Video and today, we’ll be looking at the new dji mini 2 fly more combo from dji and my first ever drone. So first let’s have a look what’s inside the box. The dji fly more combo comes with a shoulder bag, usb charger charger for the batteries; two extra batteries, spare control, stick usb c and micro, usb three extra propellers, remote control and the actual drone. So one thing i want to highlight here is this: it specifically says 249 grams, so meaning you don’t have to register your drone to faa. You don’t have to give them any of your personal information. You don’t have to put any registration to the drone. So, basically, it just gives you more freedom when you’re flying a drone. However, all other regulations still do apply to any drones that weighs less than 250 grams if it’s, 250 grams or more than it is considered as a commercial drone Music, now here’s a closer look of the mavic mini 2.. All i can say it’s, it’s, really tiny. In the light for comparison, here’s, the mini 2 and here’s, the iphone 11. – imagine how small it is so right here in the front is a 4k gimbal camera. It has 24 30 and 60 frames per second and right here at the back. This is where the battery is just open. It up like this, and this is the micro sd slot, and this is the usb port so for the controller it’s, pretty straightforward, it’s, almost like you’re, just holding a playstation controller right here on the top.

This is where you’re gon na put your phone. Basically, this is the antenna of the controller, and the cable is right here inside and by default. The cable of the dji controller is for iphones, so that’s. Why there’s an extra cable for android points as well? Music? All right so now for the flight test portion of this video. I have my cousin here who has been flying the mavic air 2 for quite some time now. If you have watched my previous video all our drone, shots are taken by his mavic air 2.. Basically, we’re going to do some comparison. The quality and capabilities of these two drones is the miniature worth five hundred dollars, or should i upgrade to a one thousand dollar drone let’s find out Music, my Music um, Music, Music, uh Music do Music, so obviously there’s a huge difference on the quality of the Video but it’s, not bad it’s, actually very good if you’re, just a hobbyist or just a sinful vlogger, i don’t think you need that much quality of the mavic air too. The footage of the mini 2 is already impressive enough for like travel, vlogging or whatever you’re doing, but if you’re planning to make like more professional shots, i would definitely recommend the mavic air too. Otherwise, for me, the mini, you is the best beginner drone out there.