com, so we got scissors already so let’s see what’s in the box. It should be drawn in order uh two days ago. So today is sunday uh supposedly it will arrive tomorrow monday, but i guess they’re doing pretty good um. So now, so i get this supposedly the original price it’s 240 dollars, pero the sale at merong dios, like i said, um between friday and thursday um lightning deals. So i would recommend to go shopping online, especially in amazon, either thursday or friday. So um comes with solid case now, so let’s see open up now, then Applause, you know, Music Music, so comes with the case. Original case comes with also with uh lemonade. I think extra, no extra, extra accessories or something canyon comes with just a regular usb uh charger, so so itala also uh comes with the manual as well extra battery to push three extra battery. So so your model is for the f6 quadrocopter operating uh um uh. First battery so about each battery, it has 7.4 volts or 1600 mah, so normal in the grand, so so it’s upcoming videos, Music, Music, uh, drone, Music, Music, uh, Music, um Music, which so i got two batteries. Okay, i get the controller console in the solid somebody. The download batting apps uh app store or google play device.