I got over the holidays. This is the thames and cosmos five in one buildable drone with hd camera. Now, a lot of you probably already have drones, uh some and enjoy them, and now a lot of you probably already have drones and are looking for something different to play with or some unique spin to take on it. Well, this kits really fantastic, because if you look on here five and one, what does that mean? Well, its got standard drone, its got a car with a camera, its got a camera mount thats this one. It calls a 360 degree camera this one, its a turntable camera, which is actually something im. Actually, i really want to check out, because i think i could get some cool pictures and surround some different parts pieces and things and models and warhammer stuff that i like and then its actually got a camera mount that is like clip on so on the back. Its got a bracket where you could go ahead and use that to brace it onto pieces of furniture if you wanted just a stationary camera now this was a gift over holidays, like i said and heres a manual now, if you look inside you look at these Pieces, these are technic pieces, i havent or technic style. I havent measured them to see if theyre, exactly technic spec like the interchangeable lego, i have a good feeling they are, but this is a its a fantastic manual.

It has detailed uh pictures of the app and what the buttons do inside the app lots of descriptions. Nice pictures should be fairly straightforward to build and easy to follow the instructions which i really like, uh its got to label the parts and everything this is the one im excited for, as i said before, because it has a turntable space here and the camera facing Down with an led light, so i should be able to put a plate a piece of plastic board some anything. I really want to kind of show off and get a picture and have it rotate around and get the camera full view and then heres a clip on so comes with this nice case, and the case is, you know its a softer case, both a little stiff Back we got the propellers charging cable and this punches out so it becomes. If you do build the quadcopter drone, you can use that as a foam mounting bit so heres a close up of the battery pack and, as you can see inside these arms, its got. The little motors these actually look very similar to whats in my telo micro drum, but weve got the board. The motor board driver battery or camera right here says its a 4k camera well see if that means 4k video, at whatever speed or just 4k photos, or some combination thereof, see how it really works later on battery uh frame guards, wheels, bits and pieces, the lights.

So this looks a little bit bigger than standard technic to me, like you, would see in the lego kit, more propellers, you look at the size of those holes, so those this might be a proprietary size or this might be just something i dont know. In all honesty now and this piece right here to help you know pry and separate and everything else through build and unbuild um, not a million pieces which is good. It means they got really creative when theyre doing the different designs. So continuing on from here, im gon na go ahead and start putting things together and get videos of each and in between and finally pick a a form for it to be in. For the time being that i can kind of play with and really get a handle on with the app see you in a bit okay, so that was a build of three of the five options for the kit kind of my final thoughts segment here, um things I like about the kit. The parts are very well made. The components are very easy to assemble very easy to disassemble. You could build each of these multiple times without a fear of breaking anything as a drone. Although i dont have any flying videos of it uh, it was very fast. It was actually faster than my telo. It held stability decently, you know, so it could stay in one place and hover in flight uh.

The rest of the kits were fine. There were sometimes a little issue with the gearing and getting things to spin exactly right, but that could be an issue with the app which ill get into in a second or it could have been. If i had things snugged in just a little too much for the brushed motors and were not allowing them to spin freely now, as for the app, this is where i have the biggest problem, i didnt get a chance to test it on an iphone, since i Dont have one i have a galaxy s20 fe, so i was using the android version of the app and had lots of problems. If i would try take a photo, it would crash. I tried to record video from the camera feed and it wouldnt record video. It looked like it would start to initialize, recording and then not um and in general the app just felt underdeveloped uh. Although i could connect to the wi fi signal that it uses to control the drone very easily. There seemed to be a sluggishness or a lack of response when manipulating the phone controls. The other issue is that it uses only phone controls. More advanced kits, ive seen, will allow you to tether a bluetooth controller or use a controller plugged into the phone and controlled the device that way would have been. Nice would have been a fantastic extra feature but having to use the actual touch screen of the phone.

Can cause problems uh im, maybe its just me im, just not the best at it. I personally dont like that plus. It also then locks away the phone where im not able to film with it, but all in all, very positive on this kit. I think its a fantastic thing to play with um and experiment, and if you like, building and assembling its nice. If this was your learn to fly drone or your first one, there might be some issues uh. Just because i would prefer learning to use an actual controller uh, especially my generation in orange future, were trained on dual shocks. We like having two thumb thats natural for us now so only pressing against the flat of the phone, its its not ideal. The but im very happy to have it and i think im gon na get a lot of use out of it and that since it uses a building or a modular system, i can then now get creative with how i move the gears around how i move The blocks around how i move the pegs and kind of come up with my own way, uh and while i had trouble recording with the camera so far and in my few times practicing the the camera picture came through nicely and came through to the phone. I would i was able to pick up the drone and rotate it and the camera moved and pretty close to real time what i would consider acceptable lag over wifi for for a drone.

So you know im not going to race it fpv, but you wouldnt do that with this kid anyway, it was perfectly adequate for flying around the open space in my apartment, uh. So all in all positive reviews with a few caveats, if you run an apple phone, this would be even better if im giving it a 8 out of 10 using an android phone easily 9 out of 10, because im sure im fairly positive from the videos ive Seen on an apple device, the app issues would solve themselves and really that was my biggest problem all right. Thank you very much for watching. I appreciate you letting me ramble on at the end here please like and subscribe. It really just kind of helps me out and – and i hope to see you again in a future video.