The first one is: does a decent gps? Camera drone exist at or below 50 dollars, and the second question is: if it does exist, is it good for beginners lets get started? Music in the previous review on our channel, i featured this protocol capture, gps, 2, camera drone, and this was less than 50, but i cheated the one i got was a refurbished one and i got it for less than 45 dollars shipped to my door and it Turned out to be a great drone. Well, today i have a brand new drone from ishii. It is e 520s and it is a gps camera drone, and here it is, it is 49.99 well with the shipping that was 49 cents. It cost me just over 50 dollars, but it fits the bill. Is this good enough? I dont know we are going to figure it out a couple days after i placed the order for this one. I placed a second order for my sweetness who lives in austin, texas, shes a tween, and she wanted to start a new hobby drone, photography and videography, and i thought hey if this is good, probably its going to be a great present. I didnt have a time to test mine yet because i havent received it hopefully shes going to have fun and grow with her drone lets dig into this drone. The packaging is promising a lot for a 50 drone gps. One key return, headless mode altitude hold high definition, camera and speed settings and the version i got is called.

Let me show you: it is 520s with five gigahertz transmission. This is for the videos and pictures and 4k camera im, not sure if it is 4k. Just for the pictures, or also for the video most of the time, these cameras, they take 4k pictures thats horizontally, 4 000 pixels. But when it comes to the video they are usually 1080 or hd quality. Only here it is folks a very simple, very basic package. The packaging is just hard plastic clamshell like this one. I think there is also a version where you can get the carrying case with the foam inserts, but this is just a basic version and there are different versions being sold on banggood. Currently, there is a 40 version that doesnt have the gps. This is the 50 version that has the gps, and then there is a 520 pro that has a camera that you can control from your controller to move up and down. So these do not have gimbals. These are solidly installed, so you are going to see all the shaking and all the motion of the drone that pro version has a servo that can move the camera up and down with this one with mine, you have to adjust the angle of the camera before You take off, but that version does not have micro sd card slot recording. So, as you can see on this one, there is a little micro sd card slot, which is a must, if you are using a camera drone.

If you rely on the transmission of the videos, especially to your phone, you are going to be disappointed because they are going to be choppy as soon as the drone is all away from you. The video is going to get choppy and loose frames when you have a microsd card. The videos and photos will be recorded directly on it, so there wont be any gaps and any interference on the videos and pictures. Overall, the drone feels a little plasticky, its, not solid, but it is maybe a good thing because it will also make it light im going to weight it and tell you if it is less than 250 grams, which is the limit below which you dont have to Register your drone with faa at 250 grams and above you have to register it, so hopefully it will stay below. I got the version with just one single battery. This is a true cell 7.4 volt 1200 milliamp hour battery over here, and you can buy it with two or three batteries. There are different versions. What else do we have? We have the manuals. This is the english manual. This is another manual. I think there are multiple languages even in each manual. Yeah here is the german and i think, its the french and also a little insert. Then we have the prop guards. These are a must. If you are flying the drone indoors, heres the controller again a little plasticky, but they did a good thing that they put an insert over it, explaining all the controls and the controls are labeled with icons to make it easier.

I have seen some drones, which dont have anything just buttons and you have to remember, or you have to label them yourself, so this makes everything easier and then emergency stop button is in red, so that makes also great these antenna are not really antenna. These are fake antenna. You dont even even have to use them theres theres no wire inside just for show. Then we have two sets of rotors one in each kind. This is called b2. This is called b1. If you break your rotors and replace them, make sure that you place it the correct version, because one is counterclockwise spinning the other one is clockwise spinning, then we have a small phillips screwdriver and a cable for charging. The charging is done directly on the battery and you dont have to attach the battery to the drone to charge it, which is great, because if you have multiple batteries, you dont want to put it in the drone and put it on charging. Because then you are not, you cannot fly the drone, so this goes directly into the battery via this micro usb type. I think its type b, micro, usb charging, cable and then put the batteries into the transmitter lets see how many it needs it requires. Four aaa batteries and it is alive, lets turn it off. Lets quickly. Wake the drone drum roll, please without the battery, it is about 182 grams. Oh its. This is going to be close, lets put the battery in and wait again and crossing fingers, and it comes below 250 grams.

