So the drone its for drc or something called vicky here – oh, if only you could see it. Yes, vicky you got a camera at the at the bottom, and youve got a front facing cam as well. Here you get a top two front lights and red at the back, and you need to watch which this one is goes first, because it has this expandable thingy and then you can open this one, and the same is on the other side. Youve got as well. This here and this so now, weve got it. Okay, yes, so lets lets. Leave the drone. No sorry lets put the battery youve got this circular half circle here, so you just insert it thats you. Yes, job done: okay, cool! You got a usb cable micro, usb cable, so the old fashion, its not the usbc one, so its this one. Now it came with a screwdriver, you have it with a screwdriver. A customer did mount propellers, so i dont i dont, need to use it, and i see that there are some spa propellers as well, so its never too many of them. You might say, because you can damage them really easily um wasting the time on putting them back to the back. Sorry guys so yeah so thats what it is and it came with with some user manuals. One is chinese, so lets get the chinese on the side. Here and uh some yeah, like whatever chinese it is now, this user manual is partially in english and in french, the first part is in french and then halfway through its the um, the english one.

Yes, so thats something for us to understand, they will say to us come on yes, and we wont know what this mean now here is expandable, so i assume inside this building antenna its not only the plastic on its own, because that would make sense. So you got two devices assembled. There were screws as well here on each side see those screws and these were separated. So when we will go to the center of the drone or quadcopter, somebody would say what it is its a quadcopter. So you would see that youll have it, you know, youll, have it with all sorts of kits i mean this kit will have all sorts of things and youve got the example of how to do it. Yes, so its thats self explanatory thats no point now its showing you how to um open it, so you need to use manual labor to do it, yes, opening it, which is okay, its really compact youve, seen it. You know like in a in a palm. You can hold it and weve mounted the battery inside, so thats sorted and ive installed already up so thats for drc. Here pro yes, thats, the app is available with without any problems, uh. Okay! So now now thats whats wrong: okay, thats, good thats, good! Sorry, customers! You know so i i will have to reply later on after the recording. So what i want to say is the app is explaining you, the connectivity in a bit old way.

Now, if im trying, if i would try lets, say ill, show you that, because if you would buy this at argos, you would find the same issue. Okay, so in the user manual its starting here, its thats only explaining how to connect the batteries and thats your app thats, explaining about the app okay. So now, if you would go with app download and installation and then up control panel, which its irrelevant, because we cant do anything because the app have to go through this certain process, so we need to go into this preparation instructions before flight. Okay. That section is the section which is required: thats, 11 section. Yes, so thats the section now in this section you will be told to turn on the power on the aircraft and place it on the horizontal plane. At this time, the aircraft placed on the horizontal plane will automatically enter the code matching state and the front white light and the red light of fuselage will flash fuselage will flash okay set the aircraft in a correction, correct direction, a and then nose shell face forward? It must be placed on the horizontal plane, which is another issue: okay, thats, a horizontal one, and this horizontal, whatever somebody would say, thats horizontal and we dont want to put it on the edge youd say: lets get the scope away so that if something will go Wrong, it will be still okay, yeah thats, okay. So we need to get this horizontal um stuff done, but now we should be able to turn the power on.

So you cant press and just wait that it will be on you have to press and hold okay. So it start to blink. You see those lights here as well flashing, and now you should be able to turn on the wi fi function in the mobile device. So ive got my mobile device turned on and we can go and search for the network and networks and wi fi networks, and i should be able to find network, which is the name of this particular thing for drc. But i dont see any of those networks. So we see so those instructions are useless useless in in general. They are useless. The same thing when i went to the app it was saying about this horizontal calibration and then guide calibration, and none of this was matching here. So no wonder customer was confused about setting up this drone, so you see so i wouldnt recommend you to buy this drone. If you dont know how to set it up and then you dont have patience on top of that to do it. Yes, because for sure you need to have some focus so okay, so we see that the user manual of this is just a bit not fair with a customer next um. If we turn off the wi fi function on the mobile device select for drc in the wi fi list, which we dont have and open the app after it connected successful, so no, no, no and one more time.

