We are back in dhaka. Finally, so uh, when we were in borishall what happened to you, we dropped the drone in water. Yes, that was a fun experience. If you dont know about it, you can check out our video. We linked it somewhere around here, you can, you can keep it a bit in the sun. If not no wait. I have to clean the rice out of it. First, take it away theres some buds here: can you put it somewhere else? Please, okay and be careful of the cable cable. We have to be very careful though, but i have it its doing something you needed to blow dry it right. That was the problem: Music, oh wow, oh my god, its working, oh yay! Oh my, oh god. Okay! Dont, get it any higher cables and now were going with the drone to go fix it because i saw on the internet the guy. His name is the dawn doctor and supposedly he is the best uh drone fixer around daca. So we are gon na check it out and see. I dont know if he can fix it or not, and we already have a crowd here. Yes, and we already have a clone hello and the cloud is dissipating. Okay, lets go and fix the drone, and hopefully it will fly again. This is our drone and its gon na be repaired very, very slowly, so very happy to be here. Im. Sorry whats your name imon, okay, so were here with emon and he is trying to make our drone work perfectly im super excited.

Finally, you can see the water water damage indicator and this is three damage. Yes, this needs to be cleaned. This was stuck in the water like, and he was like very very amazed, so this is still working after repairing three four hundred dollars. Do you realize how lucky you are Music disassembled now with our drone doctor its here of these conditions? Spr works never find because you uh esc yeah. I see, i see esc the electronic speed controller yeah see yeah was the situation, but after wash it became like this plane. Yes was so how did fungus get there without any spare damage thumbs? Up to our drone doctor Laughter its like new, yes, nice and clean and no more green stuff here. What about the other battery that was in the water? I never tested it miracle of time we have. We received hallelujah and the best drone guy in the country. In bangladesh, its big Music and its hot Music, indonesia, its very good, its way different than what we tasted in odaka, for example. Yes, its way better than that one, its like a totally different dish: Music, raja, yes, sure, Music. Okay, so you see, i see them, of course, and this is the type of tea theyre having menu loud: okay, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, hmm, Music, perfect, very nice very elegant. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you! So much Music. Do you like it better than other teeth, its different, its nice yeah? What about like with the eight layer thing? I told you that was a rip off.

I mean it looks nice, but it tastes like water. No, not this one other one. This one is good. Yes, i approved Music looks like the guy was nice enough and he cleaned our drone very well, and we recommend his services to all the people of bangladesh and, of course, because its in dakar, who have a drone and who wants to clean it up, you should Go to the drone doctor, he will hook you up and he will clean all your drones and all your other things and fix it and i know replace it and exchange parts hes very good on it. So yeah now were in this bazaar area and somehow we have to find our way back home, its getting crowded so its time to say goodbye. Thank you guys for watching, see you in the next.