You might remember this little guy running 40 millimeter props. I believe they called this the hex nano baby, i think thats, what that called carry a naked gopro or something like that. Obviously, in this particular case, i am using the beta fpv smo. 4K. First time tell me what you think of this camera, but other than the camera that doesnt come with it, but you can buy a camera to include with your kid. If you choose to the link in the video description, flywheel has all sorts of different options for mounts and stuff like that. One thing i dont have is what theyre calling the spiderweb prop guards and ill show you that a picture here and obviously it has the spines on one side that kind of support the web so to speak on the other side, and that should provide you pretty Good prop protection, but i cant tell you much about it because i dont have it outside of those things. We need to do the rest of the specs and, of course we need to weigh it up, because if your sub 250 flyer might be important, the six motors are the 1203 4850 kv pro motors. Its got. The gem fan d51 five bladed props, so weve got a 16 by 16 flight stack down there with the goku hex f745, so its an f7 processor. It also features a barometer and black box and has seven complete serial ports and the esc is a 13 amp esc for six motors.

Obviously right up here. This is our dji or vista air unit light and it is naked. They have removed the heat sinks and they do not ship. Those to you. Mine is the express lrs edition, so i have my little receiver right down there and the antenna comes right down here. This was shipped from the factory like this, its glued in right there. It looks like the camera is the catx puller, which is a 60 frames per second camera, got a capacitor thats attached to the standoff back here. Battery lead is an xt30 and its really hard to see, but right down in there is a zip tie to secure that battery lead to the frame, which is always a good idea. Weve got these legs here. Obviously so you can bottom mount your battery and it will still sit flat, provided your battery isnt too big these long flat batteries. They all fit just fine and is the case in flywoo style. Weve always got plenty of leds on this little guy. You can see there on the top of the two of those motors. It doesnt sit very well on my little scale, so im going to weigh it up with this piece of cardboard on top, but you can see its zeroed out. Venom h20 in the dji or vista format is 133 and a quarter grams. I tried it with all these different batteries, but i think i prefer the 450 and the 550, but it doesnt sit flat with this 550.

So you have to go with the 520., with the gnb 4s 450. It weighs 185 and a quarter grams with the gnb 520 4s battery. It weighs 189.3 grams with that older gnb that doesnt allow it sit flat. It weighs 204, almost 205 grams, with a gnb 664s that weighs 196 and three quarter grams and we go all the way up to an 850 milliamp 4s gmb battery. It weighs 193.121 grams. So all these different batteries will get you under 250 grams. It comes with a motor direction card, which is pretty important to make sure you get your props on all correctly dont get them upside down. Support card two extra props: four extra zip ties, an extra silicone coated battery strap you get some extra nylon, standoff screws and some nuts and you do get a flower sticker were going to jump into a sample of the slow cruisy flight kind of what this is Designed for but dont worry, i got two other at least samples that im going to show you of a more aggressive flight with an external hd camera, as well as without the hd camera. Uh, do note that we have quite a bit of wind. I noticed that as the wind continued to now, you get those gusts. You know if the winds always not steady depending upon where the quads at maybe houses or trees are protecting it, but youll see different little bobbles uh when the wind starts to pick up around the quad or the quad gets into an area thats a little bit More windy winds were 12 to 17 miles an hour.

Of course, this is in town again, trees, houses, things of that nature that are helping to knock down at least some portion of that wind, and as we cruise around this is kind of its primary function. I think in its design and the reason for the hex would be to just be able to more efficiently carry a heavier load, so its not necessarily designed for faster flight, but astro flight is what i like to do most so were going to feature some of That, here on the channel, i dont think we have to watch all of the slow cruisy flight for you to get a good idea of what its like. Unfortunately, it is a fairly overcast day and youll see as we get into the backyard. Weve got some standing water, because weve had lots of almost daily storms that blew in for about 10 days. So during my first period of time. Flying this, which was trying to find a nice calm day for the slow cruisy flight, and then i did some flights with the faster flights, more aggressive flying with the smo 4k on top, and then i took the smo 4k off and then i finished up my Flights, this flight is with the gnb 450 milliamp battery, and surprisingly, i got three minutes and 44 seconds of total flight time with the hd camera on top. So, of course, you could fly a much larger capacity battery and get more flight time if thats what you wanted.

