They are awesome for those fall nights. When you watch your kids play outdoor soccer on the field after a nice rainstorm, they work perfectly on those days youre out taking care of your animals with no need to worry about wet socks or feet. They are so comfortable and extremely lightweight, which is great for commuting to work or when youre out running your errands. They have an antibacterial insole that keeps things fresh. While the cloud like cushioning keeps them comfy, they are made from a dual climate, knit material called dimetex which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and they dont even feel waterproof. They recently launched the everyday move shoe which was designed for those looking to take their activities and exploring up a notch. They have enhanced breathability all day, comfort and added support. This style is perfect for the days youre feeling adventurous and looking for a sportier look. Besties are my go to shoes, click the link in the description box to get 25 off your bestie shoes, Music, Music, so Music. After an all night rainstorm. I woke up to our house in the clouds, which is always fun, and i thought to myself. This is a great opportunity to fly the brand new dji fpv drone that ive literally had for like five days. This is my second time flying. It. Ive had the dji mavic pro for the last probably three years, and i upgraded that drone and, as i went to get some awesome footage of the tops of the maple trees.

I stuck the drone right in the side of one of the trees up here on the hill and its probably 30 feet up off the ground. Theres no way i can put a ladder up to it safely, theres no way i can climb the tree safely and it happens to be one of these trees. It really bums me out to think that im going to have to cut this tree down to get uh the drone out of the tree, but im not leaving that drone up there and im also really concerned that falling the tree is gon na do more damage. Obviously, theres a possibility, its gon na do more damage than if i could just somehow climb up there and get it ive considered. Calling one of my good friends who has a bucket truck that could potentially lift me up there if it was on flat ground, but because weve had so much rain and weve got more rain coming. I dont have any other options either. I leave the drone up in the tree or i cut the tree down and im going to cut the tree down, but the other problem is my good. Chainsaw is up at the little cabin, so ive got to fire up. My chainsaw thats been sitting for the last two years and hope that its going to perform Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, um, Music, so um Music, so uh Music, probably an 80 year old tree a really healthy tree.

On top of that, really quite a bummer that i had to cut that down. If nothing else now im gon na buck it up into usable wood, theres some straight pieces in that trunk that i may actually try to mill into something usable, but the most of that tree im just going to turn into firewood over the last six years. Ive literally cut down thousands of these maple trees here on our homestead Music. These trees have been designated invasive. Ive talked about this many times before, but the trees slowly kill each other. If theyre left alone, the trees that i deliberately left behind have opened up and grown much more since the other trees were removed, but having to cut down an 80 year old, healthy maple tree, really bummed me out at this point on our homestead. I tried desperately not to touch any of these big, healthy trees. I still have over 35 acres that i have to work through and slowly thin out, but i hope to not ever have to cut down one of these big trees again. Had i hit one of the other trees to the right or to the left of this particular tree, i would not have felt as bad, because those particular trees were not anywhere near as big or healthy, as this tree was so thats. What i ended up with probably a weeks worth of firewood and a whole lot of brush. I get to burn in the spring, but if i leave this stump here, the stump will send up shoots and a new maple tree will grow in place but again to replace that tree im.

Looking at every bit of 80 years, it wont happen in my lifetime, as i thinned out these trees. I was very picky about the trees that i left now that were a few years down the road. Some of these trees are dying. You can see a couple of them that i think that one got scorched when i was burning a pile next to it, so ill have to cut that down. So what my wife and i have decided we will do – is start planting back uh, more maple trees and try and keep them about 20 to 30 feet. Apart now, im gon na go see whats up with the drone. Okay, this is what it looked like after i got it off the ground that blades no good. This blade actually came out and its just dirty im gon na go inside and clean it up, and i believe the combo kit that i bought came with a new set of blades. So im going to change the blades out, get the battery charged and see. If i can fly it, i changed all four blades out it came with a set of replacement. Blades two of them were damaged, but i didnt want to take any chances. So i went ahead and changed all four of them out. Everything is now charged its time to see if there was any other issues im a little bit concerned about the camera, but i think its good to go.

Music dont, Music do Music, so Music, Music, Music. This is my third dji drone. I had the phantom originally, then the the mavic pro and now the fpv and the one thing i can say about all of them is: i crashed all of them and theyre all real, durable drones. I will order a set of blades just to keep on hand and, as i learned to fly that thing hopefully ill, avoid doing anything like that ever again, because thats, a real bummer that i had to cut that tree down.