We are set for another flight with eachine e520s last time it was very cold. I dont know if the cold caused the issues with the camera. It was focusing well to the near field, but not to the far field, so i would like to try it again. Today is a good day for flying. The wind is only one mile per hour and its all cold, but not too bad the lighting. It is okay, its gray. I have everything set up so first, i would like to do the range testing. It is showing a good gps reception. There are 14 right now thats connected to so lets, take off and see how it does. But first let me start by starting the video using the transmitter here and it looks like it is: recording to the card. So lets start the motors and lets take it up a little bit and l4 and im just going to check just want to make sure that we are above the tree line. Lets put it to highest speed, two beeps three beeps and lets fly out towards the lake over there. The pond and lets see how far its going to go. The distance is showing in feet. It is still, in my view, just flying over. There keeps going uh. The video is getting all choppy, okay, its stopped, i think its kind of like a geofencing. It is uh its showing the distance 204 feet out the altitude at about 40 feet.

So it looks like it is still good im going to rotate it around im. Just checking from the fpv as well as so its facing towards us im going to come back its coming back towards us. I mean i wouldnt go any further with this kind of drone, its inexpensive gps drone and i think its good enough in terms of the range because it was a spec in the sky. And now i can see its lights as well. Bring it down and lets test other things im going to set it now to low speed, so the banking is not as drastic, so the image is not shifting up and down right and left. As much is the camera angle, good yeah, i think its okay all right for a second, the image on the on the phone froze, although its very close, its all laggy and choppy, but its showing okay. So lets see what do we else do we have here im going to open this menu where it shows on the upper left, hand, side that drone symbol and it has self stabilizing waypoint lets try waypoint, and it is going to give me this uh. You know chinese im not sure, but lets its asking me to set the radius, i think, but in chinese, so i dont know im going to skip that and then lets draw a waypoint okay. So it says more than i need to make it as small.

I think it is not showing a google maps. Maybe my phone is not accepting it so im trying to do a really small waypoint. Let me try here so its showing a couple things. Okay lets say: okay, waypoints! Let me try one one of the other ones: Music more than maximum radius. I need to somehow maybe zoom in im trying to zoom in and trying to yeah. It just keeps saying its not showing anything so im going to skip waypoint lets see if it does follow. Please enter key to enter, follow mo and when you move aircraft will follow. You, okay, lets see im going to say: okay, all right, its coming all right lets see if its going to fall on me it is. It should use my phones gps. So i should take my phone with me so that it follows my phone. It is coming and its rotating towards me so im just checking from the from the screen. I think it is, and i seem to be in the middle of it so thats good, so lets see what happens if i start walking towards it and it is the moving back. This is great its working, so it is following my phones, a gps signal and trying to keep me in the middle of the image. So this is great. This is perfect and lets stop this go back and then lets do the orbit so for orbit im just going to move okay, i have to now move it myself, because i have to move it myself.

The batterys still good at uh, 49 percent. Are we? Oh? Maybe its still in follow me mode im, not sure okay press enter key to enter the flight mode when you move – or this is still in the following mode. Okay lets cancel lets go to orbit, okay, so its going to an altitude uh and its going to turn around in altitude, but is doing something at least keeps turning around its trying to find me im, not sure Music. It is doing something, but is it maybe the radiuses and i dont have any control its doing it itself Music, and i cannot rotate. I can only change okay, let me cancel cell stabilizing okay. I cancel the orbit mode lets, try again, because i really want this to work so again: im in the middle of the field and im going to click orbit, okay, so its going to a certain altitude and its rotating its going forward. I dont know what its looking for, but and i cannot turn it or huh yeah its something funny, but its definitely not orbiting me. Alright lets stop this and i change the speed seeing if its going to move faster, but not so let lets take it to self stabilizing and lets come back to its view. The battery life is at 31 percent, so lets fly a little bit. This is the highest speed. I dont know: if its going to be able to fly fast lets, do some flybys Music.

The flight is very stable. I dont know how stable the video is, and i hope that resolution issue is gone now. Yep. It keeps its altitude. Well so, overall, its a very nice drone – and i think i am lets – come back on the screen self stabilizing oops go flying. Oh here we go gps signal normal um. The battery is at 25 percent. I mean i didnt accomplish everything but uh lets. Try return to home uh using my my transmitter just so now return to home. It should go up to a certain altitude, its set in the menu. I dont remember what it is, but we can check from its altitude here its showing its showing feet, but i think this is in meters. I dont think its in feet, because this is much more than 20 feet. This is more like 20 meters. This is not its showing its showing feet, but this is in meters, and now it is a beeping and saying i think the gps signal is normal, ready to take off returning aircraft. The screen is a little jumbled lets see if its going to land in the correct location, its still facing towards me its maybe just a off. Let me show you yeah. It is a couple feet up, so i just stopped it, but you cant see it is. Maybe like three feet out its close enough for this kind of very inexpensive drone. This is great lets.

Uh use the one key landing button, uh just hovering above and its very stable. The hover is so stable. Look, look. The hover is very stable. I mean its not even moving into because theres no wind and hover is super stable, im really happy. I hope the video quality is better today: Music, okay, one key landing Music and trying to decide if it is on the ground or not and turned off the motors. So folks, what do i think if the video quality is good? This is a steal for fifty dollars. If you cant find it this, was it one battery two by battery versions. I think right now, selling is 55 dollars and shipping is very low, like only like 30 40 cents. I believe it is great. I mean it has gps. The only thing is missing. In my opinion, is the optical flow positioning sensor on the bottom, a second camera that would have been great. I will be willing to pay 5 10 dollars more. If it had that because then it will keep it stable flying indoors as well other than that im really happy less than 250 grams, less than 0.55 pounds and im really hoping that the video is going to come out.