So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv! Welcome back to the drone camps, channel guys, good luck on the giveaway and welcome back guys if youre looking for a camera were going to talk about the runcam thumb today. This is a 45 dollar. 1080P 60 frames per second camera that you can strap to pretty much any fpv freestyle drone or tiny loop, brushless micro brushless. You can probably even put this on something like the emax, tiny hawk and get away with making videos. It also has polarizers available, which is super cool. It comes with this cool little mount stand here and it doesnt have an internal battery. So, unlike the insta360 go 2 here, this one has an internal battery, but this makes this a little bit heavier. Now they reduce the weight on the thumb by removing the internal battery and giving a five volt plug in option. This is the little plug right here. It solders to one five volt tab and one ground tab and youre off and running. It also has sd card support on board, which this one does not. So this one has the cradle here. You can charge it in the cradle and this one can plug into the side with a micro, usb cable, and you can offload your videos to your pc, laptop or mac laptop. So i think that we should give it a run today on a five inch, because youve probably seen it on something small.

Everyone else has been flying on something small, but i want you to see how it performs with something that has a whole bunch of power on board and can it survive a five inch crash? That was the big question to me, because this is so lightweight. I thought that this might be in pieces now if it hits the concrete any of these cameras hit the concrete they will. They will crash. Ive already broke two of these uh and now im coming up onto my my third hero 10.. So the bigger they are, the harder they fall true, but the more mass you have, the harder they hit too. So 40 38 reviews on this camera so far and everyone loves it. Its five star, camera and and im happy that it is actually 49 49 but versus the insta360 go, which is 319.99 uh yeah. This is quite a bit cheaper and if you crash and break this one its going to be a lot less than trying to replace this guy, so 49 lets see what it can do on the 5 inch versus something more expensive and its just going to give Us more performance out of the quad, so im going to be able to do more, faster, stronger and not have that bottom out, like i sometimes get when im coming around from a big loop, the weight of the hero 10 makes me bottom out. Sometimes it feels you know like a rock headed toward the ground, so sometimes you just dont have the throttle to pull up you bottom out and crash, so im not going to have that today, when i try to keep it out of the trees, but i may Have one or two tree crashes with this well see if it survives today in this review here we go so: Applause: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.

All right guys welcome back from the flight test. That was a lot of fun run. Cam thumb is representing on the big quad, so um, like i said, youve, probably never seen it tested on a five inch before yet in any reviewers review. But today i wanted to do that, for you guys and on the scale, its 10 grams, so they win the weight contest as well, so in comparison to the insta360. Go 2 weve got 27 grams on that one. The hero 10 is weighing in at a whopping 121 grams, with the battery on there and the insta360 one rs, with the one inch sensor on there. Mod is 157 grams, so quite a bit bigger in comparison to our little run. Cam thumb friend so im liking that at 10 grams so lets take a little closer look at the camera itself. It does have an led push button power button on the front here that you can press long, press it and well start the video short press it. If you see it blinking, it is recording video. It also has a polarizer lynch, which i can take on and off right here, its also protecting that original lens. If you do have a crash now speaking of crashes, i did crash this one into the trees and it didnt even get knocked off the quad. I may have been lucky, but i was really worried about the durability of something like this, so small, 10 grams on top of a 5 inch race, quad, so durability.

It might not be the most durable thing to put on a five inch race squad, but then again any camera on top of a five inch race quad going into the concrete or the trees. Uh always has a chance of breaking room alright, so it also comes with a little adjustable tilt mount, which i really like it kind of snaps in there, and it faces outward like this, and it seems to be pretty snug. But what i did was i took a little zip tie and just zipped around it just so that if i did go through the trees, it wouldnt come off the mount if it did get separated from the quad. So theres also a couple ways you can mount this to any quad. You have some little rubber. Two sided sticky tape. Dampener there you can put underneath this and thatll dampen some of the vibrations from the quad to the cameras, video. So at 1080p, at 60 frames per second looking at the video itself, i feel like the colors could be a little more saturated. You can bump those up in your video editor if you want to, but it doesnt have the full color saturation and vivid video like the insta360 go 2 has, but then again you know quite a bit heavier for this camera and i felt like the stabilization, sometimes On the gopro go go to is just not that not that stable, so it also records in video format mp4, which i like a lot, and it snaps back out of this just like that.

It has sd card support, unlike the go 2, this does not. This has internal memory and youre pretty much stuck to what you can get, so it has a 128 gigabyte max input there for a micro sd card. I tested out with the gold series sandisk card and that ones um 64 gigabyte, xtreme plus, and it just slides into this little slot right here and youre, often recording video. I didnt need to reformat this card, or anything and ive used this on several different types of cams. It also has a 5 volt and a ground input right there, which is already on my quad. You can just solder it down to any 5 volt tab on your flight controller and make sure you dont get this reverse polarized. I did that one time and actually it didnt blow up the camera, which is really good news. I somehow got it plugged in upside down and i had 5 volt on the ground side, so no problem there it. It is likely that youre not going to kill yours by doing that as well. So i did make that mistake, but i was i was lucky and i was still able to go out and get this review done for you. So the dimensions on this are 52 millimeters by 13 by 21, and it says on the website that the net weight is 9.8 grams. I measured it out to be 10 grams, so i think thats a maybe a little a little more accurate testing there for for weight now on the front.

It does have this little push button right here and i guess they call it a thumb because thats what youre going to use to to start and stop the video it has leds on here, which light up red, which is super cool, and you can press that Start the video press it to stop the video youll, see it flashing when its recording, but the usb input power 2 for a max. I have to mention that is a 5 volt, so 5 volt max dont try to power it to your v bat. On a 4s battery or a 3s battery youll blow it up, thats or even you know anything over 5 volt is going to blow it up. So so think about that we have a 150 degree field of view on here. We have 60 frames per second, like i mentioned before thats like one of my favorite things about it, but it also has a built in gyro which helps with some of the stabilization. So it does have some type of eis in here, so it might eliminate some of the vibes from some of your smaller quads and even on the five inch quad. But i felt, like the footage, looked pretty good again. I felt like it was a little under saturated, but again i can bump that up in my video editor, but for 49. This is not bad and and right now it has 38 reviews on banggood, so 5 star reviews are really really really good.

So 38 reviews has been well tested by everybody and a lot of the reviewers like it for what it is um. Is it at the end of the day, uh a go, a go to killer, i would say no, but it is an alternative for people who want to fly something on just about any fpv drone out there. So i will leave that up to you guys. You guys saw the footage today and its a very simple camera to get and hook up to any fpv drone out there. So if youve done any amount of soldering at all, this is not a problem. You can check it out in the link down below guys. I appreciate you and please do use my code when youre grabbing stuff and you click on my links, its bg davis 2021. That ones still active, even though its 2022.