Unboxing, the passway t3 reveals a nicely packaged board free from damage and, of course, all of the goodies youd expect to find like the hand, remote the y tool, the skate key, the charger and the operating manual. I was a bit worried that for a low cost board, the company might have cheaped out on the packaging, but its still nicely designed and should ensure the board arrives without any damage. Now the passway t3 looks a lot like your typical electric longboard and for the most part it is, but where it differentiates itself are in two important areas: the giant 105 millimeter wheels for comfortable riding and the low 499 dollar price, which is pretty comfortable on your Wallet as well now, weve seen low cost skateboards before, but that low cost usually comes with lower performance. Thats, not the case with the passway t3, though, because this isnt some weak board. The dual 500 watt hub motors in the rear, combine to give us a thousand watts of power which results in strong acceleration and equally strong regenerative braking yeah. There are, of course, more powerful boards out there, but unless youre trying to set track times, this is definitely more than enough power for campus cruising and with a thousand watts you can get up to some impressive speeds. The t3 here maxes out at 32 miles an hour or 52 kilometers per hour, though i was mostly riding it in the mid twenties of miles per hour as thats sort of my goldilocks zone, where i really feel comfortable.

But when i wanted to bump it up a notch, the extra power was definitely there to give me some extra speed and theres a big battery there too, with a 10s 3p setup for the battery offering 280 watt hours of capacity. As far as electric skateboards go thats a pretty hefty battery and results in a range of up to around 20 miles or 32 kilometers, though, if youre riding faster youll definitely cut into that range a bit. But, as i mentioned, this skateboard isnt just about performance. Its also about comfort, those big 105 millimeter wheels sail over sidewalk cracks, pebbles and other road imperfections that were used to soaking up with our ankles even rolling over the foot massagers on sidewalks that are installed as warnings for blind pedestrians results in much less vibration than Im used to on smaller and harder wheels on my other electric boards. I was even able to do a bit of all terrain riding though dont expect to do much grass riding like this, unless you can find really short and well manicured grass areas like i did. The fact that a street oriented electric longboard can even do this, though, is pretty impressive, and those wheels definitely make a huge difference in comfort for most grass, though, especially if its even the tiniest bit wet youre. Just not gon na get good traction with these wheels. Theyre meant for pavement and thats, where they work best. They feel great when youre, carving and theyre definitely a big comfort upgrade for longer sessions.

I get a lot less tingling after spending a long time on the board compared to some of my other rides now at just over 20 pounds or 9.2 kilos. The t3 is a bit on the hefty side, so be aware of that. On the way in, there are definitely lighter boards out there and, if youre looking for something that youll be carrying for long distances, then you might want to look for something lighter, but just picking up a 20 pound board to hop on the bus isnt really going To be a deal breaker for very many people, its also got a weight rating of a massive 330 pounds or 150 kilos, so just about anybody should be able to ride it. Ultimately id call the t3 an awesome deal when you consider the specs and the price. This is the definition of bang for your buck here, nice job passway, thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the passway t3 electric skateboard. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here next Music up time.