This is the second installation of a video series where i talk about the top five best things about this drone and the top five worst things about this drone. I think there’s a lot of good things about this drone and there’s. Definitely a lot of people that this drone is ripe for, but in this video i’m going to talk about some things that i definitely think could use some work for future versions. So funny enough, the biggest thing that i dislike about this drone is the video footage which is super important to have on a drone, especially for someone like myself, who’s shooting for professional projects and there’s, two main factors to this first there’s, the stabilization and then second, Is the actual video quality i’ve already done a whole video, comparing the dji fpv to the gopro hero 9, which is what i usually shoot fpv on? So if you haven’t checked that out, i’ll leave a link here, for it wait actually here just to quickly summarize that video. In my opinion, the gopro just looks a little bit more professional it’s. Definitely a lot more stable thanks to a program that you can use on the back end called real, steady and then also just like. As far as the colors go, i think the colors are just a little bit more genuine and the footage just looks better to me. So what i typically fly is this: it is a nazgul, 5 fpv drone.

It is using the dji fpv system, which i think is the best way to fly traditional fpv and then on top i put a gopro hero. 9. we’ll shoot 4k 60, but as with any two cameras, there’s subtle differences in how the footage looks. And for me, i just don’t think i can justify switching over to the dji fpv from what i have now. However, what i did for that video was, i actually just mounted the gopro straight on top of this drone, so i was basically flying around a setup that looked like this and there’s a lot of good things about this drone, as i talked about in my last Video um, so this is definitely something that i might consider just permanently mounting a gopro on this drone. Alright, so number two is the handling the dji fpv is fast on paper. It goes about 90 miles, an hour which, in fpv standards is really solid and at times when you’re flying, it does feel like it has really good power. But for some reason, when you’re flying this drone, it’s, just like especially coming from traditional fpv drones, it just feels like it wants to do more than it can. The power is definitely there, but when you’re like, for example, whipping around a really small object, it just feels like less maneuverable than the typical setups that i’m used to there was this one time in mexico, where i was flying super low over the water and a Wave was coming in so i got closer and closer to this wave and i’m used to being able to just boom shoot up like super high and not worry about it.

But i kept getting close to this wave and i punched the sticks and it just didn’t. Go up for some reason, so i barely avoided that wave i’m, not sure if this is because it actually doesn’t have power or some software thing, but regardless i just like really wish it had more maneuverability i’d really love to see. Dji come out with a more sport version of this drone seriously. If there was a kitted out carbon fiber, dji fpv, with a racing stripe and like flames on the side, i would be all about that all right. Getting into number three it’s the geo fencing so there’s been a ton of different situations where i wanted to fly. This drone i had everything set up. Everything was good. I was in a situation where i was way far away from people buildings, roads, whatever it was, and i just couldn’t take off just because of the geo fencing. I also know i was five miles away from the airport, so there was nothing around me that indicated that it was a legal spot to fly, but with the geo fencing i just couldn’t, take off. It’S happened three or four times and it’s really really frustrating when it does um like one time we went all the way out to the beach got to this place. That was super far away from everyone. It was a perfect opportunity to fly. The sun was coming up, light was amazing and i got everything ready and it just said cannot take off and it’s just a really frustrating thing to deal with when you know you’re doing everything the right way.

I understand that geofencing has its use and i’m. Definitely not opposed to it. It’S. Definitely a good thing for beginner people to not be able to take off in random places where they can put other people in danger. But if you’re someone like me, who knows the laws and knows what they’re doing and isn’t putting anyone in danger, i just wish the unlocking features were better um on the dji fly app. You can sometimes unlock zones, but i just really wish it was a more efficient system, even if it was some sort of test that you take where you input your part, 107 info or something. So they just know that you know the rules. I think that would really help and a quick side note that isn’t necessarily the same thing but it’s kind of the same thing. I really hate that there’s, a 500 meter height limit when i first heard this drone had such a long range. I was super stoked because i was like oh it’s going to be sick to do ridgeline dive, so you can fly all the way up to the top of mountains and then just kind of surf down them. But if you can only go 500 meters high, you basically can’t do that at all. So you have to use traditional fpvs to do that. There’S. Just certain features on the drone that almost make it too safe and less fun to fly which, like i said, i’m, not totally opposed to them.