No, this wont work for drc is not in my networks to be true. I can. I can show you my networks, thats, not a secret, but its you might see. You might not see that its nowhere for the rc network. So what else can we do? We can do geomagnetic calibration operations. Yes, so long press geomagnetic calibration key, which is on this lets press one, nothing it didnt switch on, so we need to press it and hold it and its blinking okay. So now, in order to do it, we should do the top and bottom so top and bottom, and now its stable red, okay, so thats. The next step turn on the remote control default mode, long press, the button switch buttons step, one cool weve done it weve done it weve done it uh and push the throttle level up to the top step two and then to the bottom step. Three, and thus the frequency matching is successful. Uh the uav lights change from flashing to being permanently on, which is accurate, permanently on and permanently on and permanently on. So everything is is okay ish. It must ensure that the power of the aircraft remote control is sufficient or it cannot take off, but as youve seen when the start was of the video, i was showing you the green light here when i was taking pulling out before disconnecting from usb thats. Why? I was waiting on this video, so i think but thats a four or five fifth attempt to be true, so anyways uh.

We need to start the horizontal calibration operation, which is um here, short press. The horizontal calibration button on the remote control, which is plus and a thats the thats, the button here by the way thats the button so its a first left bottom. Yes, so press the horizontal calibration button on the remote control and the white and red light on the aircraft will flash quickly when the white and red light lights on the aircraft are always on. It will means that the calibration is completed figure. One were gon na figure figure free here, so anyways thats a figure one okay, so its one and then after that it want me to go to the app which no can do. Why no can do because im not connected with that up, which is bonkers, because i should be yes, i should be able, but im unable to do it. So i will need to use this long press the geomagnetic calibration, which is this button. Okay, until the front white light and the rear red light flash on the aircraft, then step number two here yes, step number two is to rotate horizontally clockwise, yes, clockwise, in my way its seen as a clockwise and to to pick up the aircraft rotate clockwise until The front white light is always on and the rear red light flashes and the remote control emits a beep, its mean that the horizontal calibration is completed so okay. So we should long press the geomagnetic calibration until the front white light and the rear right will flash on the aircraft.

So it does now. We need to turn it okay, so weve got it. Weve got it well so that front light is now white as as it was set and the horizontal is is settled so uh. The red line will flash on there very good, so thats us now rotate clockwise with that. Now its this this the last here. Yes, now rotate clockwise with the tail up the aircraft. So tail is this one? Yes, thats up the aircraft in upward pick up the aircraft, with its nose being vertically down and rotate clockwise until the white light on the front and the red light on the rear of the aircraft are always on and the remote con emits a beep. Its mean that the guide calibration is completed, so we need to turn it several times again. Okay, so you see so its calibrated because its this one is stable and this one is stable, so we should be good. Everything should be as its supposed to be yes, but again, weve got no communication with the app, which is a bit pathetic, because why you need the app if the app doesnt connect so thats it. You know so thats it thats calibrated thats turned on thats charged. So thats everything star search status in gps mode by default. Why do we need it? Can someone explain the remote controller of gps mode and the gps slide is always on which means that the gps is in the state of star searching here.

You might not know it, but its additional thing, so its gps, auto landing and something else yeah auto longer, but lets not worry about it for now. Okay, so thats it and start stop gps mode push the left and right joystick on the remote control outward to unlock doesnt happen. Anything okay, doesnt happen. Anything so starts gps. This one thats nothing happening. Okay, so should be able to start. Can we start it? Are we able to start it? Control method, have application operation and here okay, so we should be able to lift it. No, it doesnt work. Now this button, its auto, lift its not working Music, no, its, not working this, no, its, not working. Okay. No, so you see so its a bit useless because you cant say i cant say how to do it. Headlight mode, one key return, no control method, so you should be able to lift by pressing only this to the top which youre not because i dont see any start button on it. Rattler is pushed off the aircraft moves forward. Yes, so no can do. This should lift up, but its not so yeah happy days. Yes, you bought an item, you should operate and its pretty much useless because all it can do all it can do, is beep and flash and give you a light so now how to check it. If its faulty to be true speed, switching default is low, speed mode, three geared switching and here and thats thats the thing one, two one, two three one.

So we should leave at the start on the one, because then the speed will be slow. Yes, but then again it doesnt work, yes, auto! No, okay, so again lets close it, nothing, auto, nothing automatic liftoff, nothing, lets press and hold this one. Nothing. So customer was right that there is some issue with it. Uh ill need to look into it because to be true, and i would fail everything what i could think of customer. In my humble opinion, customer either done everything right or done partially right, but i know i i went through all of it so uh. The only thing would, i could think of. Yes, the only thing that i could think of is that ive missed something yes somewhere. Something which i doubt because i went across all user manual with it, so there should be everything now if i count connect with this app because i left i mean i cant – connect this up Music yeah if ill go to this app right now in detection mode. Cant detect because it it doesnt see it. Yes of course, so then again you know you going through this for this step and another one and then start to fly, but you still count its disconnected and you cant connect thats the problem, so how you can um? How you can connect it if thats the case no, can do and theres no settings to to set it up its image quality, a calibration surrounding radius, um, beginners mode flight distance flight attitude – thats it you know, like you count confirm, take off it.

