Today, we’re taking a look at a top of the line consumer camera drone from the industry leaders, dji it’s, the dji air 2s fly more combo, which is highly recommended. Let’S have a look at what’s inside the box. Okay, first up let’s have a look at what comes with the fly more combo, so first of all, this bag comes with it. We’Re going to open up the bag. I’Ll show you what comes with the standard air 2s set. We have, of course, your drone here. I’Ll just open that up Music. Okay, so here you have the air 2s drone get a quick look at that pretty lightweight battery’s already attached as well. Now this also comes with, of course, your controller very ergonomic light in your hand. Okay, so that’s the standard air 2s set now what’s extra in the fly more combo. This includes two extra intelligent flight batteries. I’Ll take these out for longer flight times, there’s your batteries and it comes with a battery charging hub, which is right here and there’s. A cable for that, ah there, it is also part of the battery charging hub. Also, it comes with a power bank adapter, providing longer flight time and a higher charging efficiency. It also comes with this shoulder bag. I just mentioned, and a set of handy nd filters. Let me dig those up: there’s a cable, those are nd filters. Ah, here we go now. This is really handy if you intend to be shooting in sunlight, which probably will be nd filters, of course, come with 4, 8, 16 and 32, and what you can do with these is actually, if you’re new to drones, you can actually just pop off this cover And very very easily: here we have the four stop: nd filter i’m, just going to put that on quick twist and you’re good to go and what that’s going to do is actually reduce, of course, the light getting into your lens to avoid over exposure.

Now, as we keep going here, i want to point this out these enable vivid images even with low iso values when you’re shooting time lapse, photography as well, and it comes with three spare pairs of low noise. Propellers we’ve got those stashed right up here in the top of our bag, so here are all the extra propellers and other accessories that the flymore combo will come with. I’Ll just lay these out here, all right there you have it lots of handy accessories uh. For me, i think the highlight of this is, of course, the extra batteries extra battery life very, very important, especially if you’re way out there in the wilderness. Looking to do some drone flying. You really don’t want to run out of battery power and have to head back to your vehicle to recharge, so here’s a look at what comes included with the flymore combo for a small additional cost. The dji air 2s fly more combo includes. Some must have accessories that will make flying easier and more enjoyable. Okay, let’s get into the specs of the drone itself, if you’re already familiar with the dji air 2 and want to skip straight to the list of upgrades in the air. 2S let’s start with the image quality. The air 2s features a 1 inch cmos 20 mp sensor, that’s an upgrade over the half inch 12 mp sensor of the air 2. it’s, a big upgrade. A camera sensor dictates how much light can be processed with bigger sensors and bigger pixels capturing more image information and producing a better quality picture.

The air 2s captures more information from the highlights mid tones and shadows of your image, which is especially important when you’re dealing with very bright highlights on sunny days or when you’re shooting in low light in the evening. If you like to shoot in darker environments, the upgraded sensor will allow you to shoot at a lower iso making for a sharper image with less noise beyond its improved sensor and low light capabilities. The air 2s is also capable of shooting 5.4 k at 30 frames per second and 4k at 60 frames per second, with its 20 millimeter wide angle lens. It has improved exposure, sensitivity and dynamic range, capturing still images up to 12.6 stops in raw. To give you all kinds of photo editing options in post processing, while we’re talking about post its 10 bit d log m color profile, can record up to 1 billion colors, while retaining all the little details. If you’re someone who likes to color grade in post. This is a key feature, as your image will have all sorts of information with you to work with in terms of its video codec. Video is captured as h.265 at 150 mbps that’s a higher quality video file than dji’s other drones with the air 2, for example. Coming in at just 120 mbps once your drone is up in the air, it has all of the great modern automation features. We’Ve come to expect from dji. The air 2s’s focus tracking settings include spotlight 2.

