This is a 4dv4. I believe it also is called the richie so lets. Let me set this down if i open it up im afraid that stuffs going gon na spill out of the case, but this is the little carrying case that the drone does come with thats. Why im holding it up with there? Let me just pull the drone out now, and here is the drone, as you guys can see, this is a style in the mavic uh pro or even the mavic mini uh style of a little drone. But again this doesnt have gps, it doesnt have brushless motors just brushed, you can see. It says richie here and heres a little optical flow camera a little pinhole camera on the bottom. That will look at the ground and using the app to look at the ground. Itll try to make corrections to hold position as best as it can so it wont be gps quality position hole, but if it works well, you know hold position. Okay and, of course, that, depending on height the higher up, you go, the less the you know, position hole. Only uh optical flow only works when youre relatively close to the ground, so this would be a bit of a dirty review. Im, not um. You know. Typically, i do a table review for stuff like this, but this is just more toy grade class. I think we can just go over it here quickly if you dont want to see this and just skip ahead ill.

Try to include some chapters if you just want to get to the test flight and dont want to hear about this stuff. So let me fold the drone out and then ill show you the accessories and and the controls and then well get it up in the air and fly. So let me just set the controller down the back of my car. Now you just fold this drone out, like you, would any other foldable drone, but the arms dont really snap into place, which is a bit unfortunate. You can see. Look at this arm almost wants to sag when its flying and moving its probably fine, but if you would just you know, not even a crash just bump something or even a hard landing, you want to make sure those arms are not knocked out of place. It uses a 1s lipo. Unfortunately, it doesnt say the capacity here that i can tell so. I dont know exactly what this is. So i couldnt even give you an idea in the flight time, because i dont know the capacity. If i, if i think about it, ill look on banggood and see if they list, they usually do have the capacity listing they just dont mention it here, and it could be an instruction manual. But structure manual is very tiny and its a bit hard to read. For my older eyes, you do have two white leds in the front, and i believe this is a rear red led in the rear for um helping with the orientation.

It has a camera, as you can see, and you do have to just Music manually adjust this. You have to manually adjust this, you cant, do it from the the controller, and this does film well how it films right where, but it does, output on your phone 4k and these air quotes 4k video. I didnt catch the frame rate on my phone. I dont think its going to be you know very high, but um its not going to really be 4k, its probably 720p and its just upscaled to 4k, but uh thats. What your phone does um will save because theres no sd card slot, so youre saving over the wi fi. So if it breaks up or you get too far away its going to break up your video feed as well. So just keep that in mind so yeah. Well have to see how this little guy does. I think its gon na probably be a pretty good flyer. I just dont expect a lot on the video again youre, just recording the video feed. Let me grab the controller. You have your phone clip holder here so thats, where you put your phone to be able to watch the wi fi fpv feed your power button. This is your uh pitch and roll trims over here for back, left and right these buttons here a little bit goofy. This is like a auto yaw, a quick press and a long presses, like a rope like an auto rotate, well have to see what that does.

One will spin on the yaw, the other one im thinking will do some sort of auto circles or something like that. This is your auto takeoff and auto landing on this one, and this one here is your um, like one key return to fly back, and i have to double check on this one right here there was um. This is your 360 flips the direction you want to flip, which is a little odd for something that tries to advertise itself as a position hold um. You know camera drone, because 360 flips are gon na look awful and it gives you three uh rates. So there should be a low medium and a high rate. Let me grab that instruction manual, as you guys can see here is a 4d v4 instruction manual says optical flow version in english, but it is very, very small, but it does say here that that is emergency. Stop on a short press and your long press is your gyro calibration thats right, so you dont have to actually do a stick. Combination on this for a gyro youre going to hold this down for a long press and that should flash the lights and do a gyro calibration. You should do that when you first started up or after a hard crash and short press is an emergency motor stop and then, of course, you got that headless mode over here and the one key return which i dont usually mess with too much, because one key Return is going to just fly in the opposite direction the drones facing, and that can get all mixed up, depending on the way that youre that youre uh facing it.

You know i can all get mixed up on the one key return, so that should cover all that stuff guys on the the drone itself. Lets take a quick look at the accessories. You do get a um a bag with a usb cable to charge the battery. The battery has a little micro, usb port. You have some prop guards. If you want to put that on, though, you know again, thats going to make great tree hangers its going to slightly reduce your flight time and make it a little bit more bulky in the wind, because it gives a little bit more area for the wind to Push on it and move the drone around you see, theres a bit of a breeze today. Well have to see this guy. Does it its not terrible out by any means compared to whats been recently, and we get a set of. It looks like a full set of we dont know one two. No, it looks like just two two sets of propellers for counterclockwise and clockwise, and then the app youre going to use with this guy is the 4d ill put a screenshot is a 4drc pro, and that is the wi fi app that youll use with this drone. To see the the video feed and, of course, save that video to your phone all right guys that wraps up the overview portion lets get out back here and well, get this drone up in the air and fly and to see how it flies.