It wont take off because its not connected, and here as well, i should be able to just literally press this push forward, and that should work so see if you buy it at argos, might not work as this one or there might be some other thing which We dont know about because that should literally, that should be everything what we should do. We should calibrate it switch it on calibrate it, and that should be thats it its nowhere written uh that we should do anything else. There is no additional switch batteries. Battery is in camera is in the only thing which we cant do is communicate with the app okay. If we cant communicate with the app how we can how we can communicate with this, so the app is useless at the moment and for drc ill check. If theres any other app okay lets, let us check if theres any other up, go to play store and for drc well put for dr c drawn up okay, so there is only one for drc pro which is showing open, but i want to find for the Rc and its getting me to again, there is for the fly from 4drc for the rc go. So excuse me, so i dont know what it is. Thats photos showing here so it its not the app control, storage line sources to get video and photo, but its you know it still counts and recognize total users.

Okay, so comments are a john has been completely waste of money as both to take videos and photographs. So there is not a huge fan rating on this people. People dont like this, this stuff. The question is: can we can we make it working because it has to communicate with this speed? Weve done. Take off weve done, auto landing, how to start nothing. So the only thing i can think of is now these are turn somehow. So i dont believe this customer did anything wrong Music. I wouldnt blame customer here. I would blame Music argos for not checking what they have in their warehouses. If they are setting selling products, they should have a better understanding of these products, in my opinion, and they should make sure that when they are selling the instructions are uh. You know just good good for customers all right. Okay, so weve got a bit of situation which is not understanding of whats going on now it was a failure. You can say it is a blinking mode, so i dont know what the blinking mode is, because it went into the it went into the how you call it it went into the area where suppose not to go like where its blinking. Now you know like we need a calibration. We need a calibration mode, so lets switch. It off lets switch it off. Okay, its off lets switch it back on okay, so lets lets calibration. Okay, so doesnt want so lets.

Do the calibration one more time by pressing this long time, its not flashing, really quick, so lets pressing one more time. No, its its, not okay. Lets lets try to turn it. Maybe it will stop at the front okay, so its not working this time as it was originally so lets switch it off off off off. Lets switch this one off. Okay, lets press and hold this for a longer time. The top bottom very good now lets press and hold this okay. Now we should be able to have the front lights stopped. Okay, so yeah weve got the front lights on that this one is blinking, so we should be able to turn it clockwise and have the red light stabilize as well, but it doesnt. Okay, sorry it should be tail to the bottom and then turn it clockwise yeah. My fault so okay, so lets, give it a shot and lets do auto, lift and lets try not to kill ourselves this time. I cant show you this, because if ill show you it will smash onto something it should be in the open air so ill. Do top it doesnt do anything. So what ive done is ive pressed this button here, its auto lift, okay or i should press and hold it. I dont know okay, so press and hold now this okay thats, the slowest mode possible, thats, fine, thats, auto and thats. Auto lift nothing okay, so i dont know why, by accident it went on at one time.

Maybe this auto lift is taking some time. You know like it needs some time to to lift off, but at the end of the day, uh you you shouldnt uh, you shouldnt be waiting. Outer left should be explained here, and it was. I remember that, as i went across it, uh normal gps, auto lift one key, take off one key landing, yeah one key return: okay, so thats what it is, but but but but thats, not thats the gps mode, its not the one start, stop common mode needs To be turned on for indoor operation, Music, okay, okay, so the gps mode um is different from the common mode if the common mode is need to be turned on for the indoor operation. So if you are indoor that should be on the gps, gps should be off, because gps will be the long distance, so weve got. We need to remember to set it up on one, so the speed will be the slowest and as well. The gps will be off next, its auto, i dont know if i can hold it and get any other beep, no beep, okay. So now it should be auto takeoff, a long press, gps, okay, thats. What ive done indicator to remote control under normal mode? Okay, thats. Fine push the left and right joystick on the remote control outwards to unlock. Oh look, it did so it did its turning propellers. I want you to see it see, so let me try now to slowly get it up ill.

