I reviewed this one without the camera and this ones on amazon, at this price right now and the one without the camera is this price, because, but i actually bought mine on ebay for this price, which makes it a really good deal because yall kept asking me How how did these two drones compare well, im gon na go, fly this one outdoors and doors and show you how well it flies and how good the camera works. So if youre like me and you didnt, want to read the instructions – and you wanted to jump on youtube to figure out how to get this in the air thats, what were going to do now well go over the app and the features of the drone and How to get it in the air and then then ill come back for my final review and ill, compare it to some other mini drones that are in the same price point. So if youve already bought it. Congratulations on starting with the mini drone before you go out and buy a more expensive drone and if youre thinking about buying it ill go over that in my final review, lets lets review the drone and the features all right. The original v8 weighed in at 46 grams, but the one with the camera weighs in at 48 grams and the v9 that im reviewing next weighs in at 52 grams, its a foldable version of it. So how much is 48 grams its about as much as airpods? Let me start by saying: look at this really nice case.

It comes in its got. A nice handle zipper, you open it up. Youve got the remote control. The drone and the extra batteries go here and inside this pocket. Here it will come the two batteries. Your prop removal tool be sure and use the prop removal tool if youve damaged one of the props dont, just pull on it or youll pull the wires out, and these blades are labeled a and b. So this ones b2, and this one will be a1, be sure you put the right props if you have to replace them and how you replace them and the reason it comes with the handy dandy screwdriver. Is you look right here? You got ta. Take these little bitty screws off to take this top off to to be able to replace the props, but i cant imagine one of them getting damaged inside here so to charge of batteries its a usb. You just plug it in here and theres a little red light and itll go off when it finishes charging it takes about an hour and get about eight nine minutes of flight time so on the remote is a little bit different than the last one, because the Power switch was here, and now your power switch is right here, so this folds up and holds your phone right here and on the remote on this side. Is your flip button? So you push the button and go in any direction and itll flip.

That button on this side is your three speed button and every time you push it youll hear a beat one beep, two beeps three beeps for the different speeds. These are your trim buttons. So if it seems to be drifting to the left or to the right, you just push the opposite button until you get it straightened out, takes a little bit of practice, but youll get the hang of it, and the remote does take three double, as in the Back right here is your return to home button. Dont ever use that its not a gps button. You push that itll fly into a wall heres your headless mode, dont ever use that that changes, the orientation of the drone and the whole point of a beginner drone is to learn how to fly them right here. This is the one youre going to use the most. This is the take off and land button and this button it calls it induction mode. But when you press that itll only stay in speed one and if you look theres two sensors on both sides and its obstacle avoidance, where you put your hand and you can fly it controlling it with your hands – youll have to play around a little bit with That to see how that works and ill, try it when im flying it. So on the drone, you have to do it in this rotation. You have to turn the drone on.

First, the lights will be blinking. Then you turn on the remote and then to get it to bind you go up and down up down. Then you can hit this button and itll take off and you hit the button again to make it land so to get the camera to work. You got to use the app, so it comes with a really nice instruction booklet, its really thick, because its in lots of languages, so you open it up to page 10 open up your phone open up. The camera then hold down the iso and itll. Take you to the app store and then you download the app you can open up the app but theres something else you got to do. First, you got to go out of the app with the drone and the remote still on go to your settings. Go to wi fi, go to wi fi and then youll see the 40 rc, and this is how you get the camera to work. Once you see the check on, then you can go back to the app and itll be full size on your phone. So dont use the app when youre flying just watch the video on it, except you want to press this to take a button and this one to start a video ill, show you and heres what the video looks like with me just holding it in my hand, Its real blurry, a lot of jello all right lets, go put her up in the air and see how she flies pushing it.

