This is the 4drc v20. Elf, the v20 elf, is a beginners learn to fly. Drone lets take a look at it. It comes in with a real nice carrying case that actually lights up. Lets show you that folks lets turn it on here, but there it is, in its carrying case, looks pretty cool at night, the carrying case. So you know its a nice display case for the drone um, with a light that runs on the batteries of the controller. The controller is the carrying case and also the display case, for it now lets remove the top off the display case, flash controller and look at that drum now to release the drum. There is a lock button right here that we press like this, and that removes it. The lock switch right there on the drone so that the drone pulls out and looking at the drone, we see its a nice little tiny, folding, drone very portable, highly portable, actually very lightweight. It only weighs 71.5 grams. This does not require registration in most countries, uh. The exception being those countries that require registration of drones with a camera. There is a camera version of this that will require registration in some countries uh, but theres also a camera less version of this that you know absolutely does not require registration in in almost any country, because its so lightweight and does not have a camera. Okay um. It also has these clips that come with it thats for storing it inside the carrying case.

You should remove those clips before flying and to do so, you just slide them off the propellers like that they hold the propellers in place and then turn them sideways like that to pull them off of each arm that they were installed on so thats. How you remove these propeller clips off of this so lets unfold? It show what it looks like in the unfolded position like so and removing that clip. There final clip there and getting these clips out of the way so that you can see the drone okay. Looking closer at the drone again, we see its small folding portable drone highly portable drone controller. Again is its storage box and controller? Well, go over that controller. Here shortly i mentioned the weight 71.5 grams. There are lights on this drone. This drone is well lit, along with its controller, it has headlights nice little 40 rc light on the top and two red lights in the rear to show the rear of the drone and help you with orientation of the particular drone when youre flying it. Now it does have a camera. This camera is advertised at 6k resolution. Now i always say this youre buying. This is a thirty dollar drone. Thirty to forty dollar drone, depending on which version you get um, do not expect 6k resolution do not expect 4k resolution. I wouldnt even expect 1080p resolution in that price range. What youre getting is a low resolution sensor, image sensor on this particular drone im guessing its around 720p from what im seeing and using the app the particular app that this drone uses that still photos from this particular camera are interpolated and thats means electronically enlarged to High resolution and that resolution is 7680×4320 megapixels or pixels um thats what they mean by 6k, when theyre saying 6k, it produces an interpolated, still photo thats very high resolution.

However, there is no advantage to interpolating uh photos or videos. Folks, you know, even though its very high resolution you look at it and it does in its very blocky image. You can see that its been electronically enlarged, so again, theres no real advantage in that. So dont expect, when you buy a 30 to 40 drone that youre going to go out and become a cinematographer with your drone, its not these drones. These these 30 to 40 drones are toys and they are meant for beginner flyers to learn to fly a drone. Okay, think of them that way, and then youll be happy with your drone. If you buy this drone thinking, youre going to go out and become an fpv racer or that youre going to become a aerial cinematographer with that 40 drone, no, no, its, not gon na happen. Okay, just let you know that folks, okay, i mentioned the app user interpolates, the video there is no sd card recording capability on this, so that video is recorded to your phone. Those photos are recorded to their your phone, and i got to mention this right now. Im having problems with my android phone, getting video to record from this particular drone, i think it might work for the apple phones out there, but the android phone that i got currently does not allow recording uh. The recordings from this particular drone seem to be all corrupted on my phone when i record so you can still record the screen grab and thats what im going to be doing in this screen.

Video using a screen saver program to record videos from this drone and ill be doing that when we go flying um the app again. I mentioned that app ky fpv app this transmits on 2.4 gigahertz wi fi. So that means that this particular drone will work with most peoples. Phones, as most people have phones that are capable of using 2.4 gigahertz. So you dont have to worry about those 802.11 ac, wi fi with this particular drone. This drone will work or should work with most phones, okay, um i mentioned the drone lets talk about, or i havent mentioned all the drum. The drone does use brushed motors honest. These are tiny little brush motors im, guessing theyre, seven millimeter. I i havent. I have to pull one of those out and put a caliper on to see what type of motor it is but expect them to fail. Eventually, with time um all brush brushed, motor drones should fail, but usually you can get generic versions of these motors and install them if in case one of them does fail, and you eventually okay uh. I mentioned that. I forgot to mention the it has a belly camera. I think they were originally planning to make this an optical flow flyer. I wish they did make this an optical flow, but this is not an optical flow sensor. This is actually a camera, and, if you, if you wish you cant, switch between the front camera, which has a tilting lens manually, tilting lens by the way or the belly camera.