0, active track 4.0 and point of interest 3.0, allowing the air 2s to follow a circle around your object with just a few taps of the finger, but where the air 2s has really outdone itself is with a new Feature called master shots it’s, not only intelligent tracking master. Shots will have the drone automatically find and shoot a collection of amazing angles and movements based on its predesigned templates master. Shots is similar to quick shots which can be found on the previous dji models. The difference is that quickshots prepares just one automatic flight route master shots can send your drone on a long list of automatic flight routes from 20 available templates designed by professionals capturing sequence, after sequence of great footage automatically. You can even automate the editing process with prepackaged filters, music and transitions, super cinematic shot sequences and even a polished edited video are just a tap away if you’re looking to get a little more manual. However, pro mode has all the adjustable settings you’ll want. You can tinker with shutter color temperature and a variety of other customizable options, so on top of the better camera sensor and the master shot system i just mentioned. You’Ll, also find there’s improved obstacle avoidance due to the upward facing dual vision. Sensors you’ll find here now in terms of its range: it has 7.5 miles of video transmission range that’s if it’s, unobstructed and free of interference and if you’re in the us that is fcc compliant for weight.

Its compact body weighs less than 21 ounces. So that’s a look at the dji air 2s drone fly more combo it’s available now at, while the air 2 is a fine drone on its own right, if you’re deciding between the air 2 and the air 2s. Here the upgrades offered in the air 2s are definitely worth considering and i think they’re worth the difference in price. This is a top of the line drone with amazing picture quality, that’s really going to push what’s possible, at least until the next dji installment arrives, check out the product link below and head over to, to find deals on laptops, hardware and accessories on behalf of Everyone here at newegg now i’m james oliver, enjoy your tech and i’ll, see you in the next one hi i’m james and welcome back to new egg. Now, if you’ve ever had that dream, where you’re flying just soaring through the clouds as free as a bird and you didn’t, want to wake up well, you can own that feeling, and it comes in a combo pack today, we’ll be looking at the immersive full flight. First person, experience of the dji fpv drone combo, so fpv, as you probably already know, stands for first person view and that’s thanks to the dji fpv goggles, that the drone comes with compared to most camera drones. Fpv drones typically allowed for much higher speeds and limitless maneuvering capabilities with no angle limits on any of the axes.

Because of this fpv drones have typically required a much higher level of skill to fly so right off the bat. I want to be clear that this type of drone isn’t for everyone, it doesn’t feature tip top specs for photo and video. Although the video settings, such as 4k 60 frames per second at up to 120 mbps and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second, do yield some pretty nice results, it does not have great dynamic range and there’s no active tracking, much less. The automatic tracking features of say the air 2s drone. Obviously, the key feature here has to be the first person viewing experience and the adjustable goggles, which offer a very high quality hd image to feast your eyes upon you’ll, see what the drone sees as clear as day with low latency. As you experience the thrilling sensation of smooth flying the goggles feature, dji’s fpv super wide 150 degree field of view, giving you an ultra smooth, real time view of your flight. If you’re new to fpv drones, dji, has you covered with three unique intuitive flight modes adjustable here on the remote control which will allow you to fly straight from day one. The first mode here end mode is great for new users offering immersive flight with traditional drone flight controls and handy dji. Safety features like obstacle, sensing with forward and downward vision sensors. However, there is no automatic avoidance function. I want to make that clear when obstacles are detected, the aircraft will slow down, but will not stop completely unless controlled by the pilot.

