It says: it’s, a drone with auto hover with auto takeoff, auto landing hd camera wi fi fpv hand, heads heads free 360, roll four channel, six axis, auto return. Oh this thing’s! Nice! Look at all these features! Oh, my god, look at that picture for drc holy. They sent me this thing. Oh, we got ta get this. We got ta get it open. I mean this is too exciting. Not to just get this thing going. Oh my gosh. How do i get it out of here? I’M, too, excited i’m, so excited about this. Okay i’ve already flown it. So i guess i can calm down a little bit really cool drone. We got here, though, here we go, get yourself ready, let’s get one more light going bada boom, one handed let’s do it: it comes with three little batteries, it uh it’s, awesome, it flies great. Of course, i got the one that doesn’t have a camera because i’m an idiot, even though i do fpv and it would have been advantageous to me to have the camera. But i didn’t get that one because i’m, not smart, okay battery just fell out let’s see if we can get that back in here, oh Music. Oh, it goes in that way. All right, we’re, really learning things. Now all right jackson said let’s. Do this review let’s fly this it’s on it’s, blinking let’s turn this thing on let’s press up and down like we usually do on these crappy things that worked.

Oh let’s turn the blades on boom. The blades are not on Applause all right jackson, doesn’t like it watch out jax. Let me see if i can tune it in real quick, so it will not hit the walls. Okay, it’s hard to camera all right here. It is i’m doing this filming all the same holy it’s y’all it yeah. Oh it’s, it’s, moving i’m flying this with one hand but yeah there. It is guys uh, as you can see, i can fly it with one hand, while filming that’s pretty good little buzz around and do what you want. Jax really likes it. He said he he would have eaten it if he didn’t and let’s see if it will that’s what we call auto land right there. So yeah it’s got little lights. It’S got a cool one on the front it folds up. It fits inside the controller here. How freaking cool is that jackson didn’t eat it so that lets you know that it’s awesome or he would have eaten it if he didn’t like it, he would have eaten it, but he likes it. So yeah i’m gon na give it a uh thumbs up. This thing is going to go in my bag and i’ll fly this around when i’m hanging at the homies fly it around.