If you want to look directly below the drone, it can do such while its in the air uh, keep in mind, though um the maximum altitude that ive been able to fly or distance ive been able to fly with. This drone is relatively short, with the video. Its about 60 meters, uh dont, expect to be able to fly very far or very high with this particular drone, because eventually the video will freeze on your phone and ill demonstrate that when we go outdoor flying youll see that you know youre not going to get Long range fpv off this particular drone. This is mainly a line of sight. Beginners learn to fly drone, okay, so thats. The drone i forgot to mention its battery were not done with it ill leave that battery in there, but this is its battery its a little tiny little batteries uh seven points: 3.7 volt 1000 milliamp per hour, um its supposed to give you about 15 minutes of Flight time and the flight i did with this was relatively long. I dont know if it made it to 15 minutes well, well, see when i count up the timer of that particular flight, but again its a somewhat proprietary shape. Although it uses a white low c connector, so if you have a little adapter wires, you probably could use your own charger for this. In fact, it uses a generic style charger. This is the charger that comes with the drone for charging this little 3.

7 volt battery. You can use this in your computer if you wish, because the milliampere hour and the voltage is relatively low on this battery, but i would recommend using a wall charger if you want to charge it quickly because it will do such lets. Talk about this controller. I mentioned the controller only lightly, but again you know its its this display case but um to get it going. You actually need to remove the controller knobs from the back of that and move them in. Like so and this controller knob is stored there and you move it in like so, and you can open up the controller handles like so they they open up like that and it does have antennas. But these antennas are fake antennas, theyre just for display purposes. Only theyre not real antennas, you can break them off theyre on the way if you wish, but – and it has the phone holder that goes with the controller which slides into that hole like that, then you put your phone in there lets go over the buttons on This the buttons on the controller – this is your rates button. It has beginner intermediate and expert rate each time you push this button. Youll hear a beep lets do that three, so it has beginners one big intermediate and expert and its three beeps, and what that does. Folks is increases the tilt on the drone and increases the turn rate of the drone uh.

So for uh experts, youll have real, steep, um, steep uh, pitch angle. That enables you to fly very fast, but if you, if its flying too fast, you can go back to beginner rate, hear that one beep and itll be relatively docile and beginner rate other buttons on this controller um. The button on the right here. This does have flip capabilities, so you press this button and then tell it which direction to flip with the right stick and the drone will do flip, and actually this is a very good flipper by the way, based on what i did outdoors with it with a Flight of it outdoors it it flips very well but limit those flips, because those flips do stress these brushed motors, so dont do too many flips with it, or else you will have early failure of one of those motors before you get too much enjoyment out of It so limit the amount of flips that you do with it other buttons on it. This is for taking video and photos. Quick press takes a photo long press takes a video. This is for headless mode. You press that button and it goes into headless mode and you can fly forward backwards and it doesnt care which way the drone is pointed when youre in headless mode. It does have one key return, which means itll fly the opposite direction. It was pointed at take off by pressing this button here. This is not a true return to home folks, so dont depend on that to bring it back to you and land it.

It will not do that. All it does is fly the exact opposite direction. It was pointed when it took off when you press that button, and also it has a calibration of the gyros by pressing this button here and of course, this is your throttle. This is your yaw. This is your pitch, and this is your roll control. On the controller and overall it is powered by three aaa batteries, so thats the controller lets go what else you get in the box. You get instruction manuals in chinese watch, my video ill help you get it in the air and discuss the buttons that you need to do to do. Such you get also instructions for the kyfpv app that comes on google play and itunes um again theres, not much. You can do with that app other with this particular drone because of it being a beginners drone, but it it will allow you to see the fpv video from the drone while youre flying you get. You can get one two or three spare batteries, depending on which one uh version you purchase. I recommend getting at least two batteries at the time of purchase, because you will have a hard time finding spare batteries for this after you get it so get it bundled with you or for it. At the time of purchase, you get the battery charger for those. You get a spare set of prop props, actually two props one clockwise spinning and one counterclockwise spinning for your drone.