Its 242 grams two thumbs up. Thank you. Eachine im charging the battery and there is a very nice feature. The battery has its own charging light inside so right now you see that theres a red light and then a blinking blue light, while the battery is charging lets, take a closer look at the drone itself. So this is a folding drone and to fold it out. You fold out the front legs or arms first, followed by the rear ones, just be careful that the props do not get caught anywhere, and this is the looks from the bottom. The rear legs have each one blue led light, and then the front legs or arms have these landing gear the legs coming down, so that when you put it on the ground, it looks like a frog on the top. There is also another strip of led lights, and here is the power on off switch. The motors on this drone are brushed and i can see them facing this way, so there are gears inside to turn the moment, 90 degrees and in the front, these eyes are led lights. Im assuming those are going to be white, and here is the camera. It is not on a gimbal, so there will be some shaking. This is a very basic entry level, gps drone. But at this you can adjust the camera angle while its on the ground before taking off, of course, and then there are two antenna, one will be for picking up the control signals from the transmitter and the other one for sending the photos and videos to your Phone, as i mentioned, there is a micro, sd slot and im going to look into what type of microsd cards there are.

There were some notes on banggood website how to format the proper microsd card, so it works well with this drone, and i will show those instructions in the video over here. It doesnt have a second downward facing camera, which is also called optical flow positioning sensor so indoors when there is no gps signal. This relies on its gyro to stay in the same location, so this is not going to be very stable indoors, so you should be controlling it all the time because it doesnt have the optical flow positioning sensor. Unfortunately, it looks like there is a location for it, but this model doesnt have that the battery compartment is on the back its a modular battery, so you can buy more batteries, its a plus and minus. At the same time, you have to buy this specific type of battery from eachine, so you cannot use any battery, but it makes it easier to install and uninstall the battery if the video quality is good if it flies well. This will be a tremendous value and we are going to figure that out soon. So lets take a look at the transmitter, as i mentioned its very plasticky, but it is very functional as well, so you turn it on and everything is labeled. On the left hand side over here you see the photo button and the video button, so this is sort of taking pictures, and this is for starting and stopping the video recordings.

And then there is this button, which is the orbit mode. So if you want the drone orbiting around you, you press that one and then adjust everything ill show you outdoors, and this is the speed selector. So it should start at low rates, and you press once two beeps mean medium rates, and this is the highest speed highest rate three beeps and you press again. It will come back to low, which is one beep here, is in red. The emergency stop button dont accidentally press that, because your drone will fall out of the sky. Here is the compass calibration button, so you press this one to do the compass calibration and im going to perform that later, and this is return to home button. This is for the headless mode, and here are the one key take off and one key landing buttons very basic. If you dont know how the sticks work, these control the forward backwards, side to side, banking and movement, this controls the altitude go up and down in altitude and right and left rotation, and it came with prop cards. Thats great. You only need the prop cards if youre flying indoors. I do not recommend using them outdoors because if you end up crashing into a tree, these will hang from the branches and they will make getting back to drone down very difficult so to install the prop guards. There are these little holes and on the guards there are these pins that go into the holes and looks like this Applause.

Okay, the props cards are a little difficult to install. You have to really press hard and make sure that you are not breaking anything. Be careful so it suddenly becomes a really big drone with the prop guards, but when im indoor testing it, this is quite large compared to my mini drones. So im going to put the prop guards on to be set on the safe side and, as i mentioned, the controller, the transmitter came with this sheet over it. So you know carry this as a reference in case you forget anything. It explains everything about compass, calibration, gyro, calibration and satellite search and all the functionality on the front, especially for beginners. This is a very nice feature, its very inexpensive to add something like this, but it is very thoughtful. So, thank you, ishii, the app that youll be using to control this drone is called eachine tec by junior toy in order to download it. You just scan this qr code either on the box or the same code also exists in the manual and it will take you to the correct store either google play or apple app store. As you can see on the battery, the light is solid, blue, meaning that it is fully charged it took about two hours lets slide the battery in just make sure that there is no gap. So do you see this is not fully seated its a little difficult to get the battery fully forward.

So right now its not seated so make sure you press in this little latch and then make sure it goes in, and the back side should be flat like this, and i have a 16 gigabyte, little micro sd card and i format it using fat32 on my Computer as suggested on the banggood product website, im not sure which way its going im going to try this way and see if it goes in correctly. Yes, it clicked in so it is ready to go so next im going to put the drone flat on the surface turn it on by long pressing, the button the lights are flashing and then turn on the transmitter. Now, im going to bind to the wi fi network, so do you see this is wi fi dash 5g 4k dash gps 520 dash some alpha numerical numbers thats the network i would like to connect to so i press it is connecting and it is connected now. Now what i have to do is just go to this app eachine. Tec start that up. Okay, i need to select the correct drone, so lets move through e520s and then this is the pro. So ours is s go flying. This is talking about the compass calibration im going to say now and its going to ask me to do these moves so see here.