At the same time, when you need to unleash your camera and let it fly Music, introducing selfly a smart autonomous flying camera that doubles as a nine millimeter thin phone case, it is with you at all times, ready to capture and share the perfect shot. You could only dream of selfly takes off and hovers autonomously operated in real time through your phone to catch the perfect shot you want cell fly flies by itself like an invisible tripod, easily controlled by adjusting the frame with simple hand. Gestures cell fly is a smart flying camera. Anything your smartphone is able to detect or process could be sent to control cell fly and enable incredible features. Music like face and smile recognition, sweet panoramic or even follow your movements, and, of course, you can share them instantly. On all your social platforms, Applause cell fly folds to a nine millimeter slim design, thanks to the unique motor folding mechanism, so it can easily fit comfortably in your pocket. Cell fly is your point of view from a new, exciting angle: Music Applause, what’s, cool about this Music Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, um, Music, Applause, Music, so meet airpix. The world’s, smallest and easiest aerial camera ever made capture, hd photos and videos. Never before possible then share them like magic right from the app it’s like having a personal photographer in your pocket. Take it everywhere and put away the selfie sticks forever. Music airpix works with just one touch.

It will fly frame snap and return all by itself. So cool and so easy, if you want more control, just use the in app joystick. You can also turn on 360 mode to automatically take pictures all around, and it will follow your face for the perfect picture. You can even control it with gestures in the app customize, your pics and then post them instantly to your favorite social stream. You can even live stream real time adventures from the air wowing. Your friends and followers has never been this easy and it’s packed with features like italian design. 12 megapixel photos, hd video 60 foot range six plus minutes of flight time and smooth air flight stabilization.