You get a little screwdriver for removing those props and reinstalling them and you get a bag. This is a nice carrying bag for the carrying case nice and smooth, so it wont scratch up the case so thats nice that they provided that too, and finally, you get a set of prop guards now prop guards. These are for beginner flyers when theyre flying indoors. They help protect the drone when it bumps up against objects, help protect the drone from breaking the drone when youre flying indoors. I recommend taking them off when youre flying outdoors, because these end up as hooks in trees. If your drone ends up in a tree or a bush, it could be up there, especially if its high, it could be up there forever until you know, because these act like ornament hooks, you know christmas ornament hooks um in trees. Additionally, these actually uh mess up. The airflow of the propellers and reduce the actual efficiency of the uh, the drone, while its flying um, they act like sails in the wind in effect. So if you got a breezy day, your drone might have a hard time fighting wind if it does have prop guards on it, so id recommend taking them off, even if youre a beginner when youre outdoors, if youre a beginner flyer yeah, you can put them on Indoor flying for indoor flying so so thats what you get in the box lets take this outside and actually lets start off downstairs in my indoor flight test facility see how it flies there and then, following that well take it outdoors and see how flys there so Hope you enjoy these flights good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the quadcopter 101 indoor flight test facility for the flight of the 40 rc v20.

Okay, before we get started uh. Let me point these out over here. Whoever on the audience can name what these things are over here, these old school electronic devices electrical devices wins a shot at so the first person that can name what these things are gets a shot at lets. Give you a little closer look at them. Okay, these were high school science projects. I found in the attic when cleaning out the house from my my dads house, but lets get back onto the flight. Okay, the 40 rcv20. To start this up, it has an on off switch on the top that you press down and hold like so and then place it on a flat level surface and let its gyros calibrate. Then we turn on the controller by hitting that switch to there and actually was the control already on now its on then up and down to bind on the throttle, and we notice that the lights are now steady on the controller. So we are ready to take off before we take off lets calibrate that gyro by quick press of this button here and that should calibrate the gyro and uh before we take off. Let me connect the wi fi signal from the drone to my phone im going to go. Look for it in the setting wi fi settings in my phone and then im going to open up the app and we should be able to view the video coming from the drone so hold on.

While i do that folks, okay, this is the 4drc app availa im, sorry, the kyfpv app available on google play and itunes, and we hit start and we see we have fpv video notice that its somewhat zoomed in and again this the camera on this is has A very narrow field of view, so keep that in mind folks, when youre trying to fly fpv with this things are going to look a lot closer than they are okay to take off before we take off lets start the video recording, and i want to show You something here hitting the record button and its recording recording recording, so it should be. Recording right now lets stop the video recording it should have recorded to my phone lets, go into the folders and see if it actually has done such so. We select the video and notice all of these. Every one of them is zero. You know theyre corrupt, every one of the videos is corrupted, so you keep that in mind. Folks with this particular drone uh. If you have an android phone, it doesnt seem to be implemented, yet the ability to record to your phone, so we are going to use screen. Recording, though i have that capability im recording with mobizen so lets take off by pressing the take off button like so and see how it flies whoa, i had to uh reduce the throttle there because it wants to go into the ceiling with the automatic takeoff.

So keep that in mind folks um, i dont have a trim capability with this, but now there is one button on this that i am not sure what it does, and that is the picture. Roll stick. If you push in on it, it is a button. So lets see what it does. Oh okay, it does have trim capability. Okay, it does have trim capability folks and the way you activate it. Is you push in on the pitch roll stick that puts it into trim mode and then you can adjust it and then come out of trim mode by pressing it again um i over correct it lets put it on the pad and re cur connect or readjust The gimbal or the gyros so that it doesnt do that lets see if i can manually take it off too bring both sticks down and not down, and then nope. You got to use the take off button. So again we do take off and adjusting the throttle, and the trim seems to be good right now, as we can see here. Okay, so with that in mind, lets try um, we havent tried uh, headless mode, pressing headless mode, and this mode is activated now it shouldnt matter which direction the drone is pointed, in fact, if i turn it toward me its backwards now, but if i push forward It should fly away from me and it does oh by the way. How do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, so good, looking shirt, huh, so thats headless mode? You can pirouette the drone while flying it in headless mode.

