This is a drone from the company called kition, never really heard of them before, but uh right here they have a about about a 50 gps drone it’s off of amazon, which i’ll link below in the description so we’re reviewing this guy today to see if it’s Any good and see if it’s worth uh your your money, so anyways let’s get right into the video all right before we dive dive deep into the specs we’re. Just gon na go over some quick things. First, right off the bat there’s, no real room for an sd card slot, which is to be honest, quite unfortunate. I prefer my drones to have an sd card slot, but that’s fine. You also get propeller guards with it. Extra blades are included, but um. I haven’t crashed it yet, so i don’t really need those right now and then let’s look at the controller. You have your speed that’s up here. You also have a flip trigger this is camera, and then you have your trim buttons along here and here and then you have your auto takeoff, auto land and then this supposed to be returned to home. But i mean it’s, not a gps drone, so it can’t really return to home. So i don’t really know why they would put that on there, but you sometimes see that a lot with a lot of these chinese drones, they’ll just put stuff on there. That doesn’t even really exist for the drone, but i don’t know i guess just for advertising all right.

Anyways we’re going to dive right into this video we’re, going to take this out and we’re going to fly it and see if it actually flies good, because that’s really the most important thing so i’m going to put the specs for this on screen. So you can see them and then, like i said, we’re gon na get right into the flight test, so anyways let’s go all right, guys so right off the bat right before we take this out for a flight test to show you guys how this performs in The air – i just want to tell you with the propeller guards on you cannot fold the drone up, but i mean i really don’t like propeller guards that much personally i really have don’t have any use for them. I just think it makes the drone look kind of weird, so you need to take the propeller guards off in order to fold it up. Just like this, so anyways i’m excited to see how this guy performs so let’s get right into the to the flight test. Okay, so step one we’re just going to hold the power button and that back light will flash, and that means the drone is turned on next. Obviously you switch the switch from off to on hear the beep that will kind of flicker a little bit fast and then with the joystick with the left hand, joystick you go up and down like that, and then you should be ready to go.

You can connect to the wi fi on your phone and then enter it to the uh app, but right now, i’m going to video how this actually flies in the air and if it’s, stable or not all right, everyone there. It is right there. So we just need to give the left hand joystick some up throttle that will arm the motors and then we throttle up and it’s in the air. So that’s going to the left. Let’S pull it back to the right a little bit to the left. Again, let’s go forwards and then bring it back towards us, so we have full operation. It flies pretty good it’s about six miles an hour out here and it’s, not a gps drone. So i think it’s flying pretty well actually it’s nice bright and orange too, or at least my model is so you can see it let’s give it some up. Throttle let’s hit the flip button. Oh that’s, getting caught by the wind there yeah i can’t, handle the wind too well cause right now, i’m doing full throttle to the left and it’s not really responding well, but that’s, just because of a lot of wind really it’s about six miles an hour out Here, in which you might say, it’s not that much but for a little chintzy drone like this it’s kind of a lot, so i’m gon na crash land, this right now that’s the auto land and it went down pretty softly.

So i’m, going to be honest with you guys, usually with most uh drones, that i review uh. I do a full section on the camera and i break down if it’s, good or not how well the camera, shoots photos and videos, but let’s be honest with a cheap little chintzy drone like this one you’re, not really getting it for the camera you’re getting it Just to enjoy flying a drone around for fun, so i mean yes, the camera is important, but it doesn’t even have an sd card slot. So it’s not like you can get high quality photos or videos, but it does take photos and videos. So i did take a picture of it with. I took a picture of a chair in my house with this camera that’s. What i was trying to say, uh, so i’ll show you that photo but, like i said, if you’re buying a drone like this you’re not really buying it for the camera, because the camera is not really that good, okay guys. So here is the photo, as you can see. Nothing special but it’s still a photo, and i mean it’s, not horrible, a little bit blurry but oh well. This is something i was very curious about. This is a video taken with the camera that’s. Just me waving. My hand, obviously, but i wanted to look and see if there was any lag and as you can see, there is a little bit, but i mean look at the drone that we’re talking about here: it’s a cheap drone, so it’s not a bad camera.

Okay, so that was the photo. Nothing special, nothing too amazing um, but it works. It works. So i mean, if you know the camera’s very important to you. This does have a camera on it, but um yeah. I mean i guess my conclusion is. I really would not recommend paying let’s say over 50 bucks. For this i mean it’s at 50 bucks right now, so i really just don’t uh recommend spending that much money on basically a toy so um. This is a toy it’s, not a really high q. A high quality drone um, i just wouldn’t – recommend spending. You can find other cheap drones like this, that are cheaper, that are around uh anywhere between 40 to 30. If you look hard enough – and this in most places is about fifty dollars, so really i wouldn’t recommend buying this. But you know, if you get a deal on it, i mean go ahead, knock yourself out so that’s. My overall opinion on this drone all right, so that is the video on this little cheap drone. I enjoy reviewing drones like this. I also fly rc planes and we’re going to be uploading. Youtube videos to the channel all summer i’m very excited for that we’re doing a giveaway at 500 subscribers where we are giving away a gps drone. So not something chintzy like this we’re actually giving away a gps drone so i’m excited about that. I hope you are too go ahead.

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