The Drone, because I cant fly drones, Ive, never flown a drone ever so I didnt want to buy an expensive one and then just crash into everything, so thats, just how it came out of the package, get a little bag and everything. This was 50 bucks alrighty. Here we go: oh my gosh, oh my gosh, that that is scary. Im gon na break this straight away, all right there. It is its like: okay, thats, tiny, thats, um, chords batteries, a couple of spare batteries, a control, some instructions holy. Look at that whoa whoa holy shes gon na fly thats so scary. I dont want to crash all over my house Laughter, Music, holy crap Im buying it. What the hell is. This man wait a minute all right, Im ready! Oh Im, like a little kid right now, ah holy Megan, someone thats done it for the first time and land, so Im super impressed and I just took that straight out of the box turned it on and away. I went so I dont thats the person I ever find a drone. Like a successfully. I had an old helicopter toy that I read once and it went pretty much blew up and then just smashed into the neighbors car and broke into pieces. So that was an absolute fail, so take it out of the box fold, the wings out turn that on put some batteries in that on on take off Music. What the hell Im really wondering what my base looks like well, Im fine, then, because Im just basically freaking out the whole time, um Im amazed Im curious to see what the camera does and I havent downloaded the app or anything like that, but Music Applause, all Right after seeing that terrible camera footage, I probably wouldnt recommend um trying to buy this for any sort of filming um, but yeah its pretty easy to fly easy enough misses both the kids.

They both had a turn and they were actually able to maneuver it around performed a drone thats. You know take a couple of people. A little fly around for 50 Im just gon na break. It Im definitely gon na break that.