I wouldnt go above that 850, though, because i dont know if youll find a battery above 850 that is going to be flat, so you can land on those legs and i did find the legs to be durable. I have one pretty dramatic rash. I will show you, but i think, just putting that much load on a two inch prop, even with six motors its gon na, be asking a little bit much. I flew it once on the 850, its slow cruisy flying only otherwise youre, hitting the throttle way too hard. Okay lets move along lets, move into some of the faster flying, hopefully youve gotten enough of this cruisy sample out here in my windy street and around the backyard and whatnot to where you have a good feel for it again. This is without those prop guards. So i dont know how those prop guards are going to affect the flight characteristics. This is my faster, more lets say aggressive flight in the backyard, no external smo – 4k camera on there. So this would be a lighter flight style and i am flying the gnb 520 milliamp battery. I did weigh that in the initial quick specs that we went through there, so you had a good idea of my all at flying weight and it was hot this day. This particular flight, because this is the last set of my flights – that i did as i kind of worked through stepping through all the different flights um, you might notice.

My props sound a little bit weird its because i did have a few tumbles and crashes. So not all six of my props have perfect blades on all of them all those five blades on each prop uh thats a little bit unmanageable. But i thought, even with after having a few crashes, that we still had pretty good, solid, steady video in the goggles. This is what you see in the goggles if you buy the dji or the air unit, light version of this, and you can see a little bit of prop and you see a little bit of that camera protection. Camera protection you see mainly on the left hand side. I did press that on to make sure that i had it fully seated around the camera lens, but unfortunately we still see a touch of it. But again that can save us a little bit of pain. If we happen to clip something and get a little bit of camera protection – and we can see a touch of the prop on the far left just outside of that camera protection flying a hex is a little bit different. Ive heard some say it does. Yaw moves differently. I i havent really felt that what i felt was just the weight of a heavier micro. You know its not designed around this sort of flight style, but i like to kind of take it through its paces on this channel, and this is my preferred flight style, its a little bit of a challenge for me, but you can feel it kind of pull.

You, through the turn so when it comes to making really hard aggressive, turns its going to travel a little bit further in the direction you dont want to be going anymore because thats, why you turn, then you might experience with like say an ultralight micro or something Of that nature you can see here, and hopefully you can tell um how it handles the turn im doing a lot of little turns all along and you should be able to hear me uh punching the throttle, as i get into one of the sharper points in The turns – and i do a lot of pirouettes around the pillars on the new uh area, thats being constructed over there on that side of the house behind the garage still does pretty good punch outs. All things considered, you know pretty happy with that, although i will say that it does something weird when i would punch out from the chimney side of the house to the garage side of the house, and there was a fair bit of wind almost like the props. Refused to slow down, it must have been the wind direction it and it would propel you down towards the ground, unfortunately thats not in this flight. So i have to kind of stress that a little bit is that, depending upon your wind and if youre doing some sort of dive, you may find that the props speed up – oh yep, clip the post there thats one of those reasons why i didnt want to Show this flight, but you know that i somehow saved it didnt go down just a little clippage there uh, but thats pretty much the end of the flight as we come in again.

That flight is on the 520 milliamp gnb and it is three minutes and three seconds. Okay, here is another again uh, more aggressive sort of flight, but a much calmer day and ive got the goggle view down in the lower left hand corner of the screen. So we are looking at primarily the smo 4k image here, so you can get another chance to see if thats a camera that youre interested in it is from beta fpv uh, the flywheel venom can come with a gopro bones mount. You can get that as an option or the dji camera whats. It called the action 2. I think it is the new square camera that dji has. You can also get it with a naked gopro mount. So theyve got all your mounts covered of course over there and if you dont already have goggles supposedly they have goggles in stock and you can put together a kit, maybe by the radio there as well, but ill link that down in the video description. You can take a look at all the different options that they have for ordering, as well as the cost of the quad. There was a little hump there at the bottom, so were towing. Some extra weight were being a little bit more aggressive and i got a little lower than i wanted to, and then i hit the throttle a little bit harder and then so i got that little bit of hump instead of coming down nice and flat and smooth.