So you need to be paying attention. The brand new s mode will give you the dynamic look of fpv footage easily. This hybrid flight mode combines the freedom of flying manually with the simplified controls of the previous dji drones. Lastly, we have m mode at the bottom m mode will give you total control and the full fpv flight experience, customize your parameters to enjoy, recording and flying on. Your own terms, this mode will also let you blast off from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in only two seconds for safety features there’s the auxiliary bottom light on the drone to make sure it is visible at night. It also has smart return to home and low battery return to home. Also, it also has an emergency brake and hover feature simply press this button on the remote controller, while flying in any mode at any speed and the aircraft will stop and hover stably. Within a few seconds, transmission distance is pretty solid thanks to ocusync 3.0 transmission system, clear signals up to 6.2 miles and auto switching between 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz frequencies, with a video transmission bit rate of up to 50 mbps. Finally, it has some cool led front lights. On the drone and aircraft arm lights, ah, you can see those down here which will make it very visible. Indeed, also these have customizable colors to make your drone stand out from the rest, especially handy if you are going to use this for sport, if you’re going to be racing against other drones, so this drone is being sold in a drone, combo pack, which includes, of Course, the fpv drone goggles and a standard ergonomic controller with many of these useful accessories.

You have a charger for the goggles charger for the drone’s battery as well, but there’s something else that comes with the combo pack. That will give you a new kind of flight experience. We’Re talking about the dji motion controller, which is sold separately. This compact device allows the aircraft to maneuver based, on your natural hand, motions delivering an ultra intuitive experience and allowing even beginners to maneuver like seasoned fpv pilots. This isn’t, just an fpv innovation, it’s an entirely new way to fly your drone so that’s. Our look at the dji fpv drone combo, if you’re ready to experience first person flying this drone is a very good place to start. But i highly recommend you use the dji virtual flight app to practice flying in life like simulated scenarios before actually taking off in the real world check out the product link in the description below and if you’re interested in keyboards laptops, gaming accessories and other gadgets head Over to for more great deals on behalf of everyone here at newegg now, i’m james oliver enjoy your tech and i’ll, see you in the next one hi i’m james and welcome back to newegg. Now drone technology has come a long way and the dji mini 2. Drone is a perfect example of some of the great strides that have been made, both in terms of size and convenience. The mini 2 is less than 250 grams and fits in the palm of your hand.

It’S compact it’s convenient you can take it anywhere and have it up in the sky in no time so, first off let’s get into the drone specs and then i’ll talk to you a little bit more about the fly more combo pack and what comes inside. Okay. First, up let’s have a look inside the fly more combo, shoulder bag and i’m going to take the mini two drone out to give you a closer look: we’ll just open that up there we go okay, there’s, the drone itself. It really does fit in the palm of your hand. Comes with the remote controller here, nice ergonomic design, good grip, the mini 2 comes equipped with a 3 axis gimbal for its camera, ensuring very smooth video image quality from its 4k 12 megapixel camera. It shoots at 4k at 30 frames per second and also has a decent four times digital zoom, to let you get closer to your subject without sacrificing too much picture quality if you’re taking on nature with this drone and braving the elements to get your perfect shot. The mini 2 can also resist wind speeds of 8 and a half all the way up to ten and a half miles per second, and if you find yourself high up in the mountain tops, it can take off at a maximum altitude of four thousand meters. In terms of transmission distance, the drones built in ocusync 2.0 video transmission technology allows it to adjust automatically between two different frequencies, which extends the mini 2’s max transmission distance to 6.

2 miles with the dji fly. App it’s really easy to use. The quick shots function can automatically record and shoot 4k videos with just a few taps of your finger. This also includes droney, helix rocket and more features. The app also features intelligent built in photo optimization. It will automatically enhance image quality after downloading a photo resulting in vivid colors and details that really pop when the mini 2 drone is close to your smartphone. The dji fly app will automatically recognize and connect it to the drone, synchronizing selected photos and videos at 20. Megabytes per second, with trimmed download function. You can easily cut out a segment of your footage to edit and download whether you’re, a beginner or a more experienced flyer. The dji fly app, helps you produce impressive results, complete with soundtracks and filters ready to go. Some other features are smart return to home, tap, to take off and precise hovering, which ensure operation is very user friendly and safer than ever. Now. A drawback is the mini. 2 only has downward facing obstacle sensors, so it doesn’t have automatic obstacle avoidance either. You will need to keep that in mind when you pilot this drone. Okay, we are talking about the fly more combo, so what’s the difference what’s in the combo set your standard mini 2 set comes with the drone itself. Some spare propeller blades here and the remote controller, the flymore combo, also includes this handy shoulder mount bag.

