$60 Camera Drone With Folding Arms JDRC JD – 20S PRO – TheRcSaylors

Purchase this drone right here – https://tinyurl.com/y4n5eam3 Folding arm digicam drones have come a very great distance within the final couple of years, and surprisingly this …


  1. Very cool drone for little $$$. Thanks for the video and your time. Only buy after I watch you guyz! Drones and a truggy.
    Just got a NATE hat. Very cool. Cannot wait to get it.

  2. All the time until I discovered your channel.

  3. Being in my 70s I have bought many RC items without going on line before hand. I always tried to find someone that had what I was interested in too see what they though about it. But that was before the days of YouTube or other quick ways of finding reviews. Now I always look at quite a few reviews and still ask friends before spending any money.

  4. I'm glad "toy grade" drones are getting better, and thanks for the comment about the wind, I had a 180qx that just left on me, caught a crazy down draft that made it lift and was gone, with the camera too

  5. I got the same one they are not great and neither is the app or the customer service.

  6. 3322 Boat 4-channel Remote Control Speedboat – Red I bought this thinking it would be a cheap way to try a boat. It is definitely a toy. But could still be fun.. Most of the rc stuff I have I got by watching your channel..

  7. I may or not got a RC thing without looking it up in the first place. I did, until I found this channel. This channel is awesome for weeding through the rubbish to find the gold.
    Get bought things, which all they've seen was the price, and it was tacky.

  8. Nice drone nate love the View pretty awesome

  9. Hey, awesome to see you guys out at the airfield again!😊👍Very nice review, as usual. Nate, love your sunglasses – lookin' sharp!😎 Take awesome care! 😊❤️👍JP

  10. YES! Thats why I'm here

  11. I always buy RS's just cause I wan't it never research it!

  12. i like this must be worth it only prob battery other than that nothing i dont think you could better it FOR the price look at the flight time and it recorded to sd card while flying ok i give this 10 out of 10 at this price cant be betterd 😃😃😃😃😃

  13. Awesome video but that thumbnail made my day 😂😁

  14. Awesome video but that thumbnail really made my day! 😆😂

  15. Hi guys, hmm a bit over priced this drone, I think people would be better of with the viseo shark drone for nearly half the price..

  16. It's OK for what it is. Most are nowadays. In reality it comes down to researching them and deciding which is best for you. I check everything through reviewers I trust like yourselves.
    Another good video, but I think the outlines in the thumbnails are getting a bit "old" now.
    Others may like them though

  17. Hi guys do you live near where there radiation plant or something because there is always an outline glow on products on the stills . Lol 🙂

  18. Hi Nate and Abby…oh and Amelia. lol. Ordering my new Sky King, they finally went on sale. I am proud to wear my Hat whenever I can. I have even had a couple people ask me about it. Yes sadly I have. I have taken a chance several times and got lucky. Nothing comes to mind where I opened the box and flipped out. Price pretty much determines quality. If you spend $60 dont expect a DJI Mavic. Wish has false advertising on most of their drones. I havent heard of too many guys buying from Wish. My suggestion to everyone is to buy extra batterys when you buy a drone. Just do it! Finding an extra battery can somtimes be a royal pain.

  19. Almost everything I bought I saw on your channel before I bought it. ⚓️ I Trust you guys⚓️

  20. so only patron ppl will get the rc stickers???

  21. This will be a bit long. First, I'll stick with the MJX toy grade camera drone I got (~62 bucks) after y'all's review video. The 'Cyclone' LOL. But it does the job, and I have hung it in the air and filmed myself driving trucks and stuff. And it is really fun when all my little grandkids are running around playing outside and they interact with the video. Usually by throwing sand at the drone. 🙂 Second, the first drone I ever bought was something called the X7. I had never had one and saw it at Wally World. I think it was 40 bucks. Then I bought a camera drone that was not very good at all. Then I started watching y'all and my drone life improved significantly. Finally, the Redcat Piranha TR10 is quite a bit quicker on LiPo. I bought a 2-pack of 5,200MAh, 2S, 80C ones (and a converter) for it. It's scary fast now.

  22. Noice!

    woohoo almost 170K !!!
    Plus i like that you've included the price in the title! So much easier to look for/sort the videos you want to put in a playlist.
    Also i'd like to point out that compared to trucks/buggy drones like this can be more advanced and a lot cheaper.

  23. I was flying my new drone the first day I got it in a park with super strong winds, and it was blown over the fence, into a busy street. It got turned around and I couldn’t see where it was. After fifteen minutes of struggle (and probably some people sitting in traffic thinking I was spying on them) I finally wrangled it in. Definitely won’t be flying in wind anymore 😉

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