So, unfortunately, in a lot of this, in the primary square of the footage you can see were looking at the ground an awful lot. The smo 4k mount is stationary its not adjustable. So i tried to push the primary fpv camera angle up as much as i could in order to kind of press forward with flying it more aggressively with the external hd camera as well, but were looking at the ground an awful lot. I recognize that even in the fpv camera were looking at the ground a lot because im trying to push it so that i can give you a good sample of how it flies when you do have an external hd camera, presumably a naked or light hd camera. On it and youre flying it um in a more aggressive style that that provides you, some value say you only have one quad youre going after or youre starting out and youre. Considering this youll know it that it can fly slower as well as fly faster, at least how i am able to fly it slower and faster. Of course, there are much more talented pilots out there and there are people that go faster than i do and and have are much smoother on the sticks and also have a plethora of tricks in their bag, which i just dont. Have i dont do a lot of tricks. I fly right here in the backyard, as most of you know, oh, that that reverse uh uh, not power loop, but a dive where i went from the chimney side of the garage side of the house over the new constructed space.

Hopefully, you heard that you might want to go back and listen to that as i got nose down, it seems like the wind direction or something forced the props to spin up, so it actually propelled me down. So i had to pull out of that much quicker than i was expecting to something to notice, because i i saw that every time, because our wind direction is well yeah had a little bit of a close call that went right over my head lets. Take another look at that from the audio camera, its sitting actually right in front of me, youre, going to see it smack the table and then tumble off the edge and hit the cement down there. This was my most dramatic crash and i thought id give you a third person perspective on that, and it did start with me lit because i felt it go right over the top. My head, couldnt have missed me by more than a foot. Thankfully, if youll note i disarmed right away as soon as i get tangled up in the leaves branches. Whatever i disarm right away, thats something i talk about a lot: disarmed disarmed disarmed. I know five inch. Flyers tend to not disarm but im a micropilot. So i tend to disarm unless im really up high. Oh pretty good amount of flight footage there. Hopefully, if you got a full sample of everything that you were looking for a couple of things yeah its fine outside of having some props that are probably off pitch a little bit or maybe not quite perfect, it might sound a bit weird and you hopefully notice That i wanted to finish my thought about that dive.

When i go from the chimney side to the garage side, which is where that new construction is going on, it only happened going that way, and you you know you, you got a camera angle thats up here. So youre kind of actually, when you get the camera, pointed straight down: youre actually slightly inverted. But when i would do that, the wind or something it had to have been the wind, because you could hear the prop spin up and it would propel you down and thats, not something ive experienced much. So i cant blame that on a tune or anything like that, because you can do it the other way and it works just fine, just something to note that if youre out at a new place and youre flying this or something like this – and you have some Wind that, depending upon the direction, the quad might respond differently, just kind of something that caught me off guard something i didnt mention or cover much in the quick specs. They have these silicone coated battery straps. They look like the cheapo depot ones that i talk about on the channel, but with that coating that they put on them, theyre quite tough and you can actually really kind of hunker down. Still not my preferred kind of battery strap. But it is what is included with the quad, something else that flywheel has, and some of you who follow the channel have heard me say before they have a really sticky battery mat.

So if youre, looking for a super sticky battery, mat ive probably had 40 batteries on this thing during the course of my two plus weeks with it and taking batteries on and off, and this thing is still really sticky matter of fact. I wonder – and i might have done this in a video – tell me im going to stick my finger. Just my finger right to this mat go press it down yeah. That mat is pretty sticky. So if youre looking for a good battery mat, you might look at the flywheel, oh its coming off its coming, i can feel it come on its starting to there we go. Finally, so i talked about a touch. This is our tpu printed lens protection, its not unusual to find this stuff and if you were to center a tree or a branch, this provides you some protection, but its not going to guarantee its not like its carbon or anything, its really firm structure out there. Hopefully your camera survives, but you know thats kind of the best you can do with the ultra wide fpv view that we get out of a lot of our cameras nowadays is either to have it seated back and be looking at some carbon or some posts, or You do something like this. I was a little bit curious about these. I dont know you know what plastics theyre made out of, but you know they survived all my crashes and i didnt show them all mainly because i think the last crash that i had you know after id had weaker crashes.

That last crash was pretty dramatic and it did result in it falling onto the cement. Of course it wasnt a high fall, but the higher your fall is. You know the more risk there is to that, but a nice tidy job here on the build, but one of the things that i noticed i thought was pretty curious and maybe its because its a hex, let me get this strap out of the way. Is they only put motor tape or motor wire tape on the downward facing motors? All the others are just kind of freely out there. They dont move around much, but my preference would still be to have a thin strip of tape just like they did there around there as well just to keep those things down. So if you go tumbling through a tree that thats one less place that a twig might get stuck and make it really difficult to retrieve, of course you have these other gaps. As you look at the frame and its support structure that you know, a branch can get in and i think doing these little braces along the edge was a good idea to make sure that these arms stay firm as i wiggle it yeah its, not rock hard. I didnt think it was impacting the flight, but you know its its fairly flexible, of course, on the channel we have had far more flexible carbon, but they did use thicker, carbon and theyve got some nice touches on there.