It comes with some more spare pieces. These are some more propeller blades and this charger hub for your batteries, along with two more batteries to extend your flight time. So this is actually significantly cheaper if you buy this as the flymore combo set than purchasing the drone and these other accessories separately from dji. So what do you think about the dji mini 2 drone fly more combo? Are you sold on an affordable compact, 4k drone, or are you holding out for something a little bigger and a little more high end? Let us know in the comments down below shop for this drone by checking out the product link below as well and if you’re interested in keyboards laptops, gaming accessories and other great gadgets head over to for more deals on behalf of everyone here at newegg. Now i’m james oliver enjoy your tech and i’ll, see you in the next one hi i’m james and welcome back to newegg. Now a big part of producing attractive. Looking video in today’s run and gun, shooting style is avoiding camera shake and maintain a nice smooth image. This look can be achieved by using a gimbal that’s, a device with motors and sensors that allows your camera to rotate along an axis and will compensate for any unwanted camera. Shake a gimbal will keep your camera stable, while you tilt it and pan it side to side giving you that fluid and floating feeling that traditionally required some much bigger hardware like a steadicam to achieve so with all that in mind today, we’ll take a look.

A closer look at one of dgi’s popular gimbal entries: this is the dji om4 stabilizer. First up let’s set the scene for this product line back in 2019, dji released the osmo mobile 3. that’s, the om3 stabilizer, which, along with good overall quality, introduced a nice foldable feature that allowed it to be very compact, light and portable. The latest 2020 launched dji om4, looks and feels similar and shares all of the om3 strengths, including its foldable design. Of course, it still offers great image. Stabilization too. Even after adding an external lens, the dji om 4 is powerful. 3 axis motor will keep your smartphone steady and your video smooth, okay let’s, have a look at what’s inside the box. So the first thing we see actually, when we open this up, it says create magnetic moments more on that in just a minute. So this comes with okay, that is the magnetic key ring we’ll get to that here’s, the actual stabilizer itself, and you can see it’s folded up nicely. Okay, and this actually comes with a tripod. The om3 did not come stock equipped with the tripod, so that’s cool. What really sets the om4, apart from its predecessor, the om3, is the addition of a new key feature: that’s the magnetic mount on the gimbal arm. If you’ve ever used this kind of camera stabilizer before you know that before you can shoot anything with it, you need to calibrate it and balance your phone or camera.

It takes a bit of time for the gimbal to find the right settings for the weight of your phone and will make its calculations using its app. The problem is: every time you take your phone off of the gimbal, to check your footage or make adjustments. You traditionally, then need to recalibrate it and spend time repeating this process. Now. The magnetic quick release, design of the phone clamp and the magnetic ring holder solve this by ensuring that when you reattach your phone to the gimbal, it will be reattached in exactly the same position and work with the previous calibration settings. So let me show you what that means. First of all, if we look at the magnetic clamp, this looks very similar to the om3 right, but this actually comes off and will allow you to clamp it onto your phone. So the magnetic quick release, design of the phone clamp and the magnetic ring holder both ensure that when you reattach your phone to the gimbal, it will be reattached in exactly the same position. So first let’s have a look at the magnetic clamp, i’ve actually attached. This onto the back of my smartphone very easily, it just grabs on put it just about in the center. So imagine this has already been calibrated. I take my phone off i play with it. I make adjustments and i want to put it back on all. I need to do is line this up like so, and it has reattached exactly the same position, meaning i won’t need to recalibrate it that’s pretty convenient.

