl, auto, take off and auto landing and pause and zoom in there at the bottom, and up here you have this is this one right here is the level of so lets, Say youre youre flying right and you click it. That means it can go up a little higher. So there are three levels: um i dont know. If theyre for speed or for level of height, i think theyre for speed, because i saw that somewhere when i was looking at this on amazon and then this button does its like crazy mode. It goes all over the place and ive got a beautiful view of mount rainier today, right out of my video window, sorry uh, but yeah its pretty comfortable. You know not too uncomfortable if that makes any sense. Um. Also you have this. It does have cameras. The drone itself, so you can hold pretty much that goes very wide, so you could pretty much hold any iphone in there uh. So you could be watching and you know see your neighbors backyard im just kidding. I might do that honestly, um, but yeah. I think it goes for like half a mile before you have to it. Doesnt fly anymore like if you were half a mile away from the drone flying.

I dont think the connection would stop. I think, but yeah its pretty comfortable in the hand. Uh has an off and on button lets, look at the actual drum, so the best or left actually lets take the controller out, put it to the side here of goodies the best for last wow, okay. So this is the drone. I actually expected this to be much bigger, make amazon makes things, look very big or it might be the actual company. The thing i love about this drone is: it has not one camera but two cameras, so you can look directly down and you could look directly forward. This does not move up and down this camera here and i dont want to try, but you just expand the wings. You have to do it manually, which you know its not that bad, you just expand the wings make sure theyre fully extended, not just halfway. I dont think it would fly if you did that hold the button down on the top there. Oh, you have blinking lights on the front and thats how you know this is the back, and this is the front if youre at night, i dont think those blink forever, though um. If you put batteries in the controller im, pretty sure you just go up and then down, and that would sync it, and they are just positive, i dont know were going to give it a test, though here in a minute, so lets go.

Give it a test. Lets stop and yeah thats how you turn off simple to pack everything away, im, just going to record myself doing it, because why not uh yeah so lets just close up all these wings. Sorry, if im not recording, very well uh, just yeah ive got to put them to the side here: oh deary, okay, um and when youre packaging it uh. The camera side is gon na. Go like this so thats how its gon na go in its kind of confusing at first, but youll get used to putting it away um, it goes in there pretty snugly and the controller as well. Your two batteries go in there pretty nicely. You can move it now, sorry for the bad video quality. If the quality is bad. Just tell me im using an iphone sc 2020, so go ahead and put that goodie bag back in and lets go. Give it a test. Also. You do get a manual, sorry that i didnt show you guys im gon na be looking this over, because i have no idea how to fly this thing. It does come, i think, in three different languages. I dont know, though, and ill take a look at this and show you guys how it flies bye. Okay, so i wanted to tell you guys something about the drone, its super easy to um take off on land. I have a video of later on the video ill show you a video of the camera, its not too good, but its its a camera um so to pair to your to pair the drone to the controller.

You turn the controller on and turn the drone on. Im not going to do because im inside and its nighttime, if you dont, see but um. I do have a video of me flying it. So you turn it on with this button right here and you turn it on at the top of the button on the drone right here and theyre both on so then, what youre going to do with this one youre going to go up down and then youre Going to press this button right here and the drone will take off, you move the drone, so height wise, going up. If you go up with this one, the drone is going to go up. If you go down with this one, the drone is going to go down. This one is whats going to move the drone around another thing. Uh. This is to go into headless mode. If you short press it, if you long press it, that means the drone will automatically come back to you. This is one key take off and landing. This is emergency. Stop emergency! Stop! So if you press it, the drone will just shut down, so it could break. But this one is your three different speed modes. Speed three goes about 20 miles per hour, so its very fast. This is your 360 flip mode, so you press this really quickly and you go bang and you press this and move this to the side and its going to do a 360 flip like this, for you and if you you could do backflips by going pressing and Going back front flips by doing that, left flips by doing that and right flips by doing that, so pretty simple, not too hard and now im going to show you how you you pair it to your phone.

So you turn the drone on. The controller does not have to be on, but the drone does have to be on. First, you have to get the app, so you get the app, but before you go into the app. The first thing that youre going to do is youre going to go into your settings, youre going to go to wi, fi and click on. Well, you have to look in your instructions and see what the code is. It might be different for everyone, but mine was like 4nr something, so you have to look for that and you press on it to the wi fi and its connected. Then you go into the app and press go and the camera should be connected that its that easy, um and yeah. You have a camera and you can fly it normally, but you have a camera its that simple, so thats how you connect it and now im going to show you some footage of me very bad footage. This was when i was a beginner um. I dont think i have any more footage i can check but ill show you two videos of me just um luke allen. My friend is going to be in there. So yeah lets see the footage. I guess so. As you can see, the drone was kind of hard to control. While i had it in my hands but uh also. I think it was too close to him in the first video, but i think it did end up.

You know pretty good. It doesnt have any microphone on it, so you cant catch sound with it. So, if youre looking for something that will catch sound, this is not for you, but also i was jerking it around a little bit, but im sure that if you were in good wind conditions again, i live in washington, its pretty windy here. If you lived in good wind conditions and it wasnt raining, while you were flying it, i think it would have been a lot better but yeah so thats gon na wrap up todays video, please remember to subscribe and leave a like and we make we post new Videos every saturday so yeah im trying to get 200 subs.