It seems to be made in china it’s. They called it voyage aeronautics and sold at walmart. For fifty dollars, plus tax canadian pa1005 um, i will not review any uh of this uh fpv cam because i’m, not testing it uh i’ll. Let you test it from personally i’m, not looking for movies, so i was looking for flying so uh excellent drone for beginners excellent excellent for the price excellent. Now what can be done on this foldable drone? What can be done? Uh the battery the battery? If you can make it if the company can make another exactly like this, with mini brushless and uh a bigger battery, something that goes say, 20 23 minutes flight and it will be great plus. If you can have this fly up, let’s say one kilometer. That would be great with 23 minutes of battery. That would be great but as they sell it, uh it’s like eight or ten minutes flight as they sell it, but for beginners excellent, excellent choice for beginners excellent choice, but again the only thing for the future. This company should do is a 23 minutes battery mini brushless engines, rotative engines. That would be great but yeah great drone for beginners for fifty dollars. Excellent drone.