Try it before you buy it Music. So my friends, i purchased this bad boy from aliexpress for about 50 dollars. It comes in a couple variants. One is a 720 1080 and as well uh 4k version, and this is the 4k version, so lets first check with the manual. This is the user manual. As you can see, it comes in two booklets. One is in chinese if im not mistaken, and the other is in english, and here is the app instructions in english and in chinese basically tells you how to connect the app. What the search for in the wi fi um, when trying to connect and thats pretty much it and manuals? Everybody knows box a box b. I think thats, really cool ive, never seen something like that before thats really awesome. So these im guessing are the accessories and because they go by a and b, that is the order we will open them. So lets put the b aside and open the a whats in box, hey empty. Oh, these are basically the prop guards. Oh, they probably connect. Yes, something like so also they give you like a full scale: protection im gon na connect. It really quick just to show you so thats how it looks a full scaled connection. That is pretty awesome, really cool. Okay, so lets put this aside and thats. Basically it for box a lets, go to box marked with the b iv, thats, crazy, okay and thats it oh yeah.

I forgot. Actually i purchased this model with two batteries. I forgot that so thats awesome so anyways. This is for holding the cell phone when you want to go full scale, filming two propeller replacements, one phillips screwdriver and your usb to. I forgot the name of this, but its the standard, one that most drones come with so yeah and the light of course lights up here, indicating the connect when its finished charging – and you have some screws and, of course, the battery thats pretty much it so lets Get into this okay so lets dive into the main feature. Wow wow. This looks really beautiful. Oh my god check that out guys that looks so awesome really really nice. I, like that representation. It looks it makes it look like its a diamond or something in some. Like crystal or something you know being protected, really nice, so anyways so right, there theres a button, and this button youll see what it does. So you remove the case or the top part, and this button now, as you can see, the drone is being held as soon as i press this button pops right out really really cool style. This is the controller, huge controller which is actually the base of what holds it well get to the drone in a second. I want to go through the controller, real quick. So, as you can see, this is the controller right here here you have the antenna there and there – and this is just a cosmetic style just to make it look.

Nice doesnt do anything the back takes. Let me see yeah three triple a batteries here comes out. These two, like clam style, looking plastic things and what are they theyre? Actually, the grips that you use to hold the controller in place as you can see how im holding it, so it really gives that much more comfort, as you can see, really really cool. You see that here are the knobs or the joysticks that you use to connect, and then i guess to remove so yeah. They just stick them in like that with some applying some pressure and then they just remove so thats pretty nice. So here is the power button. Well, sorry, actually i would say: power switch its, not a button, its a switch, if im not mistaken from what i know this records and also takes the photos. This is uh auto. I guess takeoff. This is probably landon takeoff or something well get more in depth to this and well find out, while were flying ill. Tell you guys everything without checking through the instructions thats. How i usually like to work here theres, a indication telling you the speed rates, and here is for flipping this just snaps in like so yeah, so you need to apply a little pressure and it just snaps in and holds pretty well, as you can see yeah It holds really well i like that, so this is like the overall feel of it, so this is how everything looks opened up pretty crazy.

Looking can you believe these things are just the grips right here, so anyways lets put that aside and lets go to the drone. This cute little guy looks really really nice im digging it. It has some uh clamps right here, as you can see to you, know, hold the propellers support them in place, so they dont get ruined so well just remove that real quick they just snap off like so very easy, and this is the propeller with a battery Already inside so yeah i purchased the two batteries you can purchase with one two or three. So i took the two because i was feeling pretty awesome is optimistic about this one so about the battery its a really tiny looking battery, as you can see, and surprisingly its a 3.7 volt and this little bad boy is packed with 1 000 milliamps wow. That is pretty big for this little guy. I didnt expect it to be that big. According to the company drc, they say that this goes between 10 to 15 minutes of flight per battery. So basically, i have about 20 or 30 minutes of flight, naturally, depending what i do thats going to be placed to the test. My friends, the drone itself has here one if im not mistaken. This is the 4k version, so one here and as well. I purchased it with um another camera on the bottom, so it has one on the top one on the bottom two batteries and that costed me.

If im not mistaken, i have to really get to check it out, but i think about 50 or 60 ill leave a link in the description down below if youre interested anyways and you guys can go, choose whatever you like, and whatever is good for you guys By the way, if you guys like this video, i would really appreciate you hit that like button and subscribe to the channel, because it really helps me know what you guys are liking and disliking so yeah. So basically what else is there to talk about this? Let me see nothing so my friends, that is everything you see here, what a big mess but yeah this is everything you see were all set. Lets go flying. Okay, my friends were downstairs ready for an indoor flight and quick camera test as well. So this remember is the v20 by the company 4drc here is everything lets get into it? So, as you can see, i installed these prop guards and they are looking badass. My friends, okay, my friends lets go ahead and power on the drone wow. That is really really nice. I hope you guys can see that Music right there, 4d rc is lit up. You have the two lights on the back and in the front as well. That looks really nice remember. This has a front camera and also a camera on the bottom. Now lets turn on the controller which is from here, but before that i forgot i removed these.

