This is the amazing drone, its really pretty fixed, high hover system and foldable design. As you can see here, this is a modular battery. Battery life is pretty good. This is the adjustable uav camera. You can capture any angle, wow safety protection safety to fly, it is powered by multi router and it looks like a great drone. This is a real time transmission, which is captured by the camera gesture photo and video system on this drone gravity sensor easy to fly everywhere. You can do 3d roll flip, like this wow aerobatic system, its amazing. You can fly it through buildings like this simple, to operate and flexible flight of this uav drone. You can also fly it like a trajectory flight plan to flight route, wow its amazing one, key circling easy to open headless mode. This is the 4d rc v10 drone, which is looks like a fighter airplane and its very easy to operate, easy to shoot and easy to control into the air. Good performance, 20 minutes flush, time and 150 meter range. This is the outstanding and shining model i like this baby. You can also do 360 roll flip. With this drone real time image transmission hd, you can download this application from google play, store and app store. This drone is powered by the voice, control and 3d virtual reality mode. Its range is 150 meters, and this is the dimensions of this uav drone v10 night lights. This drone is powered by the night led lights, and this is a pretty good drone.