We actually don’t need to use the clamp because there’s another feature i mentioned. The key ring and i’ll show you what that means: let’s take the clamp off now. If you can have a look at this little thing. This is the magnetic key ring. The dji has added to this om4 update. So this comes with not sure if you can see that, but these are specifications for how to attach it to stick it onto the back of your smartphone and make sure it is dead in the center. So what you can do here? This has a sticky back side and you can actually stick that onto the back of your smartphone, where it will stay forever and from there you won’t need to use the clamp. You can actually directly attach your phone to your stabilizer and the om4 will once again remember your calibration settings. So if you’re, the type of person like a vlogger who is going around and shooting a lot of run and gun fast action videos, this is really actually a handy feature. Now you may not want to have this metallic key ring stuck on the back of your daily use or work phone, but if you do have a phone that’s dedicated to vlogging, this actually makes a lot of sense. Okay, so we’ve talked about the clamp. We talked about the magnetic key ring holder. It makes things just faster, so you’re not going to miss any key moments when you’re out shooting.

Now i want to point this out. This is super lightweight, but it does have a really tight grip, it’s, going to ensure that your phone stays securely fastened to the stabilizer that’s, not going to fall off and, as i just mentioned, you can attach this magnetic ring holder right to the back. Your phone and it also doubles as a kickstand. You see this actually folds out and you can use it to stand up your phone as well that’s, pretty cool additional feature, so this whole thing makes the process of going out and shooting all the more faster meaning. Again, you won’t have to recalibrate now in terms of the smartphone weight that the om4 can carry. It can handle even the larger smartphones on the market upwards of 290 grams in size getting into the software and settings it’s all run through the dji memo app. If you’re, a dji user you’ll be pretty familiar with this already you’ll have some options to edit on the app as well, while it’s, not the best app in the world. They’Re, making steady improvements to it with each version getting a little bit better and it definitely does the job so in terms of other features. Looking at software active track, 3.0 makes tracking your shooting subjects easier than ever. This 3.0 version recognizes adults, children and even pets with higher accuracy, and you can also fine tune your image composition by using the joystick. You can also choose story mode for access to some quick and easy pre made creative templates to pull off cool, shot ideas right out of the box.

This includes the hitchcock effect and dyna zoom, which creates a kind of push and pull zoom effect while i’m. Not personally a big fan of these effects in my videos, the stabilizer does recreate them reasonably well and it’s. Something you’ll probably want to try out there’s. Also, the clone me feature which allows you to shoot, pause and reposition yourself in the frame to stage a conversation with yourself or play your own evil twin in your next video. Finally, selfies group photos and shooting videos can all be done. Hands free just attach the tripod jump into your app you’ll, be able to remotely control the om4 stabilizer with just a gesture, making it a great tool for the one person production team. So before we sign off on the om4, i know some of you guys are thinking well, what are really the differences between this and the om3? The om3 is more affordable. Maybe you already have it? Is it worth an upgrade? Let’S, do a head to head unboxing to show you once again what the differences are and, to be honest, there aren’t many. We have an om3 right here, i’ll break it out of the box. Comes with this. I love this case. Okay, so this is the classic. The om3 a great stabilizer in its own right, key differences. Well, i mean body wise they’re, almost exactly the same different colors. Of course, we’ve got kind of the light gray versus the dark gray.

Here now this has a fixed holder. Okay, i think that’s really the main difference the fix holder here, but if you’re someone who really wants to save time when you’re out shooting, we mentioned the need to recalibrate with a fixed holder, you don’t need to do that with the magnetic clamp or the magnetic Ring so that’s really the key difference here now, if you buy the om3 in a combo pack, it also comes with a tripod. Of course. The om4 same deal comes with the tripod in the combo pack as well in terms of the app functionality with these stabilizers it’s, exactly the same it’s the dji memo app. So it has gesture control, active track, 3 hyperlapse panorama, slow motion and so on. The appearance virtually identical, the app is identical, so it really just comes down to do you think this magnetic feature is worth the money that’s up to you. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below so whether you’re a full time. Vlogger or just a hobbyist, a compact and reliable gimbal is a great tool to have for more on this check out the product link down below and if you’re interested in keyboards laptops, gaming accessories and other gadgets head over to for more great deals.