And, of course, you get an idea if the video is even decent or not, hopefully, the very least, on these toys we like to to hope that the uh theres no theres, not theres, not tons of jello wobble thats, the most important thing, all right guys lets Get it out back ill, be right back and well get it up in the air, so ill be right back all right guys. I got the 4d rc uh richie down here on the ground, so lets get it up in the air. Its all connected with the app lets record some video and see how this guy flies we got ta. The breeze will be going from right to left. So we see it struggling well have to see how well the optical flow works to hold it into place. Lets go ahead and start recording video here and there we go. It doesnt really give you a timer, i dont think, but you can tell hes doing that. You have to switch make sure you switch it from photo to video, it defaults the photo and lets see. I think it had an auto takeout lets see if we have to unlock props or anything nope there. We go just press that button well its really low to the ground gon na give us some throttle. Lets go up in the rates because it is really there we go. That is not that windy and it was really struggling.

I mean it is windy. You can see the uh, i mean theres, some wind, i should say you can see the uh little uh willow weeping, willow, theres struggling at times, but its not that bad its supposed to be less than 10 mile per hour id say its probably around 10.. You can see its a bit noisy theres. Those geared um props on the brushed motors lets see how it holds position now that takeoff kind of got caught in the wind, and these drones sometimes take a moment because this is altitude hold. I almost anymore forget to mention that, because its become almost given its very rare to even see a drone, not have it so between altitude hold, you know the barometer and the altitude hold and taking off these drones tend to take off and do that. These toy grades at times, but look thats, holding pretty good position, is seeing the different textures and all these dead weeds back here and were about the right height you dont want to get somewhere, probably about top of your head up to 10 feet its usually a Pretty good height for that yeah thats, actually doing a remarkably good job for a little brushed drone. Now one thing i didnt mention back at the beginning of this review that i really should have mentioned. This is a very lightweight drone. This drone comes in at 102 grams, so, no matter where you live, this should be no problems.

You shouldnt have any regulations to worry about its not going to cause you any problems. Its under half the weight of the 250 grams lets make sure those arms are not out of whack, see, look at that its trying to im going to kill the motors there lets break, look at that is its going to crash, so it was just sitting there And i turned it around: i caught some wind and it looked like one of those arms on the drone was a little out of whack, and that would certainly affect the way it flies thats. One of my concerns with this drone is: they should make those arms where they snap into place so as its flying. If you get a gust of wind that can actually actually push that arm, i think thats, maybe what happened because even i said it on the ground earlier before i started the video back up. I noticed one of the arms is a little bit out of wax lets see if we can figure out where the drone is back here, all right guys. I found it out. There took me a little bit a while to find it because that grass is really tall back there, so lets get it back up in the air and flight a bit more as i was mentioning as i was walking out there, these arms just tend to get A little bumped out or blown out of whack and thats going to cause this drone to not fly right, really bad, that they didnt make it where it snaps into place.

Unfortunately, this is not the first draw ive seen that. Has that what i would suggest doing, if you were interested in this drone, is you know if you dont worry about folding it just a dab of hot glue, just lock the arms in place and itll be fine, and now it seems like you, shouldnt have to Mess with that, but its a you know a makeshift solution that i can think of all right lets go ahead and do the calibration i didnt do that before it took off it should have. It should have been fine, because i did it back before i uh came back here, but now that we didnt have a slight trash lets. Do that not just going to be the long press and it just beeps if the lights flashed? I couldnt tell you because in the daylight i just cant see that its too bright and lets go ahead and start recording video again lets. Do that auto take off again. What i want to do now is and lets see. Is it going to kind of skip up the rates again before we end up crashing again? Now i can, i think, ill be able to recover it now there we go yeah and take off. It really just wants to drift, and it seems like. Finally, the optical flow will will start working. Oh geez lets bring it down. Oh boy, this! This guy is not flying as well as i thought, its like it takes off and then trying to get that going again, its a bit of a goof so lets go ahead and see we take off again here lets see that looks correct now, so it looks Like a short press on that auto return, uh, one key return puts you in headless mode, and that was i it was.

