This is going to be a video series, this one being all about the camera itself and to be more precise, it's gon na be all about comparing the photos this drone can take. The next video in the series is going to be about video, nighttime footage and so on so don't forget to subscribe and hit the bow notification icon for the next month, because I'm going to post a video like this or two per week. I got them all outside in different days with rain and wind, but what will focus the most on this video is going to be the photo comparison between all these rooms. I am going to mainly compare them against the Maverick air too, but I would also compare them between each other now, let's start. Looking at the pictures, I am going to first show the pics to use side by side. It was a cloudy day, so there wasn't much light in the shot. That means more potential noise. In the picture. I will also compare a better daylight picture between all of the drones, but bear with me now let's zoom in a lot in the photo. Do you like one more than the other? Well, let me spoil things for you. The one on the right is the Mavic air tube, and I have to say that, indeed, you can see the text from the market being easier to understand. The foliage is a bit clearer and less noise in dark spots.

Even the parking spots sign has better contrast and definition on the mavica. If we're taking at this building, we can again see that the Original Medicare has a difficult time keeping up with higher ISO values. As there is more noise in the image, if we move to another part of the image, we see that the colors on the right are more true to life, as there are more green and brown tones in the leaves and the red color surrounding the triangle. Sign is a bit more visible for some reason. The tree trunk seems more visible in the Maverick air image. As i zoom in a crack in the street, we can see it's better represented by the mavica even actually way better and considering I'm living in Romania. I'M. Sure that wasn't covered up in the two minutes, I change the drone and again there is also much more noise on the magic wand. Now I couldn't help myself, but also take an HDR photo with an IV here here on the right, and it looks quite different, as you see same shot way different results. This guy has way more details, as well as the rest of the picture. At the same time, ADR comes from high dynamic range imaging, and this makes the darker parts of the photo, as well as the brighter parts be exposed just as well as we can see in this dark spot of the image. The Navigator with HDR does a better job at showing the details in the shadows definitely a superior way of taking a photo, especially if you're, not a professional photographer.

The sky also makes for a huge difference in the image where there are barely any details in the clouds for the non HDR image, while the HDR one is completely something else now. Let'S compare the photos of the same drones but by daylight when low noise isn't that big of an issue anymore. As you can see, both photos look really good, but I can see for sure that the colors in the Medicare are more accurate to what the eye can see and the overall prettier image. The better let's start zooming in the same spots and you'll be the judge. Music, now that we cover the photos of the Medicare versus navigate one let's go to the next pair, the Medicare versus the rally pro as you can see, when zooming in the same amount. The Maverick image looks closer more zoomed in this makes the comparison a bit unfair, as it simply has a narrow field of view. However, in this lower light situation, you can obviously see a huge difference between the half inch sensor and the one inch sensor here. There is much more detail in the old paint on the side of the building block in the Maverick image, as well as less noise. In my opinion, the Maverick also wins in terms of how readable the text is, but keep in mind that it's a bit more zoomed in by default. Frankly, when looking at different photos, things change a bit. So in this example, I like how the wall, texture and noise, looks a bit more on the Maverick air tube and I'm happy, but there's a bit more detail in the tree on the Navi Pro here's.

Another example that shows the superior low light capability of the married Pro compared to most drones on the market, the crack in the floor again looking good in both examples, but this time I actually like it a bit better in the Medicare. Weird enough. You can obviously tell more about image quality by looking at shots like these, where you can see that it was much better in certain spots than in the Medicare. But the word is not yet one let's compare this mara photo with the HDR one from the Maverick air from afar. I would definitely consider the Medicare, the winner in this situation, there's more details in the sky and the shadows look better exposed as expected from an HDR photo. But what happens when we zoom in oh well, pretty much the same thing. The image in the Mavic air is way better exposed. Now, however, the noise is a bit more noticeable since the ISO has been bumped up a bit in certain spots. Well, let's. Try again now let's compare the sunny time photos between one another to see what we end up with both photos are really great. This time I would even say that the Medicare 2 looks better. In some cases. It seems that in good daylight, the difference isn't that big, I would say the marriage, still has better colors when it comes to photos, probably more accurate and well differentiated, but clearly not that big of a difference.