You know flywheel likes to use leds. So if youre, a fan of leds youve got some of the top should be easy to see, say if youre in a parking garage doing some flying or chase scenes or something should be pretty easy, and i think one of the driving forces at this is trying To develop a small sin whoop, i think thats, the primary design focus on something like this. Of course, i dont have the spiderweb prop protection to show you. Unfortunately, i showed you the picture thats all ive got so i dont know how well thats constructed. I would presume its probably made out of the same material that they made these legs on, so its just something i wish i could cover for you and i could talk about a little bit more, but i just cant at this phase, but as you can see Its all very compact, so doing repairs is not going to be fun and one of the reasons why i didnt weigh it without the external camera on it is to get that you have to not only take off the top plate, but youve got to take the Vista or air unit light off the top plate and then youve got three screws one on the front two in the back with nuts on them that youve got to take off and then of course, youve got to reassemble by reversing all that, so its not going To be a quad that youre going to want to work on a whole lot, of course whoops are just about as bad.

You know because theyre down inside of a frame, you got to pull everything out and work on it there, but just something to be aware of that. If youre not wanting to have a camera, you know you dont want to order it with it, because i think if you do order it with a mount, they will assemble that mount on there, for you thats kind of a nice thing, if thats what you want, But if its not your primary driving force, maybe put in the order notes, you know dont secure them out to the frame, please you know just send them out along and maybe thats standard. I couldnt say i just know that mine came with this smo 4k mount something to note about the smo 4k, its not going to be easy to see, but its not i dont know if i have an early edition camera see how mine has this little nubbin Back here for mounting this mount, i had to take a flathead, screwdriver and well. I actually put it in from this side and pried the mount away from the camera, as i slid the camera in, so you can see right down in there how its its, not necessarily a real clean fit. Although it fits around this just fine and it fits around the front just fine that little part down there, just wasnt real clean of course, theyve got a lead out here for us, thats, probably wired down to a battery voltage, so make sure that your camera can Handle 4s battery voltages most of these nakeds and whatnot.

Can they also have a battery leads for the battery adapters? But i kind of you know with all this: going on, youd have to be real, careful about your routing. It would have to come up. You know in one of these gaps like back in here, so your battery be on the bottom and then they have these power. Adapter leads that go on the balance port and then you have to route it up to your camera, somehow so that that doesnt seem ideal to me, but im sure it can be done. Maybe you route it under here through the back underneath the back side of this camera and then you come up through and you come out this top hole and then underneath and around yeah thats doable. I guess something i didnt think about until i started talking myself through it here recording the video. I do hear some people raving about the flywheel motors from time to time, but take that with a grain of salt. You know ive of course, had a number of flywheel quads through there and sometimes somebodys, just a fan and theyll always post that they like these particular motors. But when it came to these micro motors, i thought these were particularly smooth, especially when you run them without the props off. Unfortunately, i dont have any video recording of that. So if youre a fan of the flywoo motors, especially this 1200 series or other motors that flywood might have in the micro arena, yeah leave a comment down below.

Let us all know what you think of the motors. Let us know what you think of their flight stacks and their quads thats, the flywheel venom h20 hexacopter hex oftentimes for short made to carry a external hd camera, and maybe do that slow cruisy flight. Of course, we did a little bit more of that in here. Let me know what you think of the quad down in the video description or excuse me down in the comment section below and let me know if youve flown a hex before and what other differences you might want to highlight for someone whos looking at a hex Because i think sometimes because its different thats, one of the appealing factors is that you just have a quad thats a little bit different than most of your other quads, because i think flywheel might be one of the very few companies making hexacopters at least micro hexacopters And right now i think this is only coming with the caddix air unit light or we oftentimes just say dji, but its only coming with this. So theres no analog option there, but they do have various receiver options that you can choose from crossfire fr sky express lrs, so ill put a link down in the video description to the flywheel website and any other website that might be carrying it. If you do have any comments, questions suggestions or otherwise, please, let me know in the comments section below i appreciate your time.