com, and here we are at the end of 2021, and we went the entire year without an update on this one right here. The dji mini 2. because this actually came out in november of 2020 and the only other mini update that we saw this year was pretty much the mini s e. And if you guys, havent seen the video on the mini se, which is a little bit lower of a version of this one right here, the dji mini 2. Make sure you check out that video, above as well as down below in the video description now with 2022 right around the corner? Im assuming a lot of people like myself and you guys are going to be anticipating or hoping for something like the mini 3 or whatever theyre going to call that next version of it. I have no idea – and i just wanted to see what you guys were kind of thinking of what would be on the new mini im just going to call it the mini 3 for now, but i did put a little community tab. A little poll on my community tab asking you guys: what are you guys thinking or what would you guys want as an enhancement on the mini 2 that you would like to see on the mini 3.? Now i put a couple options on there, of course, because these are some of the things that id like to see, but also you guys added some of your comments down below so in this video.

I just want to quickly talk about some of the things that i think might be, or we might anticipate or hope that theyre gon na be on the next mini or mini three kind of based off of what we already have now on some of the newer Drones from dji and if youre new to my channel, my name is alden estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats something interesting, please consider subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified. When i post new videos and this video isnt sponsored by anyone, but i do want to give a shout out to grovemade – they actually sent me a bunch of office supplies and things for my monitors for my computers and theyre. Not paying me for anything to you know advertise for them, but i do want to get my shot out because i ive loved their stuff for a while now ive been following them for many many years, and i just love the aesthetic of their brand as a Designer im, just a big fan of like their logo type their branding, how they do their packaging. So shout out to grove made like i said: theyre, not sponsoring it. They just sent me some stuff, but i do want to give brands like that. A little shout out because if you guys are looking at possibly changing up your office space, they have a bunch of handcrafted type of accessories for your office.

So make sure you check those out ill leave their information down below in the video description and looking at the poll and the comments, the number one thing people hope or want to see on the mini 3 is going to be obstacle avoidance with, of course, things Like focus track, which includes all the active track indulgent flight modes, plenty of interest, things like that so number one thing it looks like everyone wants – is better optical avoidance or obstacle avoidance. You know at all so im, assuming that we might, if we can now that we have something new like the vision sensors on the mavic 3, that we can now possibly go away from these types of sensors here and even just include you know a couple of These vision, sensors here on the front now for what i know, of course, keeping it mini, is means trying to keep it under that 250 gram threshold. So, of course, all these upgrades that we want to do or like wish list stuff. We also have to take in consideration the weight that its going to add to the drone, so theres going to be a lot of give and takes on here. We know that theres not going to be youre not going to be able to compress all of this new tech into something thats only 250 grams. So certain things, of course, probably wont be able to make it over, but i think ideally obstacle avoidance just by adding possibly two of those vision.

Sensors here and we know we could probably get away with not having side or back or things like that. But at least give us the two, because i think the two would then allow us to have obstacle avoidance as far as moving forward, and it would allow us to now have something like active track or focus track on the mini. Three number two request is a larger sensor. We do have the one over 2.3 inch sensor that weve had on pretty much all of these smaller drones. We did get a bump up in sensor size here on the air 2, which is a half inch sensor and then, of course, an even bigger bump on the air 2s and then, of course, we have the 4 over 3 inch sensor on the mavic 3.. So when it comes to sensor size, i think the natural progression might be jumping over to at least something like this. The half inch sensor that we have on the air too, hopefully theyll – be able to bring that over, because i think dji is always looking for image quality first and, of course, for image quality. We also want or need to have, a little bit bigger of a camera a little bit bigger of a sensors. The third most requested thing is flight time and i think its not too bad. I mean youre getting 30 plus radio for 31 minutes, youre, probably getting a good 20 minutes up in the air.

With this, and i mean the drone itself – weighs nothing everything it is in the battery. So, of course, if you could squeeze out another two, three four minutes on the mini three, that would be great but of course, like i said, were still fighting that 250 gram mark as far as keeping it under there just because of regulations in certain areas. So whatever you guys can do to max out the battery to give us, maybe a couple more minutes would be great. Now when it comes to transmission, i think were all good aki singh 2.0, if well, probably bump that up to ocusync 3.. I think when it comes to dji drones, now the transmission isnt really an issue. I think the reliability that dji has built over the years of all their platforms is rock solid, so ocusync 2 im assuming it will just probably be the occu sync 3.. Well, probably get a little bit longer transmission but, of course flying something. Thats 250 grams miles and miles away is probably something youre not going to want to do. Anyways so im not too worried about what theyre going to do for the next version, whether talking scene, 2 itd be nice if its occasion three, and that way we could possibly use it for the rc pro remote control. Now this next request is something i actually put in there and im just kind of curious. If dji would do this by actually giving us multiple versions of the dji mini and what i mean by that is, could there possibly be a mini standard and a mini pro, which means possibly the mini pro, has more sensors or a bigger camera, and things like That that might push it over the 250 gram mark.

However, they they would still come out with a more enhanced version of the mini. You know mini 2, which would be a mini 3 standard which might have you know the half inch. You know camera having centered camera, maybe you know a couple sensors or some something along those lines. Bumped up battery, but im kind of curious is if dji would come out with something like a mini. You know mini three standard and then a mini 3 pro and the pro might just be a little bit more robust of a drone, but still probably be a little bit more than 250. Maybe 300 grams – and it probably has you know more sensors or things like that, so im kind of curious. If dji, let me know your guyss thoughts too, if they came out with a mini 3 standard which is under 250 and then a mini 3 pro, which is maybe slightly above 250, but has a couple more features on it. The last update well talk about is the ability to withstand wind a little bit. More now, of course, like i said, were kind of fighting the battle between weight and just what youre able to do in the air with that type of weight when its something so light its gon na get tossed around a little bit. The only thing i can think of would be, of course, if youre bumping up the battery would then to bump up. You know the motors to just be able to withstand the wind a little bit more, but i think same thing with the battery i feel like were kind of at that.

You know threshold of balancing of a balancing act of both weight and wind of how much youre able to actually achieve with something so light. I mean technically thats the reason why you would jump up to something like the air 2 air. 2S mavic. 3. If you are in a very windy environment, all the time youre going to want a heavier platform in general, just to be a little bit more stable in the air theres, definitely a lot of other things that we could talk about. As far as a wish list items for the mini three, but taking that weight into consideration, i want to hear from you guys what are some of those things that we might not have talked about here. That you would really like to see on the next mini three, as always guys, if you guys got some value from this video. A big like would be much appreciated. Also dont forget to subscribe hit that bell to be notified when i post new videos and if you guys arent part of the community, make sure you guys check that out check out the community tab. On my youtube page, i always post a bunch of updates on there, some behind the scenes stuff things im working on as well as polls like this. What do you guys want to see on these next versions of the dji products? This is also sassio with wishing you guys a happy and safe new year.

I will see you in 2022.