I need to put them back. These are the joysticks all right. We are set lets power that on wow – oh, my god, that is, awesome people look at that blue strip all around it holy crap. That is really awesome. You dont see something like that. Every day, on a controller, okay, okay, it looks like its bounded. All right lets take out the nice holders. Handholders lets take out the useless like that. Uh there doesnt matter theyre the wrong way, but who cares so lets? Take it off. I think lets see what the auto button does. I think thats to take off. Nope dont know what that is, so i guess its this one right here, which is up and down all right: wow, wow, wow, okay off the bat, my friends, its pretty quiet, its not so loud, like previous drones, ive flown its pretty nice very stable, very, very Nice so far, im digging it. You know its fun when you can see something and notice it right away how it reacts. Look at that beautiful nice stable, you can see it doesnt need no trimming. Nothing, although here i dont, really know how you would trim it. Thats something thats got to be tested, but yeah thats really nice. So this is its full speed forward, not the fastest, but pretty nice im really digging. This blue light its really cool its kind of distracting because its so nice, so you always want to look at it and you have to be careful about the drone you dont crash it, but anyways yeah, really, nice flyer, really! Nice lets see this uh speed rate.

Okay, it has three speed rates, so were on. The first now were going on. Second, this is second speed. Oh a little bit faster, yeah lets see really nice lets see and it stops on the dime. Really nice check that out flying fine, fine, fine boom stops flying flying flying plane, stops it descends a little bit but other than that its pretty sick. The altitude hold is really really very well positioned. It held its position really nice, the height and everything. There is no drops, as you can see nothing. You see really nice thats, good. Okay lets put it in uh third rate speed. Three beeps now lets see how fast it is a little bit faster, not too crazy, fast, but really nice funnels. I love funnels its a really nice funner, my friends, i really really cant say anything bad about it. Its really really cool so far its doing the job, and it looks beautiful and with that nice light right here how you can see the 4d rc is uh. You know its lit up like that. I really dig it now. I dont know what this uh auto is. I really want to test out this auto. So hopefully i dont ruin anything. I pray i dont lets see what it does. Dont know what that is. I never checked the instruction manuals. My friend im gon na check that out so yeah uh lets see the landing your standard landing very nice.

Okay lets take it up again and Music. That was weird. I dont think anything crazy. Its probably human error lets try a flip now. I think this thing has flips from what ive seen right here. It has a flip lets check it out. Really nice cute flip, tucked in really nice ill, try to get a closer shot for you guys check this out, really cute flips, really nice, okay, so thats already done with the flips, because im trying to do a flip and its indicating me, you dont see nothing Flashing, but when you do a flip, you see its flashing and thats pretty much. I think indicating that the battery is dying out, but the weird thing is they claim 4drc for this model specific model, the v20, that it can hold between 10 to 15 minutes of flight time, and that already has not been even five minutes if im not mistaken. So yeah, i dont really believe what these uh sellers tell you, or these companies tell you about their drones, so lets go right now into the flight before the battery really does die out, and hopefully you guys enjoy the video recording of the v20 Music Applause. Music Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So my friends, this is pretty much it for this video. So my final thoughts about this drone, the v20 by 4drc, is its a pretty good drone. I really really think that this blue style light that exists on this controller is something really really special, its not something you see every day.

It is incredible, and i think its very creative, naturally in darkened lights will be better, but the flight is drawn in the light in the darkness. I dont think would be that great. So i dont really know why they put this strip light around it, but i still think its really nice. This is supposedly the 4k version and i can tell you off the bat, as you guys already know, its not 4k. So keep that in mind when you see on aliexpress or other places, these cheap type drones, and they tell you that theres a 720 1080 4k, its not going to be 4k, its not going to be 720, neither its going to be 1080, its just a complete Scam, in my opinion – and you got to watch out for that – naturally im pretty sure that also the quality per setting that they say between the 720 supposedly to the 4k. It just gets a little bit better between the three. I probably will think that theyre all the same and its just a complete scam. So keep that in mind my friends when purchasing these drones, but overall i really really like this drone. I think its really beautiful. I love that they have that light right here. I think its another creative thing so, overall, its a pretty nice drone, it has a good flight and everything. The next test is to see how the camera is outdoors as well see how well it performs outdoors now in my area, its constantly windy, so itll be a very good test to see how it is my friend so remember to subscribe to the channel.