If you wish, you can fly sideways. If you wish forward back it doesnt care which direction is pointed thats always forward, this is always back. This is always right, and this is always left no matter what direction it is pointed so thats how you use headless mode coming out ahead of this boat. Thats. Still in heaviest mode, its still in header, so maybe i got ta hold it down. Folks, let me hold that button down. I dont want to come out of headless mode. Oh there we go im, not ahead of this boat. Now so yeah you got ta hold the button down: oh no thats, not out of headless mode. So maybe i need to restart the drone to come out ahead of this mode. Lets put it on the pad and see if i can do something, just get those lights to stop blinking. Okay, i was in headless mode. Oh, i was hitting the wrong button. I was hitting that button. There thats headless mode button. Okay, that was the problem. Okay, taking off again again that loves to go to the ceiling so be careful folks now lets try higher rate. Also lets. Try flip Music whoa dont go too high when youre doing flips. Try it again come in lower left flip forward, flip back flip and hits the ceiling, so those are the flips again. I recommend limiting the amount of flips that you do with this and also go back in the beginner rate, because high rate does not seem to be conducive for indoor flying even being in, for this particular drone.

At least it makes it a little too jittery its okay outdoors but indoors. No okay lets fly it around the room here, bring it up close, so you can see it exit up close turning it away and lets go around the pole once so. Yeah, its a nice beginners learn to fly um that you know again when you see a 30 drone, a 40 drone. These are for learning to fly. They are not for becoming a cinematographer. They are not for becoming an fpv racer. In fact, its very difficult, as you can see here, to be even think of trying to fly this fpv using the screen, its just too narrow a field of view. It gives you a zoom, a zoomed in look, bring it back over how you, like my pepper plants, theyre doing real well indoors, folks, im hoping in another month or two be able to take them outdoors again. So just going flying around the room, it seems to have a little bit of frontward frontward uh trim on it im gon na see. If i can correct that by Music there we go im trying to trim it up, and now it has a backward trim. Okay, coming out of trim, so there we go. I trimmed it a bit so yeah its a nice, docile flyer, but it likes to go to the ceiling once you start it up so again, careful with that also beginner drone, very portable, very affordable thats.

The idea you know thirty dollars for the camera, less version and 40 for the camera version, but um. It is a good flyer outdoors and ill show you that here shortly when we take it outdoors but again you you can use this to learn to fly with and thats the idea. So anybody i have an idea. What is that? What is those things over there, especially the big one and the little ones? What what are these things im? Sure you a lot of you out. There know what those are, but whoever is the first to say what they are gets a shout out. So coming back toward me now its wanting to land, so that tells me we are getting low on battery, probably no those lights, arent, blinking, so im wrong, im, not sure what that was, but it likes to climb okay im going lets. Try second rate: this is second rate, its more nimble, but again the second rate is probably more for outdoors and third rate. Forget it yeah im not even going to try third rating here and fly it around until the battery goes. I did so. We can see what the flight time is going around in circles in the house going around the pole, and i dont even have prop guards installed come down here now. These toy drones, when you know that i noticed the camera on the bottom of this, and i was really hoping i was really hoping that they.

What we got here lets see well take off again lets see if i can calibrate it see if itll take off. No, it doesnt want to take off again. So i oh thats, because its arm is crooked. You got ta straighten its arm out. Lets see if i can re bind it, get it back in the air again just with the controller. So let me turn the controller off you know it could also be. Our battery is low yeah. I think our battery is probably depleted right now, because its blinking and it doesnt want to take off again um real, quick im going to see if i can rebind it and im not going to re uh open the app the apps going to start. Stop. Recording video but lets see if i can get it back in here, real quick there we go okay and um, i dont know. If the app is going to require yeah it did there we go, they have to be acquired all by itself so again, calibrating the gyros. Take it to the air yeah dont go up to the ceiling, see how it likes to go to that ceiling. Come down here reducing throttle trying to get oh there we go now the batterys dying, so yeah that battery was dead. Thats. Why i didnt want to restart again land land land, so that is the 40 rc v20 indoor flight hope you enjoyed it. Lets. Take it out doors now and see what it can do outdoors and yeah.