I know they have their use, but it’s just frustrating in a lot of different situations, and i wish you could sort of like almost test out of them all right. So number four is actually just the overall design of this drone, like honestly, it’s just it’s. Just weird, i don’t understand why the drone looks like this. Dji is usually so good about making things portable like if you come over here and i grab my mavic air too. This thing is an insanely, powerful drone and it literally packs down into a tiny package like that. You can put this drone in any camera bag. You can fit it anywhere. You can even just like put it in your pocket. If you really want to like when the first mavic came out, it was an absolute game changer in the drone world and it completely changed how drones are designed there’s. So many foldable drones now in that same design and it all started with dji’s initial design. But with the dji fpv it’s, just not like that one of my friends when he first saw this drone, he was just like dude, that is the chodiest drone i’ve ever seen in my life so grabbing my backpack here, traditional fpv drones are pretty easy too, because You can just strap them right here and then they just sit low profile, but this drone, even if you take the battery out it’s like it’s, still just like it’s just sticking out so much you don’t, want to bang it on things that’s what she said where, Where are you gon na put this thing, one of the good things about it is you can take the propellers off super easily, but even at that it’s, just like like.

Where do you put this drone? I did see a video where it was like. The drone was flipped like this, and it had some sort of like turtle mode where it like flipped itself back up or something like that. But honestly that feature just like isn’t that useful, because nine times out of ten, if you crash to the point where you’re all the way flipped over, like your props, are gon na be damaged. So you’d, rather just go, get the drone yourself and then bring it back. I just really don’t know where this design came from, maybe there’s some hidden agenda that i’m not seeing, but i just really wish it was a lot more portable, okay and then the fifth and final thing is just the overall build quality. There’S kind of this understanding. In the fpv world that you’re just gon na crash a lot, and this drone just doesn’t feel like it’ll, stand up and i’ve heard a lot of stories and talked to a lot of friends who have had. I mean decently fast crashes, but crashes that a traditional fpv would have been fine, the dji fpv just completely broke and then on the back end of that there’s, not really many parts that are readily available to fix it. This drone just feels really fragile compared to other drones in the fpv category. This is the drone that i typically fly, and these props are really really durable, like you can bend them these props, for example, they are 15 a set they’re kind of bendable, but i feel like if i push any harder than that, they’ll just totally break and For a set of these it’s, like three or four dollars for a good set, the big thing the dji does offer is dji care, refresh, which random side note.

I’M, not sure if this was on purpose or just randomly happened to me when i activated my drone, but usually when you activate dji products like the mavic air, for example, when you activate them, it instantly asks you. Has this big thing that’s like do you want dji care refresh, and it makes sure that you can see that before you fly your drone for this drone, when i activated it and first flew it, i was kind of in a rush. I opened the app and it didn’t say anything to me, so i forgot about it and i totally forgot to sign up for it because you only have 48 hours from when you first turn your drone on. So i never got a chance to put it on this drone and i’m, not sure if that’s on purpose like dji just knows that everyone is going to crash these things, or it was just a fluke in my case, but i just thought that was something that Was weird, but for when you actually do activate it it’s two hundred dollars to buy and then an additional two hundred dollars, every replacement that you get. I love dji kit refresh for my other drones like for this one, for example, i would never fly without it because it’s just such a peace of mind when you’re flying and it’s not that expensive to get. If you actually do crash, i think it’s, like 150 bucks or something for that drone to get a new one, but for this one it’s 200 every time and then let’s say you crash this thing to the point where you just can’t, fix it: it’s 740 to Get a new drone to compare it.

This drone right here ready to fly costs 300., and all you have to do when you get this drone is just bind it with your goggles and controller and you’re ready to roll. However, with that said, if you completely lose that drone you’re definitely going to have a gopro on top of it, so that’s anywhere between 150 and 400 extra that you’re gon na lose so yeah i’m, not sure how hard it would have been to make this a Little bit more industrious, the top is actually clear, which is also a weird thing in my mind, i’m, not sure why they did that, but in future versions i would love to see it just a little bit. More durable dji is usually super responsive to user feedback and way ahead of the game with things so i’m really excited to see what happens in future versions. Like i said, it’s a two part series. So if you haven’t seen the other part make sure you check that out, just to give yourself a better idea of whether or not you want to buy this drone i’d also love to hear your guys thoughts on things and then, if you could do me a Huge favor and just hit that like button down here, it helps me out so much making these videos but anyways that’s it. For this video.