We got the 4drc v20 here. First test flight were going to power it up here and were going to get this one up in the air, so a little bit of a break in the weather today. So i got the opportunity to get this one out for a quick flight, so this would be the first time ive had this one airborne so were just calibrating it there and Music get it up in the air. Now weve got three rates of speed on this. One but were just gon na trim it out a bit here there we go im just gon na go for it guys now well, uh well get into some of the camera functions and check out the camera were not gon na get too in depth on that. First well see how well this one flies now. First, race speed is pretty quick, its a little flyby here, nice bright white leds on the front there, not bad for first rate of speed, lets, bring it in and check out that yaw rate while were uh and well see how nice it hovers as well seems To be pretty good there, we go get for you guys to see it so theres our yaw rate first speed and here were in second speed by the two beeps there, a little bit faster on the odd rate but im curious to see how fast the drone Is now pretty high pitch there yeah definitely uh move a little quicker.

This is actually quicker than i thought it was going to be range seems to be decent were going to get up in the air a little bit so that we can uh see it on the sky skyline there. So we dont lose it in the trees, not bad guys. Last time i had a 4d rc uh drone on the channel is very disappointed in it. This uh this one actually seems to be pretty decent, all right. Third rate, there we go and yeah definitely picking up a bit more speed in third right now, not bad wow. I always like to test these drones out, see how they fly before. I even look at trying the camera. Now this ones got dual cameras and just quickly, looking at the app when i took a quick look at it, i dont even see how we even look at the second camera which is mounted on the bottom, so its more like a an optical flow camera. Maybe thats all it is, and we dont have any uh any access to view that camera. I think thats what it might be with this one, its very vague on the description, all right. Well, this things flying really good guys wow lets uh lets. Do some flips here nice, quick roll there, nice, quick, flips, awesome, guys thats, pretty cool. I always test out headless mode as well, so were going to uh Music, and we can see, as were spinning, were moving away just by pushing the sticks up so headless mode works great well, take it out of there.

Now it doesnt have a return. The home does have one key take off and landing now. One thing i just noticed so were moving good going forward, but coming backwards a lot slower. You can see im full on the stick there going backwards to see how slow it is coming backwards, but going forward look at the pitch. Oh, we just took it into the ground. All right lets go grab that guys no damage well just fold out those arms. Again, well put it on flat: ground were going to recalibrate it. No, it looks like oh there we go, its recalibrated fired up, get up in the air were good to go, so i wan na try that one more time, okay, were in third grade of speed. Music very aggressive pitch there and then, but coming back ah its not as bad as i thought. It was definitely noticeable, though the difference do some barrel rolls Music, all right, im, gon na bring it back here. I wanted to try that one key uh landing guys its hovering, pretty good, well trim out a bit. As you can see, the clouds are pretty dark right now, a little bit of break in the weather, so i was able to get out here. Music. All right lets. Try that one key landing thats pretty much. The last thing i want to test out here so yeah weve hit the one key landing and its bringing it down so that works well.

Take it out of there to me guys now, im not expecting anything great to me if the drone fly is good. With these low toy grades thats all you can really ask for im not expecting much with the camera never do with these small ones. Sometimes you know very odd time. Well, get uh well get a decent camera on them, but with no image stabilization, most likely were were gon na have just uh your average uh camera there so were also uh noticed. We got the timer going were monitoring the flight time on this one. It is advertised 10 to 15 minutes per battery and its a fully charged battery we have in here, so we might have a long flight test here. I do always like to test the flight times on this one. I usually like im doing right now, keep it in high rate of speed after we test out the first uh initial speeds, if its got one or two uh additional speeds well test those, but usually i always keep it in high rate, no issues uh with any Disconnect or anything thats responding perfectly other than my uh one crash there, which was my fault but respawns great to the controls. Im actually quite surprised after my uh, my only other 4d rc drone, which ended up uh being disposed of. I wasnt too sure what to expect here, but im quite pleasantly surprised, get it up in the wind a little bit more yeah and its doing all right.