I can fly a lot better outdoors folks, so lets see. I ill see you outside lets go good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the flight of the 40 rc uh v20. I was doing yard work today and uh beautiful day. So i said, lets fly this thing too, while im out here see, i was doing, yard work. Okay. I already got this connected to the controller and we also have wi fi attached and we got fpv on the 40 rc uh. Actually, the kyfpv app is what were using today and were going to hit record, and we are already bound connected to the controller. We should be good to take off lets see if we need to start the motors first or just press this take off button just pressing the takeoff button sends it up. Okay, im looking to see if there is any indication of uh the. What do you call it optical flow on this, but no, but its its flying nice and smooth lets, go up and show you the area first with the camera and signals coming in and out on this. So lets come back down again, so the range wi fi fpv range on this is very short about. 20 meters lets see how you like my shirt today, folks so see if i can get in the picture. Okay, so lets just give you im gon na leave. It right overhead and were gon na set it up and do i have wi fi ive got some wi fi fpv up there.

Okay lets rotate it well its too fast. If i rotate. So you know as usual. The cameras on these are not very good on these toy drones, theyll advertise 6k and 4k resolution, but in reality you know its its an interpolated uh. What do you call it? Low low resolution image sensor, thats interpolated to higher resolution using the software on your phone, but as a learn to fly drone its not too bad here lets see through some studs see you do a flip. There you go thats. A flip lets see forward. Flip lets. Go to higher rate because weve got a wind building up here back flip side, flip forward flip okay, as i mentioned, uh limit those flips because they can wear out your motors with time. So dont do too many flips with this, but lets see if we got a higher rate. Oh yeah theres a third rate and i say do what i say do or do what i uh say: dont do what i do Laughter there we go. I like to do this: does running flips its cool, it does flips very well. Okay, lets go back to the camera. Again, we got video yeah. We do lets, go back up, show the neighborhood with this 6k camera. Shame on them, uh yeah! A lot of these drone manufacturers again they advertise 4k camera 6k camera. I think i even seen an 8k camera whatever that is, but in reality, its just a low resolution image sensor on this drone interpolated to a much higher resolution and theres no advantage to that.

Really because youre going to still get low resolution, video its just going to be a large, much larger file size so well, it is a nice flyer, stable um. I wish it had optical flow sensor. Im letting go of the stick just to see if it does theres a slight breeze, bringing it toward me, but obviously no optical flow im going to go up higher and move to the left here again to show the neighborhood from a high on high and then Coming back down again reducing the throttle, so all in all yeah nice beginners learn to fly drill thats. The idea you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars. You can spend 30 dollars to learn to fly now, theres, a no camera version, no camera version of this is 30, and i assume it flies just as well, if not better than the camera version. Here. I like the flips on this it does it flips real. Well, but again, thats, where i had batteries great flyer: im assuming it flies just as well indoors im not going to do an indoor flight on this. I just want to demonstrate that it can do outdoor flights. It is a good outdoor flyer. Usually these cheap beginners drones are not good outdoor flyers, theyre, usually horrible outdoor flyers, but this one is not bad im in a high rate right now, highest rate chop off my head again with it lets, say over im, going to go over the grass here im Going to do some more flips, if this still has the nice little fire, bring it in close, show it to you.

I think im seeing the lights blinking right now, so it may be getting low. So hello, there good flyer, excuse me so again: yeah you dont need a lot of money to learn to fly a drone. In fact, for 30 dollars you can become a very good drone pilot thats. How i learned on toy drones many years ago so lets bring it over here into the grass grassy area. Well, just leave it in the front yard. Now the remainder of the flight. So so imagine this is your backyard. Can you fly it in the backyard sure? Okay, going back up again one more time checking my neighbors roof see if he got any leafs leaf, is on his roof about mine. I got a leaf guard of mine. So probably not, i hope, not yeah. This one flies a while dont it when that battery whats our charge huh do we got any blinking lights yet lets find out? No just that blue theres, a blue blinking light on the back, see if you can see that bring it. In close, i think that indicates that were recording, but going around no more flips were getting low low in battery power. So no more flips bringing it back over im, going up one more time and bring it down and thats it. The battery just wore out so thats the end of the flight time so thats, the 40 rc v20 need a little beginners drone, not bad, not bad at all.

Um reasonably priced and a good run to fly drone so hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.