Its gon na be really fast. Coming back against the wind thats full throttle into a wind, you really cant fly it outside much. Look at that all right guys, im only going to show about a minute of it flying around outside because its kind of windy, but it is a really good way to hone your skills if youre an advanced flyer, if youre a beginner, i say start indoors, i Do really like the blue lights and the red lights in the back. It helps you keep the orientation of the drone when youre flying outside so beginner. Drones are a great way to learn how to fly. If people buy an expensive drone, they come home and they crash it and they think stupid drone, but really its the fact that theyve not learned the orientation of it. So you really want to start with the beginner drone. I would start indoors im going to take it indoors and were going to fly it and heres a flip of it in slow motion, kind of cool. The flip button works really good and here im going to start pushing it to the limits of how far it can go to test the range. I would suggest not doing this because the drone wants to descend very slowly. So if the wind starts to pick up its going to go bye bye, so i wouldnt try this unless theres absolutely no wind, but i really the range was really good on it.

It didnt lose any of the functions of the controls. The farther i went out to get a good shot of the sunset so lets. Take it inside and lets see how she flies indoors: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, boy, speed, one really slow Applause; its a good way to learn, though Music Applause, speed, one is where yeah wow thats almost too much. So this is induction mode, Music, yeah, all right. So i just played a little bit inside, so you can see how loud it is. I really didnt like the induction mode, so if youre starting speed, one which you should to learn how to fly the drone, if you push the induction mode, its going to turn on the obstacle avoidance. But if it gets close to something it seems to bounce away from it too far and too fast, you saw how it jumped up and hit the ceiling and came down and crashed. So i wouldnt even use that, and i wouldnt use the app when youre flying it as far as looking at the video because or the functions of it just use the controller so start in speed. One then go to speed two speed three and after a while when youre flying it, your subconscious is gon na take over and youre, not gon na even realize that youre using the orientation of the controls without thinkings and thats. The whole reason of starting with the mini drone, so, even though im pointing out some of the bad things about this drone dont get me wrong.

It flies really good theres, no delay in the latency of the controls when you turn them. It turns just really quick, but the camera is really bad ill. Show you that in a minute, so if youre buying a mini drone – and you want a camera ill talk about that at the end. But the cameras really bad on this thing. But it is a lot of fun to fly, and here ill show you, my dogs, their favorite thing to do is to chase a mini drone around when its raining outside. I want to give them exercise, and here they go, you might be thinking. Why is he showing these dogs chasing a mini drone around because its a really good exercise to do you start thinking about the dogs and you quit thinking about what youre doing with the drone and before long youre flying the drone and you dont even realize it Also, its a lot of fun and a good good exercise for your dogs, as i mentioned, it does take about an hour to charge the batteries and you get about 10 minutes of flight time. Another thing, too, is even though hes a 15 year old, beagle whats right here. He catches it right in his mouth right here and then i mentioned that you cant bend the props well thats, how you bend the props all right so now, im going to show you some video from the camera as its flying around youll, see that the video Is really bad, its really shaky a lot of jello a lot of distortion when its turning and stuff? The only practice this would be good for is to learn how to use a camera on a drone.

So you can learn how to the pre start. Checklist go over. Everything make sure everythings doing right that way, when you do get a camera drone and youre flying it, you are used to flying with the camera drone. So thanks so much for watching my review of the 4drc v8 mini drone. So what do i think about it? I think its a great beginner mini drone. I mean you got to start with the beginner mini drone to learn the orientation of a drone. I still think the best beginner mini drone is the holy stone hs210, which is this price point on amazon right now, because this one flies the best, but it doesnt have a camera. So if you want one with the camera, i dont think this. Camera is very good matter of fact, it might be the worst camera ive ever seen on a drone. If you see the holy stone 420 that i reviewed last week, that thing has a really good camera and theyre close to the same price point its this price point on amazon right now, but they both fly about the same, but its really loud. This one may be twice as loud as any of the mini drones. Ive flown, i dont know if its a plastics or the way the props work, but its really loud, but it is really fast. It has multiple speeds, got a great carrying case three batteries. A really nice controller, but for a few more dollars you could move up to the sand rock u61 and the lula new 61, which are the same drones, and these fly really good and have a really good camera.

Not as good as the 420, though, which is even cheaper and for maybe 20 more dollars, you can move up to the hs 340, which is a youd, be really happy with this drone, but it doesnt have covered props. So, comparing it to the covered prop mini drones. I think this one flies just as good, but it doesnt have a very good camera and its pretty loud. So, as always, if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, i have a lot of other mini drone reviews coming out im going to even do the foldable version of this, which is the v9 next from 4drc.