Oh look even the van seems to have grown in size and changed into a Mercedes in the map to Proform. It has to be the superior camera for sure, okay, another shot, but this time let's bring out the big guns. The Maverick air 2 has a new 48 megapixel photo mode. That should give amazing details in the photo, so let's see how it actually compares to the already amazing photo of them having to probe at the first zoom in. We can definitely see better detail in the 14 megapixel Navi 2 photo than the normal mode, but it still has more noise than the math YouTube pro 1. If we look in the shadow areas, the maverick 2 wins again with better exposure and clearer image details without much noise. If we zoom in into the foliage a bit more that it will show a bit messed up in the Medicare two photo as if they're in a van Gogh picture or something yet the details in the merit approach. In really great steel, although if you zoom out and try to get the whole picture, I admit both pics look really great. I might even say that I like to medicate to more person another new addition to the Medicare 2. When it comes to photos, is the smart photo mode that basically adjusts the picture exposure depending on how the text was seen, so it makes sure not to under expose the shot, if you have too much sky or things like that, which can be very useful.

For example, in this shot, the smart mode is on the right side and it exposed it a bit better as it made the scene. A bit more lighted in the shadows show up a bit more and thick at the expense of losing slightly more detail in the clouds. But I would say that is a good trader for showing more detail in the shadows. But always remember. You have HDR mode 2, which is definitely the best way to expose as much as you can from the shot at the same time, while also getting an interesting effect. At the same time, however, there is still one zone we haven't yet compared to the mavica, and that is it's, smaller and cheaper counterpart. The mapping meaning the mini recently got manual exposure controls which make it a much more potent John compared to what it started with. Both photos look pretty great, but we see that the dynamic range or the Maverick mean he looks a bit off with the darker bits. Being a bit too dark, however, for the price I'd be damned if the difference makes up for it. In the first jump in picture, you can see there's a lot more noise in the mapping mini photo that's, also because it has smaller sensor. Of course, you can see the shadow areas that more foliage is coming through. However, weird enough, I have noticed that is specially in the foliage. The Mavic air tends to make things a bit too van gogh with a lot of abstract, color mixing and such while the cheaper natty mini holds the photo more accurate to the original shapes again pretty weird that the sign can be actually seemed clearer in the Mavic Mini photo, which I wouldn't have expected what I must say that the overall noise and image quality still goes to the Medicare.

If we're looking at the darker area, we can again see better leaders in the Medicare photo, which generally makes for a better looking photo when zoomed out I'm really impressed with the mapping mini. I must say as a conclusion, I have to say the order. Is this the Maverick pro is the incontestable winner when it comes to these daylight photos. The Mavic air is on the second place, definitely and then well, I'm, not really sure so. Let'S compare the map immunity to the Mavic air. Ok, I admit I didn't expect the Maverick mini to actually be better than the Maverick air one, but I can clearly see much more detail in the shapes of the objects, although we could blame it partially on the sharpness setting. I can clearly see there is actually better details in the shadows. The difference isn't extreme and I feel like the Mac Mini, has slightly more noise, but I would definitely pick them having mini as the winner in the photo department versus the air. One. Just look at the foliage and how precise the plants are defined in the image compared to the word makes the air is going for. So yes, I'm, going to continue my conclusion by saying that the mapping mini is actually on the 3rd spot when it comes to taking photos with these rooms better than the Maverick air. One, however, keep in mind that the Medicare 2 has the advantage of HDR photos which can totally change the look of the photo, as well as the 48 megapixel photos that, even though, have slightly more noise, so they're not suitable for dark shots.

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