I thought i would make another video on this ascend drone since uh, since i got such good feedback on it and had a lot of questions about it, and so i thought maybe i would do the five things that i like about it. Then i will do another one about the five things i dislike about it, which isnt much by the way. This is a good drone and uh believe it or not. I got i think over a thousand views on this, and so many questions about it. I guess because its a real good drone for under seventy dollars, i got it at target ive had it now, for i dont know, maybe two three months i cant remember, but the whole time that ive had it. I really havent had that many problems with it. I really enjoy flying it. I really like this drone. It looks a lot like the mavic i bought this first before i bought the mavic to see if i could actually fly it and see. If i could, you know, fly it well and once i got comfortable with this one, i went ahead and bought the mavic. So without further ado, this is the uh the drone itself. If you see it has a little handle here that you pull out, this one pulls out this way as well, so you have to actually on this one. You have to pull out the front ones and then this one is the back pull out that one next same thing here: dont want the handle you pull out and on the the mavic is different, and then this one you pull out this way so thats about The size of that this is the controller itself and just to show you this isnt, the mavic.

Now the mavic is different. As you can see, heres the handles you cant pull the handles out first. Well, you can actually, but this one folds not sideways, but underneath same thing here, if i were to pull this one out, first down im not able to open the handle one first so again, so the handle goes first, this one flips out, so you can see The comparison i want you to see that this is the comparison of both of them side by side. You can see the mavic is smaller than this one here: okay and then this is the uh, the control for the mavic little antennas, its about the same size. Almost this one does not have antennas by the way it doesnt, but thats the comparison side by side. This is lighter than this one. Actually i havent waited so i cant tell you exactly by how much lets move that out of the way put this in here. So, in any case, i want to talk about the five things that i like about. The ascent and one of the first things that i do like about. The ascend is the looks again its cut. It looks very similar to the mavic, but actually i think it looks kind of uh better. You know it. Doesnt have the it does. Have the the camera right here and you have to manually, move it up or down, depending on how you like, i like to pretty much leave it like on the horizon.

This is what it looks like turned on im going to turn it on lets, see. Where is it right here hold this button down and it starts blinking and itll. Do that in the red, of course, is when its flying away from you and it even has lights on the bottom. It actually has more lights than the dji mavic. So the reason for the red is, if its up in the sky, you can see when its flying away from you and when you turn it, you can see thats flying towards you, okay, its trying to link up. So, in any case, let me show you the mavic im gon na turn it on just to show you. This is the mavic and let me see thats pretty much. The only light youre gon na get right there, theres none in the front until you turn it on. These two will turn on the headlights, got two lights right here and youll have that green one in the back, green and red turns green when youre flying. Let me turn this off and, as you can see, it looks pretty cool. It looks kind of mean really cool, so im going to show you the battery real quick. I had a viewer that had asked. Well, how do you charge it its actually pretty simple right here, its a button, you press it and then you pull it out, and this is your battery right here thats.

It comes out of this cavity right here and thats it now. Then, you have just a regular usb cord goes into this little hole here right there thats it. You connect it to a regular wall charger like your phone and thats it. For that. Somebody asked me how to do that. I dont know if they bought one that didnt have the box or they bought a used one or somebody sold it to them. I dont know another thing: okay, so thats thats. What i like thats number one, the looks its similar to the mavic its smooth. I actually think it looks kind of cooler than the mavic, but dont get me wrong. I, like the mavic better because of the flight time and all the other features it does so right here. If this is where you put your phone and it does, this is pretty cool its an accessory that it somehow, if i can figure it out, it comes off there. It is so if you dont want to fly with it. You just want to fly with the controller you can, but trust me. You want to fly it with the uh, the phone app, but it feels really good in the hands its ergonomic. It has all everything you need here: uh it has one touch boom. Here we go, this is for the speed fast, faster, faster this for the stunt. When you turn it upside down, you can read it see.

If we can read it there right there, it tells you stunt and speed and it does flip upside down. The mavic doesnt. Do that by the way, no stunts so thats? What that is? Okay, so number one was the looks. Number two is the control, the controller, how it feels in your hands number three its easy to connect very, very easy to connect to the app you just turn on your wi fi. You turn on the drone. You turn on your wi fi. You connect to it. You go to the app open it up and youre connected when you get to the when you open up the app. The camera should be recording what it sees: okay, uh also it has an easy photo and video like library. You can go right to the uh. The app itself find the library and itll play the videos. If you, where you can downl the videos to your phone and then you can share them to youtube or whatever platform that you want. Okay, so thats how easy it is im going to do a video on how to use the app when i hit 500 subscribers, i only have about 425 real close to it. 75. More subscribers like and subscribe. Follow me hit that icon so that uh youll get notified. When i do another video, when i hit 500 im gon na, do a video on how to use that app and how user friendly it is.

Okay and another thing i like about this – is again the one touch take off this here: has a one touch take off you hit that and it starts to fly. Let me turn this on for you, so you can see what it looks like its pretty cool its red thats, pretty much it. You hit this one touch and it takes off into the sky. You hit it again and it lands wherever its at it. Doesnt have a return to home, okay, but it will land wherever its at at that moment. So you just bring it in in the near vicinity of you and then and then hit that button and itll come down. Okay, so thats thats thats. What i like about that so thats number, four, how stable it is, and i like that one touch land on it. Okay, now how stable, when you hit that one touch itll go up about, maybe i guess they say two meters, maybe about three feet. It just hovers there, even if its windy or whatever it will stay stable, thats. What i like about this one, i do fly this one indoors and it flies very well. It has some sort of. I dont know how many axes, whatever blah blah, but it keeps it in the air and it keeps it from doing this and wobble and honestly, you know how the other cheaper drones. You have to fix it by hitting it. You know to come back to you or i forget what its called, but you know you can you can correct it if its going to the left or the right its going too much to the left, you can.

You can click on the right here and then it stabilizes itself. You really dont, have to do that with this drone it pretty much. Does it itself its pretty cool, so i like how stable it is. Number five, the last thing easy to charge and it is a fast charge and again it depends on what kind of fast charger you have the block itself. If you get a fast charge block man in about an hour an hour and a half its charged up, it will charge. It says it takes two to three hours on a slow charge, but i put it on a fast charge and it was fine. So this is the thing youre gon na see a red light on here. I cant remember this this side or this side. I think its right here when that red light goes off. That means its fully charged. A lot of you think that okay, the red light, means okay, i can. I can fly the red light turned on. That means. Stop charging. Let me go fly, no! No! No immediately when you connect this theres going to be a red light, because its dead, when that red light goes out, that means its ready to fly. Okay, uh and itll fly for about eight minutes to nine minutes. Depending on how fast you go, how slow you go if youre doing all kinds of tricks and flipping it blah blah blah itll last you six minutes.

I know it isnt much, but youd be surprised at how much fun you can have out of this. For six minutes, um eight minutes nine minutes. Nine minutes is good, theres, no wind, whatever you might push it to ten.