Hopefully, everything goes to plan. This was a lot of work to set up, and i really really hope you guys like this. It is kid friendly. So if you have any kids that, like this type of type of stuff, this would be totally fine for them. So here we have 50 robot vacuums just 50, all in this one area and were going to have them all go at the same exact time and above them we have 10 confetti balloons that ill be popping randomly throughout this video, so should be a cool spectacle. Each one has a ton of confetti so when it explodes it will pop and get all over this room. Therefore, making a mess for 50 robot vacuums to clean up so ive been thinking about this idea for quite a while. It just took so much time to set up so id really really love, if you guys could like this video and subscribe. If you like this, it would really help me out, and i would really appreciate it and love for you to join this channel heres. Another view from the top – this would be mainly the view youll see and, like i said, randomly throughout this video ill, be using certain items to pop these balloons, and it will lower confetti all over this place, probably on top of the robots it might even get Into these lighter systems, so hopefully i dont ruin any of my robots but whats the point of having 50 of them.

You cant have fun with them right guys, alright guys. So once again, this took a very very, very long time to set up. All of them should be charged and im gon na in a minute just hit go on all of them. They all should go and bump into each other and just drive all over this area, and then they will have a nice mess to clean up as we get through this video. So i think im gon na have two versions of this one, where i kind of speed all this up and then ill put another version down in the description where its going to be the full video – and i just hope everything goes as planned, because i really Only have one shot at making this work, because if some of these work and some dont and the batteries get low on some and the others are high, its just a pain to get this many to cooperate so lets have some fun. Let me know in the comments, if you like this idea before we get started and, like i said im just going to hit, go on all of them. Hopefully they all go im im highly doubting that all 50 are just going to work perfectly. So you might see a couple just sit there. Possibly i dont know, but uh lets get started. Hopefully you guys enjoy this video all right guys how you all doing so. This video is very tough to edit because theres so many different clips and stuff.

I want to show you guys so in about a second now youre, going to see a real, quick minute and a half kind of time lapse of the entire cleaning job. Then, right after this time lapse, you can see at a normal speed where all the cool things happen. Lets just say not everything went as planned. Definitely, some mistakes, some some problems and not every robot was functioning right, but overall still a pretty cool job. I think, and hopefully you guys will enjoy the rest of this video please like and subscribe. It really does help me out and can you say, drone failure enjoy. So here is one of the problems i used or was planning to use a little bb pellet gun to shoot these balloons and the pellet went through so fast that it just made a quick hole in it, and this is the air escaping it. So i had to think quickly and youll see in just a little bit what i used to pop a few of the other balloons. A couple of the balloons did pop perfectly fine with the pelican um, but then i had to switch over to something different and i went good at first and then youll see it. Kinda kinda went kinda, crazy, so Music, so Music, Music, so yeah here, as you can see, the the drone hit one of the lines and it is completely entangled. One of the propellers was not spinning anymore, but the other three were going crazy and there was no power off button that i could find.

So i was kind of panicking here. I didnt really know what to do, and then it started going crazy and i caught on to another line from a different balloon that eventually it gets all the way over to the light switch line and all three are tangled on three different props and uh yeah. It was pretty crazy. I really wish the camera was a little bit higher and you guys could see it because it was swinging like crazy, which you can kind of see there but yeah just one of the things that happens when you do these crazy tests. Nothing ever ever goes as planned, but does definitely make for a more interesting video. If you ask me Music and then here theres, so many so much commotion going on that it ripped up part of my uh trim to separate the carpets and uh yeah. This was a crazy test. It was fun, though, hopefully you guys are enjoying this all right. We have round two for the drone theres one more balloon left in the back that, unfortunately, you cant see im gon na go pop that fly the drone around and kind of spread all the confetti around. So the robots can clean it up better, and then i try to land on one of the robots just for fun and well lets just say i missed so so Music, so all right guys so im trying to land it on this silver chopped vacuum a little Bit harder when its moving and in my defense, this drone is uh, not the best drone, but uh yeah.

The vacuums got a little bit tired of them flying overhead and they decide to take it out so pretty funny. And if he asked me, i definitely didnt plan for that and the vacuums just kind of have their way with it for a little bit and then i think i get it to take off one more time after they beat it up and uh yeah. It fails again, sorry what can you do so all right everybody thanks for watching that. I really really hope you guys enjoyed it. Obviously, this is just for fun uh. This is only 50 of my 70 plus robot vacuum. So if theres anything crazier, you want to see. Definitely let me know down in the comments. Also, these guys ran for about an hour and 20 to hour and 30 minutes total. Let me know if you guys want me to upload the full video thats uncut and you guys can watch it from beginning to end, along with all the mistakes that were made and uh yeah. It was fun to do a lot of work, but i like doing these types of videos for you guys so before you leave. Please do me that favor like and subscribe share. If you want and definitely leave a comment below with any ideas you might have or any tests you want to see with any of these robot vacuums ill try to make that happen. For you guys thanks so much for watching again and yalls.