Im gon na bring it down. We dont need to be risking it up in that uh a little bit higher wind up there right where we are. If you know 10 feet up seems to be the sweet spot, Music, all right, guys, im going to bring it in and well uh im going to stop that timer as soon as we do well, keep that same battery and were going to fire up the camera Here and uh test out the you know a few pictures a little bit of video and show you guys what thats all about. Oh, it actually Music better get out of the neighbors yard there. I just noticed guys it looks like we might be in lvc right now: oh losing control of it there, a bit guys ive, got sticks fully down, thought we were gon na, lose it there for a sec all right. Well, it went down on his own. There guys, let me go collect it were gon na keep the camera rolling. Something weird was happening there. I actually lost control of it a little bit. The wind did pick up a bit but uh. That was odd. I thought i was in lvc for some reason, because i was seeing some blinking lights there, im gon na, put it back down and were gon na take off one more time. Well, just recalibrate it quickly! Here, oh there we go. I thought maybe that battery was toast, but now i can see the red blanking lights on the back and on the front, so were definitely in lvc right now, so well start that lbc timer from when i noticed it there, which is basically now thats it guys.

Its going down on its own all right, well, thats it for flight time on this one, a little less than what i expected so im gon na quickly do guys well switch the battery out now and uh. We will uh well test out the camera there for a few minutes and just fly around for a little bit more before we wrap this one up. Just getting myself set up were gon na get into the uh 4drc wi fi, and also what ill do guys is well get into the app here ill start a screen recording and hopefully that uh that works out for us there and ill get into the the App now, which is the ky fpv app, which i have not been in havent, tested that out well start there. We go cameras working and were just gon na quickly do a calibration here and get this thing up in the air and were filming now guys and what i expected actually before i get too far here. Im gon na quickly just land it im gon na adjust that camera now manual, adjustment on the camera and its all the way forward. I thought maybe we had a little bit of up tilt, but we dont so were still filming. Weve got a little uh timer on the screen, so camera angle not great, were in first rate just so we can minimize the pitch. There definitely handles good was a bit concerning with i pretty much lost control of it felt like wasnt, responding at the end of that last flight.

So not sure what that was all about, but uh the rest of the flight seemed decent all right. So what im? Seeing on the screen here guys, the camera there well just hover for a sec, it doesnt look great its got a decent color, all right, color, but uh definitely uh. Definitely not the best, thats, all right, thats kind of what we expect wasnt. Looking for a good camera personally, i was looking for a good flyer and so far its uh living up to what i want it to be here. All right, i think thats enough weve got a kind of a good idea. What the video quality is on that one im going to stop that now. There are some nice features in this app that were not going to get into today, but you can add music to your videos right from the app there are some special effects, maybe ill check that out. I got to keep an eye on the drone, though just in case it wants to go squirrely on me and we also have 50 times zoom, so my screen recording is still working, which i think it is. You can see we can zoom in and out, which is thats kind of a cool option like that, even though it doesnt look that great or clear now special effects is kind of where i was going here. Yeah theyve got different options: im not going to be messing around with any of these, i personally wont be using them, but uh.

You know for a for a youngster who likes all this technology and the special effects and stuff thats kind of cool. You can change the different effects on the screen right there, thats kind of cool crystal ball. Look in there maybe well film a little bit with some special effects: okay, thats kind of cool im just rolling through the special effects here, as were uh, were filming Music and trying to keep an eye on the drone. You know what this kind of options i havent seen before: wasnt planning on actually scrolling through them at all, but and then back to original thats kind of cool, guys, thats a fun little addition to uh to the app there. Well, stop that i do want to take a couple. Pictures maybe well take a picture of the building over there that were seeing on the frame right now and we can do yeah. We can do those special effects as well with the pictures. Well, just go through a few of them here; ah thats cool guys all right! Well, thats, it guys im not gon na mess around with it anymore. However, i do want to get into the high rate there and just fly around for another minute or two before i uh pack, this one up and head home, but uh for right now. Well, leave it at that, for you guys, you, like this video, make sure you big thumbs up. You want to grab one of these for yourself, 40 rcv20 um.

You wont be disappointed with uh with how this one flies its definitely a good little flyer good park fire here. Good range, nice high speed, so its a fun one to fly. So if you want to grab one of those for yourself or get some more info on it check out the link down below in the description dont forget to hit that subscribe button before you head out.