Try to be gentle, oh honey, bunny. We need to go outside. We need to go outside for a simple reason, its just dangerous here and id say and its its no point to to do it because its just you know it just can break yes, so lets see its turning Laughter, whoa, Music. Oh its lifting up, okay, so it is working at the end of the day. It is working and its working fine, its just that it has a problem with communication um of communication from the ill call it with the app yes, the app communication. So that would will need to be sorted, but if you want to start it, indoor gps has to be off the slowest mode now its quicker mode, now its quickest mode and thats, one bps. And now, if you wan na start it you just get these two outwards. Yes, like thats you now, if you go very slowly very to the bottom. Yes, because i dont wan na to the very bottom, then it will automatically land and it will automatically switch off. So thats it thats it. My review for this is is poor because i couldnt connect with an app. I could make it working so im happy that i could make it working the instructions from from this im not happy about them. They are not completely clear. This could be done far better and i dont know yet what will come up with this app? If, if i will be able to connect with this app ill, make it ill make in the description, uh or pin the comment post and i will add over there or maybe well add you a link at this video that i was able to connect with this App, i will let you know in some of the ways more you can just join our group learning electronic group on facebook.

There is only 20 people i think about, and what we can do is when i will be doing it when it will be. Second recording. You will know about it, but it is, it is working. You know it is working, so were happy, and i mean im not happy that i you know i i almost damaged it, but i fortunately i was able to catch it on time, so thats fine. So it didnt do any harm, propers, didnt damage or anything. It just went into the cables, which is fine because cables hold it and then here i was able to grab it so its fine as well ill go outside to see. You know how it is working, but i wont be recording that i will only record if i will be doing with the app, if i wont be doing it without then i wont be doing any more recordings on this one. My review is poor. You can say i i wouldnt pay money for this uh. If i would have to go buy, i would make sure that there is a drone which works out of the box with certain app sorry guys, thats my opinion um. You can work with this, but the idea is to use cam yes, because youve got a bottom come and youve got a front facing cameras here adjustable, which is a nice touch, because you can adjust the angle if its stiff enough, you know, and its not loosen Up after some time, which we dont know because we cant make more tests for now whats the point so yeah so on the remote youve got uh only this button, which is for photos taking.

But why do you need photos if you cant get the camera working? So the app is is a bit useless, so hopefully i will figure out how to run with that. If i wont figure out how to work with with this um, i dont think i will be going into coding and i dont think i will be lets say creating an app for it, so that i can. I can connect with it. I dont think i dont think i want, and i dont want to spend time on that so probably probably will just give up on it, and i will give it back to the customer. I will call the customer now and i will let them know that i managed to start it up and i was able to use it and he can use it. But if you want to use the camera, i need to keep it for longer and figure out. The way how to do it or give up on it or we can go to argos and just say guys what what youve sold you know like come on. This should work but anyways thank you for watching. Hopefully, the video showed you uh. What i know about it and how to use it, how to take it off so its a simple steps you switch on this by holding for about three seconds, both of them and its turning on then this one has to be calibrated, but before calibration, you need To press top and bottom, you need to take it top bottom, so the frequency will match on these two now, when the frequency will match on these two, you can start a calibration by pressing this button here, yes pressing it for a few seconds, it has to Lie down flat, yes and propellers have to be separated; it has all legs have to go outside of each other.

Yes, so all of them has to go like that, and you need to turn three or four times like that. So then it will start. These will stop the blinking, but this will be still blinking, okay and in order for um for the vertical now to be settled as well, you need to get the front lights to the bottom and turn it clockwise again about four times four or five times. You know like 500 to 1000 yeah. You know you know just just few times then this one will stop once this will stop if youre indoor, which i wouldnt recommend, especially at the very start and open this and switch off the gps. So the gps is off and listen to those clicks. Beeps speed number two that was speed number three, so keep it from the one. Yes, one is the slowest, so i would go for it and now to start this, you just pull them like that and youre starting, i wont be starting because its loud, noisy and so on. Yes, so so i wont be doing it and if you want to land completely down down, then what you need to do. Is you just take this to the very very bottom thats you, but you can go up. You can go down. Yes, you can go sideways. So its fine, so it is working, it is working. Fine, the user manual is not great to be true, it is so so you need to be careful how youre reading it and not misunderstanding certain things: um thats it i wouldnt want it.

I wouldnt want it for me its a waste of money but anyways, hopefully customer will at least enjoy it. Probably it wasnt like too dear. It was quite cheap. I i cant tell you because i think he told me, but you know for me its guessing, because i dont remember, i thought something went wrong: okay, so anyways thats, my review, i dont know if you agree with it or you dont agree, thats.