My controls reversed one two three, so we are in the highest rate. Now the controls are right: im going to bring it down low because that wind is really starting to fight it and once that lets up well, do a uh ill. Try some of these features. So sorry, this review is not going great to see here guys. Just these drones have become so unpredictable thats hard to get a really polished review on a toy grade drone because you just so many times you dont, know whats going to happen now the optical flow. Oh there i did a flip im going to just go ahead and land it. I actually bumped the flip and actually had a pretty darn good flip. You still got video recording, so everything should hopefully stay in sync, but look at that little bitty landing. Look at the arm, thats just unacceptable. It has to be these arms have to be locked into position and thats, causing a lot of the problems. Aside from the fact that i think i was in headless mode a while ago, whenever i end up going over here in the grass lets, go ahead and uh lets see, is there a way to unlock them manually? That did a weird beep? I wonder if that was a calibration didnt say it in the manual im. Not sure lets even get a throttle. Yeah give a throttle at once and then give it throttle again, and it goes yeah wheres.

There is a a decent breeze and a 100 gram drone with brushed motors its going to struggle, but i thought it did decent there at first at holding position, but it seems like it has to get itself situated because you guys saw you kind of just drifted Off – and i think that first time the arm was out of whack as soon as the wind lets up here lets try another 360 flip lets. Try to flip flips are actually pretty good for a drone of this. You know its a little bit a little bulkier design for flipping lets. Do another flip whoa now see what happened there, im gon na land it that flip that flip caused that arm to get thrown out of position Music and when it did that the drone couldnt recover right and theres no way the drone can fix itself. At that point, because the arms getting out of whack so yeah, this drone is leaving a lot to be desired. Um, primarily because of the arms not snapping into place. Lets see it. May there we go so you need to keep this drone close and, of course, just wanting to position hold and then at times it doesnt, because its its moving too quick the position hole. You really need to let off the throttle im, giving it full look at this and its its barely moving there. We go lets see what this yaw thing does: yeah theres that im gon na stop that because thats gon na end up just drifting away lets see if i can bring it back to me.

It looks to me like that the arm may be out of whack lets see its hard to tell it sort of looks like it. You also need to walk underneath it. It looks like that front left arm. Yeah lets land it im going to land it so yeah that this is awful im going to tell you guys right now, because of the arms. If you lock those arms in place, i dont think this would be too bad. It doesnt fly too bad when its okay, but look at this, it looks like it. Just uh broke all his legs. The arms just dont stay in place. This look at that the slightest bump and poof thats just unacceptable, because ive never actually had ive had drones. That the arms dont snap in place, but they hold relatively good. This is so bad that multiple times arms coming out of position in mid flight, especially during the flip, which makes the drone completely unstable, lets go ahead and take it up again just see if we can try out that other feature just to see what that does. The other feature on that top button lets see if i long press it its going to do like a circle, look Music. I stop that and try to fly it back. I think if i was able to so it sort of does like these row. You know circle rotations like and use. I just bumped the button again to stop it probably inputs on the stick: will stop it too, and then, of course, just a quick press on that.

Does those um auto yaw screens its going to really crash hard there, yeah and again thats, because arms got out of whack all right guys, i think im gon na stop the video. I think you guys have seen enough. We tested all the features im gon na tell you right now. This is a piece of crap, so dont waste your money on it uh. I know banggoods not gon na, be happy im, saying that probably but im not gon na tell you to buy something or edit out all the the junk like you know, captain dingdong does and those that have all these you know lets edit out all the junk And try to sell you stuff im not going to do that. You know if it costs me a sponsor, oh, be it im not going to have you spend your money im, not a salesman. Look at that arm! That is just pitiful and taping. It probably would just not be strong enough, itd probably still get out of whack. I would suggest if you do have this drone put a dab of hot glue on the base of each arm. Let it you know, dont, take it a moment to solidify and just keep the drone all the way out, of course, thats going to make the carrying case a moot point or pointless, because youre not going to put it away, but at least that way the arms Are going to stay locked and then its okay held position pretty good, but as you can see a lot of its because of the arms getting knocked out of place, i couldnt really fly this drone around and enjoy just flying around.

I was constantly battling it trying to stay from taking off and losing it in the middle of the review. That kind of stress is not needed when youre flying a drone you should be able to enjoy. You should not be worrying about battling now. If its super windy thats, when this is not that bad, it should be able to handle it a little better, even on brushed motors. The spike is really lightweight, but it makes it difficult when the arms are like that. Look at that it literally doesnt even stay. All the way up, that is just throwing the whole drone out of balance, and it causes it to lean, and it doesnt fly right. So all right guys that wraps up the review of the 4dr cv for richie, if you are interested in checking us out ill, include a link in the video description. But i highly recommend that you dont um.