There are certain things: certain mistakes that if you fly fpv drones, you're you're gon na. Do it doesn't matter whether you just started flying or you've been flying for a while. There are just certain little things that just you're gon na mess up don't be ashamed. We'Ve all done it. Hi I'm drib from rotor ayah make sure to hit us up at rotary comm for all the things that you need to keep your drones flying number one. You get to the field, you're all excited to fly. You open up your bag. I don't have a prop tool: that's right you're, going to forget something. There are so many things that you need to have a good day out flying. You need your drones. First off, you need your radio, you need your goggles props, prop tool. You'Re gon na need other tools to fix it. Cuz you're, probably gon na crash and need to fix it. You need to make sure you have your GoPro, because if you don't get it recorded in that HD super view, did you did you even really pull off the trick? Did? Did it really happen? You got to have your GoPro. You got to have SD cards for your GoPro there's, just a whole mess of things that you need to remember: it's, not like skateboarding, where you just need your board in your shoes now there's. So many things that you need to remember to bring with you out for a day of flying that chances are sometimes you're.

Gon na forget something I'm a bit of a forgetful person and I definitely still forget things all the time prop tool is one of the most common things to forget and then you're out there and you're trying to like okay. How can I tighten this down? Maybe if I pinch my car keys together, that's not a little specific yeah. Those are things that I've actually tried. Hopefully, this hobby has introduced you to other awesome people and you're getting to fly with your friend when you're, not in quarantine sharing is super common. You even see it at races where fierce competitors that are trying to beat each other on the track if they don't want to win by technicality. Didn'T want to get you flying don't share their prop tool, I've even seen people share motors when needed. So if you do get to fly with friends that eases that one a little bit because someone's, probably gon na, be able to loan you a prop tool or a spare set of props or whatever it is that you forgot next up, I know you've had this Happen to you, you go to take off your arm. The props are spinning, you go to give it throttle and it freaks out. The quad does a little bit of what we call Tasmanian Devil. This can be caused for several reasons. Your board orientation in your configurator could be wrong when your drones facing this way. The flag controller thinks it's facing this way and when you go to take off it tilts this way – and it says I need to tilt this way.

So it adds more to this way and that way and all of a sudden it spins out you could have your motor direction configured wrong. So the flight controller thinks you're gon na be hugging, okay and then it tries to just keep swimming and boat spins out. Most commonly those you just put your props on the wrong way, maybe you're new to this and you haven't like got it just burned into your memory. What prop goes on? Which corner? Or maybe you have been doing this for a very long time and you think that you know you're, not gon na make a mistake and you're going through and you're only paying half attention. You'Re talking to your buddy one of the most embarrassing times that this happened to me was the first time that I met one of my fpv heroes skit. So I won his online freestyle contests and for winning. He gifted me an entire built quad and I got to fly it with him. Skits those in the goggles with me, he's gon na watch my heroes. Gon na watch me fly I'm. Just so excited. Oh my gosh. I better better, not mess it up arm it. Yeah all right this next one – some of you guys might not think, is a mistake per se, but but hear me out you go through the gap, then you just give it all the throttle: Applause power loops to the moon. I think it's a mistake.

I think that good freestyle is about being close to things proximity. There was a time when open air tricks were definitely more acceptable, that the quads were so much less capable and just to be able to get up there in the open air and do a Rubik's cube or something like that. It was cool. But now the bar has been raised, people want to see you do tricks close to things. Do everything tight, keep it keep it in there and when you just it, doesn't look good, but sometimes we all just still do it. It doesn't matter if you've been flying for years and you've gotten pretty good at the freestyle. Sometimes you just can't help yourself when you've got a fully charged lipo it's, just so unsatisfying mistake. Number four is flying with not so good props. I know it sucks to have to change your props and you just it's. Just a little been right: I'm just I'll just bend it back it's gon na be okay right. Probably not do you want to take that risk that's, your call. Do you want to risk that footage, modern flight controllers and their filtering and all that stuff, all that magic stuff, I've gotten really good at filtering out vibrations. So your tolerance for not the best condition. Props has definitely gone up, but that doesn't mean that it's, bulletproof and we've all been there, where we have flown with props and a little too bad a little bit too nicked.

And then what happens? You get that yellow, but sometimes the reward of not dealing with it now is worth the risk, because maybe the footage of the spot isn't that valuable so whatever. But if you're flying somewhere special. If you've traveled to some exotic super rare spot, don't risk it fly with fresh props, keep it crispy and last mistake: number five is also a matter of impatience, and that is turtle noting when you shouldn't turtle mode. If you don't know, turtle mode is probably the greatest innovation to ever hit the FPV scene it's the ability to reverse your motor so that you can flip your upside down. Quad, like you know, you think, like a little turtle on its back just helpless. Oh No! What if it had some motors that could just go way and now you're right side up? That is turtle mode, and it is amazing. However, there are times you shouldn't turtle mode and that's when you're tangled up in something. Maybe the grass is tall, maybe tin, a bush you're upside down. You flip in the turtle mode. You give it that way and it doesn't flip. What should you do? You should put the radio down and get the drone? What do you do? You just keep come on, and sometimes you do, but what else can happen you can burn out a motor. You can set an ESC on fire because it's one of the worst things for your gear when a motor is trying to spin and it can't spin, it gets angry and it gets hot and heat is the enemy of electronics.

Most of the time you're. Just being lazy I'm, not judging, I do it too, but you are, you could just go, get it it's right there, but no matter which of these mistakes. You have made don't be too embarrassed because, like I said, these are all mistakes that we have all made and we are probably going to make again here and there, because sometimes you just can't help it. You know what else we've all done here bonus mistake. Number six is crashing Music all crash, but you know what I'd say: that's not actually a mistake, because that's how you improve that's, how you get to the next level as a pilot, is pushing yourself trying new things that are out of your comfort zone and, ultimately, Crashing along the way, because sometimes that's what it takes to learn, that's what it takes to progress, and I would say the only mistake that you can make when crashing is crashing in a place that you shouldn't crash don't, be pushing yourself and taking risks in a Place where, if you crash you're gon na damage, someone's property or put someone at risk, you need to fly responsibly, but if you're in a remote location and it's appropriate for you to be pushing yourself, you know it's, not even a mistake to crash. It means you are trying to improve as a pilot, and you know what, if you do crash and you do break something remember – to hit us up at rotor right comm.

We have all the year that you need to fix up your drones that you built there's. The plug guys rotor right, calm right now is a great time to start a new build because you're, probably stuck inside, so guys that about wraps it up. Let me know what I forgot what's one of those mistakes that we're all gon na make from time to time drop a comment down below guys. What did you think of this episode? I know it's a little bit different from what we normally do. But you know the world is on lockdown we're, not able to travel we're not able to get together with the friends and fly in the cool places. So here, I'm all alone look we're in isolation, but hopefully these videos make us feel a little bit more together hit the subscribe button, hit the bell icon, it's right next to it drop a thumbs up.