Man. This thing has a lot of features guys a lot of features lets check it out. Music, like i said this thing, has crazy specs. Let me break them down to you, so it has obstacle avoidance. All right, 720p camera altitude hold um, wi, fi fpv does flips one key return. Headless mode. Three speeds has a custom flight path. Gravity sensor. Control has a couple lights at the front and at the back all right. This thing is crazy. Crazy features all right lets see what else came in this package. All right lets check this remote out guys decent size sticks feel pretty good, not too big, not too small, all right. So these are your trims. Theres, your power button, theres your cell phone holder in the middle, pretty big im sure it can hold my galaxy note. 10 plus im here is your: take off and land button headless mode, uh, your one key return and heres the button for your obstacle avoidance. All right, um top left shoulder button is your speeds. It has three speeds top right. Shoulder button is your flips and it takes three triple a batteries. It comes with two batteries, charging cable manual, uh, proper, moving tool, screwdriver and a set of props all right lets start it up guys. First, you download the 4d app to your phone. All right. The sync can fly without the app but theres a lot more functions within the app all right all right, so you get your battery going like lock it in all right.

Okay, hit the power button on the top. Okay turn the power on your remote. Okay, go up and down and youre good to go so heres your take off and land button just hit it all right. So im gon na fly this thing around in the man cave for a bit. Show you guys some of the functions and then try to take it outside for a flight. This thing is light and it might be windy outside all right lets start it up guys, take off and land button there. You go all right, yall rate, first, second rate ill, see you all right now well go to third, a little faster. All right lets. Try some flips, okay, tight, flips, another one, all right! I dont have much room in here Music, okay back here, i can speed up Music, not bad got some speed to it. Nice and slow. It raises up lets come back lets see if we go slow. All right, Music come back forward all right spin, it around come forward all right back forward back forward. Let me go down whoa, that is pretty cool lets. Take it outside definitely better indoors. With this thing guys do some funnels, though not bad. Let me land this thing all right, all right! Well, all in all guys, this is one pretty decent. Drone great build quality flies good, especially indoors, its kind of breezy. So you know the winds, taking it a little bit, cameras horrible, so dont! Look for this to be a camera bird, not at all, but it flies well.